Let’s Try the Remix

Yeah!  My presentation is finished. Whew!  So relieved that it’s over.  After stressing myself over it to the point of having an upset stomach, I nailed it!  Well, at least to the best that I could.

Ah, but wait the phone rings this morning and it’s the coordinator of the seminar.  Now I’m going to Branson this coming weekend for take 2.  WHAT?  Well, good thing I didn’t throw my notes out yet.  Speaking of notes, I completely rewrote them on Friday night.

I stuck to the main outline that was in the participant handbook, but edited the content in a complete overhaul.  Same topics, different ponts to explain.  Apparently it worked, as they’ve asked me to do another.  Either that or they really liked my jokes.

I thought this morning I would take it easy and read a little after I finished my first job.  I haven’t read for pleasure in about three months.  I miss my books.  Bask in the warmth of success, or at least of accomplishment. Now however, I’m trying to locate another mannequin.  I had to return Sir Rustalot’s randy woman to the shop owner.  Since I didn’t actually torch her into a pile of melted plastic, maybe they’ll let me borrow another. Hmmm, will have to check.  If not there are many department stores that might be willing.

Meanwhile, my stack of reading material sits unattended.  I flipped through them, deciding which one I would tackle first.  Looks like they will sit a little longer.  Next week I’ll have to take some time to read, just for fun.  Maybe I should use the bike at the Y instead of treadmill so I can read.

this week I had planned to focus on my current WIP, I haven’t written much the last few weeks.  I make a point to write a minimum amount every day. That’s all it’s been lately is the bare minimum.  I suppose thought, now that I ‘m expected to give the same presentation, there’s not much revisions I can make.  Which allows more time for the actual writing on the WIP.

Being the first Monday of the month, I evaluate where I am on my SMART plans and make adjustments to accomplish my goals.  Only 8% of the population can identify clear goals.  3% of the population ever write them down.  Wow, that means that I am already ahead of 97% of the population!  I’m sold on this goal thing because for years I never made goals, and therefore achieved – nothing.   By writing them down, and making sure they are SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timeframe) I have something I can work towards.  One of my fun goals is to read 48 books this year.  In January I read three books, in February I only read one book, but I was focused on other goals during that time.

My word count for my writing is at the bare minimum for February, and honestly that will not get me to one of the other goals of finishing my manuscript for publication.  My plan is to double my word count production from last month.  It’s doable, as long as I stay focused.  that’s part of what my presentation was about, engaging our will so we aren’t just coasting through life,  giving a concerted focused effort in our endeavors.

Whatever we choose to do, do it to our full capacity. Take that perceived level of exertion from the gym and apply it to my writing.  Can I dig a little deeper?  Can I push just a little more?  Can I go a few minutes longer?  Get our heads in the game, stop operating on autopilot, and live.   Live out loud!  Boldly go where you haven’t gone before, pushing your own limits to realize there’s more inside than you realized.

I’m having a blast rediscovering my limits.  what I thought were limits have since been shattered.  I’ve discovered that the weakness was  only in my mind by the imagined barriers that I had just never put the effort into pushing past.  When I tried they fell like cardboard cutouts.  It’s a good feeling!  Of course while I’m on the elliptical it can be a battle every second of every minute.  My muscles are screaming to stop, but my will is engaged and I have a goal.  I will quit when I reach the goal, maybe.  There are days that I blow past that goal simply because I’ve been a whiner.

There are times to rest,  relax, and regroup.  Then you get back in there and you ‘give ‘er all ye’ve got Cap’n’.  Imagine what we could accomplish in our jobs, in the different aspects of our lives if we just put forth the effort.  That relationship?  Treat them with love and concern instead of thinking what can they do for me.  The boring job?  Do the job the best you can, you’ll stand out from the other employees in no time at all.  It might even get you a promotion!   I won’t guarantee it because in this economy, well you never know.

I guarantee you’ll feel better about yourself at the end of the day no matter what it is you do.

Make yourself a plan, write it down and start working on it! Set some goals for yourself, and make a plan to achieve them.  Then, take a big breath, and go for it!