The year of the dragon!  This year celebrates the water dragon.  I was born in the year of the dragon, and the motto is “I reign!” Well, this year of the dragon IS my year to reign.  I’ve taken back the reigns, taken control and no longer am letting life just happen.  I don’t like where it’s led me, therefore I’ve set some goals.

I gave up making New Year’s Resolutions years ago. Why? Because by this time, I’ve either blown the diet; not made any action towards the goal or in some other fashion, given up.

I make goals, SMART goals to be exact.  SMART goals are:

  • specific
  • measurable
  • action oriented
  • realistic
  • targeted time

For example, every year I would say “This year I am going to lose weight.”  That’s pretty vague.  Technically if I lose 1 pound I succeed, but unfortunately I need to lose more than 1 pound.  However, when I make the goal as :This year I am going to lose 25 pounds by December 31.  I’m specific (25 pounds), it’s measurable – I have 12 months to achieve this which breaks down to 2 pound every month.  That’s doable!!  Very reasonable, and nothing prevents me from being more aggressive if I choose to do so.  Action oriented: I made a plan of action that includes dietary changes, calorie guidelines; and a regular workout schedule.  Realistic:  25 is realistic, weighing 115 is not, and it’s not such an overwhelming goal that I give up.  Targeted time I’ve allowed the entire year.  I have a deadline.

This is just one example, I’ve made 48 goals for the year.  Each one has a SMART plan to achieve it.  I haven’t made much progress on some of those yet, but I’ve been developing my plans.  Thank goodness, for Chinese New Year.  I don’t feel so bad for getting a late start to my year. I haven’t been slacking off, I’ve been making a plan.  If you don’t have a plan you are destined to fail.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Some could look at it as procrastination, but I’ve seriously put thought into these past weeks, thinking through how I’m going to achieve my 48 goals. Not every one is life changing, some are just for fun.  I like to have fun!  All work and no play makes Ellie a very unhappy person!

The first step to making any plan is writing it down. I wrote my list, tweaked it to make them smart goals and got out my calendar to set milestone markers.  Most of my goals don’t matter to anyone but me, but they are all things I want to do, feel I should do, or desire to do.

Therefore. . . today is a Mulligan.  A do over!  A fresh start.  It’s also national pie day.   By the way, one of my goals is to try 48 new recipes this yer.  Hmm, maybe I should make a pie to celebrate.  One slice is equal to approx 2 hours of Zumba, or running 5 miles.  Is it worth it?

Which brings up another interesting point to the goal achieving; know the cost.  If I decide to indulge in pie, I will do it knowing full well I have to either delay my progress or increase my calorie expenditure.  Everything we do today has an effect on our tomorrow.  If you just let life happen, trust me, you won’t like where it takes you.

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