Sometimes you just need to spice things up a bit.  It can pertain to your sex life, your wardrobe, your daily routine, and your diet.

I threw the comment out the other day to be met with a grunt.  I was talking about our diet as I was in the process of menu planning. I don’t think it even registered, as a playoff game was on.

Yesterday, the hubs got to experience the spiced up menu.  Instead of the usual boring old sandwiches I felt change was in order. I bought Wasabi spread.  It’s a mayo – strong horseradish spread.  I made him a ham and swiss on whole wheat with the spread.  I was proud of myself for changing things up.  Really, it’s the little things in life that get me excited.

He texted me after lunch and said  “next time warn me!”.  He bit in and couldn’t breathe. Eyes burning and nose burning, he dared not swallow or breathe until he almost passed out.  It was not my intention that he should “endure torture” for his lunch.  He joked that his coworkers  had to revive him between bites. I didn’t put THAT much on the sandwich, but when you’re used to regular mayo, well I suppose it was a shock! It did spice things up!

I like spicy things.  I like jalapeno, hot sauce, chipotle, hot chili, and those little peppers in Chinese food. Bland foods are rarely on the menu.  Even typical bland foods such as chicken and dumplings tend to have pepper in it.  There’s never a dull moment in our kitchen or household!

Here’s a message for you guys out there that tune your wife or girlfriend out: DON’T!  You may miss something important like “I think we need to spice things up a bit!”.

If he’d been paying attention, I may have been questioned about what I had in mind, alluded to intimacywith one single raised brow. That could have led into so many interesting things.  Guess that should have been my first clue, or maybe second to the grunt.  If he’d taken notice that I was planning the menu and grocery list, all of this could have been avoided.

All is well and he didn’t actually choke or die.  Now he’s more cautious about taking big bites, without seeing what he’s eating. I’m making sugar cookies today.  I have a sweet tooth and well, thought maybe it might make up for the harrowing experience I’ve put him through.  I considered adding red pepper  then decided against it.  Not sure he could handle too much spice at one time.

Hesitating at the moment to mention other ways I’ve decided to spice things up.  It’s apparently a shocking thing for a white bread person to live with an ‘anything but white’ person.  I’ve tried to tone it down and find that I get bored.  I like to change it up, keep it fluid.  I hate routine because routine leads to ruts.

On the other hand the hubs hates the fact that I’m running behind him filling in his ruts, so that he has to blaze a fresh path every day.  Come on, it’s not like I moved the door to the bathroom! Hmmmm, maybe I should text him that I added pepperjack cheese to his sandwich today.

Embrace change!  It’s the only thing that is constant in our world.

One comment on “THAT’S SPICY!

  1. OoooooOOooooo, Pepper Jack. Shoot you need to send me some-a-them sammiches!

    Hubz’ll get used to it. Spice is good, specially going in. Coming out, on the other hand, that’s the REAL adventure. And why not live life without adventure.


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