Organization is essential in most businesses, as a writer it’s imperative.  Sadly, it’s an area in which I am undisciplined. In previous jobs, I have received awards for organizational ability, so I know its possible.  The hubs once commented “You don’t have to leave that at work you know”.  Profound statement.

I spent the better part of two days searching my computer for ten chapters I had completed for Faere Guardian, one of two current WIPs. I started this particular book over three years ago.  The original manuscript was boring and dull.  Seriously, if I found it boring and dull as the writer, who would want to read it?  I gutted it.  The characters stood by and watched as I destroyed my created world, a cardboard Peyton Place.  I noticed Kyle, the brooding Scot stood with arms crossed a smug look of satisfaction on his face as he watched.

I rewrote it, more to my liking.  What was originally going to be an Inspirational Romance, is now a paranormal romance.  The characters seem much happier.  I had a prereader read the first few chapters of the original version and their response was “Oh, that’s nice.”  After the rewrite the comment changed to “Oh my gosh! It’s action, action, action. When do they get to catch their breath?”  I think that’s a much better response.

I’ve been working diligently, plugging away on the ABC principle.  Applying my Butt to the Chair, and writing.  It doesn’t write itself!  At times it’s a mad brain gush, trying to get things out of my head before I lose it.  Then there are dry moments when I’m undecided about a particular point.  I like to have my details worked out, knowing the long-term result of that butterfly flapping its wings off the coast of Hawaii on the eventual outcome that will play an important part of the meteorological conditions when my characters have to duke it out on a stormy hill in Scotland.

I want to know all the background information of how a certain cure was discovered, developed, and what side effects will there be.  I want to know that the action which seems out of character for Alexis, is actually very in character as she discovers things about herself throughout the story.  The reader may not see it yet, but they will by the end.

I have a folder for all this background information that never gets written in the story.  It will be hinted at or  background information, or maybe expounded on later in an interrogation by the police.  After one of these background story sessions, I had written ten chapters that moved their relationship forward, revealed who the protagonist is if you pay close attention, revealed the dark elements that Kyle the Guardian is dealing with, and the Light Court Fae that Kyle is in alignment with.

For anyone who is a fan of Celtic legends about the Tuatha’ de Danaan, there are certain characteristics of this “superior immortal race”.  Well, they think they are superior which is a key of their characters.  Fae have been described as fickle, manipulative, and have been compared to Greek and Roman gods.   Arrogance is an understatement for my Fae.

I was compiling the edited chapters into my writing software, and reached the point to add the ten chapters that I was proud of.  The faint of heart among you need not read because I tend to be descriptive to a fault.  A different prereader friend said the battle scene had left her nauseous.  Did I really need to show detailed graphic illustrations of the hacking off of limbs?  In order to portray the brutality, the strength required and the emotional impact of the value of life, yes.  I noticed the same person was enthusiastically reading the detailed love scenes and not complaining.  Eros, Pathos, and Thanatos! What is one without the others?

I’ve searched the files and apparently I saved them in a special place with a special name.  I’ve resigned to the fact that I will have to rewrite, because as is the way with most of my special places, they are lost in space.  One day I will find all my special places and I will hit the jackpot!  I’ve put things in special places and never found them.  Apparently they are code name for “black hole ” in the universe. things go in and never come out.

I spent the weekend lamenting over my mess, angry because I have to rewrite. A very nice gentleman has been encouraging me that I can rewrite them better, and maybe this was for a reason.  Maybe, but there’s that Type A part of me that is enthusiastic about efficiency of time.  Rewriting due to disorganization is not efficient.  Why reinvent the wheel when you already have one somewhere?

Alas, they have not surfaced and I will have to buckle down again.  I have a feeling the dark creatures  in chapter 15 are going to pay for my wrath. Mwahahaha!  Maybe, he was right. I can harness the power and use it for good, wreaking vengeance on the world of chaos I’ve created.  Don’t think for a moment that I ‘m not well aware of the fact that as soon as I get them rewritten, I’ll find my missing chapters.

That’s ok! Now that I’ve accepted the mission  of rewriting, I can compare and see what has been improved and what hasn’t.  I can combine the two to make the best option.  If I don’t find them, I’ll go with the new ones.  It becomes simple when options are removed.

Someday however, I will find the black hole of special places and the showers of long-lost treasures will spill forth upon me.  I will then have myself a gleeful giggle fit!  Until then, my text has been lost in space.


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