For all the Bram Stoker fans, Anne Rice fans, True Blood fans and the Twilight fans, sorry but this one’s not for you.  The vampires to which I refer are the bloodsuckers that are very real.  Every one of us knows at least one.

They are clever, hiding in plain sight.  I”m not sure how many I had encountered in my life up to my first discovery, but I know they were there.  My first discovery took a very long while, as  conventional society doesn’t recognize their existence.  True blood suckers that drain our life-force, the leeches of society.

I’m talking about the downers, the dream stealers, the whiners, and time stealers.  My first discovery was a time stealer.  She wanted more and more of my time.  After spending time with her I felt drained, exhausted and couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong.  There were signs along the way, I just ignored them.  One of the down sides to being an eternal optimist is that I tend to be too naive and trusting.

The pieces started coming together though and I started seeing the bigger picture.  There was the constant complaining, bashing her husband, and fault-finding in numerous people.  She didn’t want to get better, and was pulling me down every time I was around her.  After a couple of years I had to cut her off.  It worked out conveniently when I went to work full-time.  I felt guilty at first, but honestly after getting that particular brand of poison out of my system I felt better.  No hard feelings, I just can’t hang around with her.

Over the course of years there have been many people who I’ve crossed paths with that were  vampires.  The hardest ones for me are the one in my own family.  It’s more complicated to cut ties with family.  Family has always been an important part of my life.  After my mother’s death, the vampire nature manifested in blood relatives.  It was ugly, but I survived.  You find out who people really are when pressure is applied.  I discovered that the already strained relations weren’t what I thought they were.  I still see them on occasion.

Presently, I’ve been dealing with a special breed of blood sucker.  Someone that I thought was a friend turned out to be pure arsenic.  I gave plenty of chances, even forgiving when they blasted me for no reason other than they were feeling down.  When it progressed into attacking my character and hurling insults I cut them loose.

It may sound like I”m being harsh, I”m not.  I”ve been such a people pleaser before that I”ve allowed abusive behaviour.  I”m sure there are psychological reasons why I do this but I’m trying to take back my life now.  I”m working on achieving my dreams and not sitting on the sidelines any longer.

Why does it take me so long to recognize  vampire behaviour?  Because essentially there is that inner belief that everyone else thinks the same as I do.  It’s heartbreaking when you realize that not only is that not true, but some are vicious and downright mean!

Why do I allow it to continue for so long before I cut them loose?  I don’t know. I”m working on that one.  I will say that the first one took me three years to cut off, this latest one has only been six months.  I think that’s progress.

In the online world of Facebook; there are many pretenders. I belong to a fan group online that the players post fake pictures of the characters they are pretending to be.  This is known going in and it’s purely for fun!  However in other circuits where you are assuming that the people are being honest it makes me angry when I discover that their entire profile is nothing but lies.  There are certain reasons for anonymity and I understand that.  However, the personality of the poser comes out eventually.  It’s just a matter of time.

The true vampires are out there everyday, all around us.  You’ll know who they are if you would just stop a moment and be honest with yourself.  Are they constantly criticizing?  Are they complaining about everything? Are they unhappy in their own lives? Do they dump their emotional garbage on you?  Do they ever really listen to what you have to say? Summon up your inner Van Helsing and stake those suckers before they destroy you!

I’m on a path of achieving my dreams – I’ve stated that before.  I’ve wasted many years of my life by not getting in the game and giving up on my dreams.  Vampires will gladly help you delay progression towards your goals. You hear their faint whispers of “come to the dark side”.  They’ll coax you down a dark path and isolate you where they can attack.  Linger there long enough and they’ll drain you dry.

As one of my favorite authors would say “Stay to the light”!