Just Keep Swimming!

Just Keep Swimming

On March 3, 2012 I gave a presentation at a seminar, which I blogged about on earlier dates.  If you’re curious you can check out   Overcoming Emotions, Sir Rustalot, Freaky Friday, and Let’s Try the Remix.

Although I completely changed my prepared material the night before, I nailed it!  In my exuberance however, I managed to injure myself by acting goofy.  While disassembling the mannequin, I stepped down from the stage, and wrenched my knee.  I heard a loud pop, and a quick sharp pain.  No biggie, it was tolerable and I continued on.  It kept getting worse however.

The following weekend I went to Branson, and saw the devastation of the recent tornado.  I did a lot of walking – big mistake.  By Friday afternoon my knee was swollen to the size of a volleyball, partially deflated.  I kept telling myself I was just being a weenie and I need to suck it up.  Alas, I had to “suck it up” and go see doctor as it didn’t improve but kept getting worse.  After X-rays, and an MRI, they determined that I have a torn meniscus, and a torn ligament.  I also have a tumor at the back of my knee which is probably what weakened the joint.

I tell you all this to bring to the current issues I”m having with my lack of mobility.  I”m not used to restricted movements, the leg brace is driving me fruity, and making my leg itch insanely; and I have a greater appreciation for those who use crutches.   I remind myself to quit the self-pity thing and re watch the video of Nick Vujicic.

The essential part of what I do for my job, and as a writer is not affected by my knee.  Unfortunately it involves me sitting on my bum, parked in front of the computer.  Technically there is no reason for this to have affected my productivity level, but it has.  It’s taken a mental toll on me which is why I had to remind myself to Get over it!

So, what does this have to do with Dory?  I”m so very glad you asked!

Ahem!  *tap, tap, tap*  Is this mike on???  Testing?  OK, here goes.

About two weeks ago the Dr. cleared me to do aqua-aerobics, and walking in pool and some laps.  I have to be careful with the laps though, if I flex my knee too much it still causes great pain.  The indoor pool at our local YMCA  eats suits.  Any indoor pool really will destroy most bathing suits from the high levels of chlorine.  I have a great suit that I bought last year, that I think is flattering to my . . . mature physiche. (Let’s be honest here, I’ve got some serious junk in my trunk!)  I don’t want this suit destroyed.

I went online and ordered a chlorine tolerant suit in the size and color I needed.  It arrived 4 days later.  Great Service guys, but the size is completely wrong!  they sent me a child’s size equivalent to a 6X.  It won’t even fit my 7-year-old neighbor girl and she’s a toothpick!  Strike one, have to mail it back and get my refund.  Another week in the highly chlorinated water eating away at my good suit.

I went online again and found a couple of options, and one was a local Sports Authority.  I use the term local loosely here as it’s a 45 minute drive there.  I live in a rural area, nothing around here but a horse farm and some cows.  I called the local store, and asked if they did indeed have the suit that the online database said they had in stock – yes!  I specified the size (Ladies 16) and the color (navy blue).  Stephanie said she’d hold it for me for 24 hours.  GREAT!  I’d be there in 2 hours, after my aqua class.

I was so excited during class I could have done everything at twice the normal speed, and probably re-injured my knee, but I behaved.  I turned up the tunage in the car, excitedly driving to the store.  I get there and Stephanie pulls out a black suit in a size 14.  OK, before y’all get taken aback by my size the last suit I purchased was a size 24, not a 2-4 but a double-digit 24 plus sized.  I was pretty proud of myself for the hard work I’ve been putting in at the gym, and the changes I’ve made to my diet to shed the weight.  So for me to be able to fit in a 16 – I was excited, until I saw that it was a 14.  I went to the sad excuse for a changing room, and squeezed into the suit.  I could get it on, but not anything that should be seen in public.  I looked like a sausage stuffed into a black tube!  All the excitement I’d felt about the weight I’ve lost went running out the door – screaming – inadequate,  fatso!

Have you seen the current price of gas?  45 minutes there, 45 minutes home – I lost a substantial chunk of my day and came home suitless!  I’m so pissed at Stephanie from Sports Authority I could scream.  OH, and one more thing – ever try to maneuver crutches into a changing room the size of a bathroom stall?  She’s lucky I didn’t beat her with my crutches and try out some of those Tae Bo moves on her.

So here I am back at home once again surfing the web to find the suit I want.  Does it really have to be this hard to find a chlorine resistant suit?  Maybe I should just buy some in bulk at Wal-Mart and let the chlorine eat them apart one after the other.  For the price of one decent suit I could have probably 7 or 8 from Wal-Mart.

Even though I’m frustrated about this I kept hearing this little ditty (Just Keep Swimming) in my head on the drive home.

Perseverance will pay off in the end, I’m hoping.  Either that or I”ll try the bulk purchase method.  In the meantime, I’ll be swimming and aquacizing until I can get back to the elliptical and my Zumba.  Jillian Michael’s wouldn’t quit, but I think she’d tell me to follow the doctor’s instructions.  So until I can Zumba again I’ll just keep swimming!