Wonder Underdog

We Are Who We Are

Y’all are just too wonderful!  I’ve got to give a shout out to my soul sista – Satin Sheet Diva, my partner in crime – Cathy Brockman; my supporters Raymond Frazee, Penelope Price,  Madison Johns, Ben Hannigan,  and Linda J. Alexander.  You guys rock!

Thank you all for the wonderful support when I was feeling so frustrated yesterday.

Quick recap:

  • coffee this morning – ah!!!
  • headache is gone but that’s a bad sign when fasting for blood work makes my blood sugar plummet to the point of causing a headache
  • poked holes in my arm are fading, and the one is only slightly bruised.
  • I’ve decided (with the husband’s voice of reason) that perhaps this year it would do well for me to avoid the family gathering. As he put it:  “You know how they are going to be.  It’s just a matter of how quickly they get there.  Then the rest of the time is spent with them sitting around discussing their ailments.  I don’t really think it’s a very good atmosphere for you, the kids or me.  We have somewhere else to be that day, even if it is just at home.”   REASON #7894 why I love this man.

My own convictions for improved health demands that I continue along the safe but slower path that I am on.  I have made progress in that by the way – I went from a tight size 24 probably should have been in a size 26 to buying size 16.  Still a long way to go, but I’m getting there slowly but surely.  Still, not quite ready to share any bikini pictures.  There are some things the world just doesn’t need to see.

I discovered this morning that my swim instructor had a roux en Y bypass five years ago.  She asked what was going on, and I shared about my sister calling me  and telling me she was going to have the sleeve bypass on Monday.  She pipes up and says ” Oh, I had a gastric bypass three years ago. Best decision I ever made.”  I said nothing else about it.  I will tell you that the instructor is around 230.  NOT good advertisement for the procedure to me.  Just saying!

I have decided that my friends are right.  I’m doing the right thing.  It’s about so much more than just losing the weight.  Last week I had my doctor’s visit and I am happy to report my cholesterol is fine.  My blood pressure  – 120/64 is fine.  No diabetes, or arthritis.  the knee is healing nicely.  so other than carrying too much weight, and having this obsession with writing – I’m healthy.

If I had the money to do the procedure as an elective surgery I still wouldn’t do it.  I might hire Jillian to whip my butt into shape, or Dolvett Quince.  I promise not to give a bunch of lip while he’s training me!  then I’d spend the rest of my surplus money on new clothes!  A girl’s got to look good regardless of the size she wears.  I could rock it in a size 24, I can certainly rock it on the way down to wherever I land. *hand raise with a snap*

It’s about the attitude honey.  Sassy sista gonna strut her stuff and feel GOOD about it too! Uh huh!  Gonna work this body, demanding more from it.  Push myself a little harder and a little longer, each time to improve my cardio. Mmm, hmm that’s right. *head snap*  My inner diva is about to show up on the scene, slim and sexified!

Between Zumba fit, the cycling, the swimming, and occasionally other cardio machines and the hiking – I can just feel the fat melt away now!

To borrow Penelope’s word – my “fierce” inner diva steps up to handle the situation and sets my whimpering whining self-pity  woose down for a firm talking to.  Let me tell you, nobody can pop a hip like a sista bent out of shape.

Just so you know, I approach everything with the same intensity – full throttle!  It’s the only speed I know until I run out of gas.  Yesterday I was out of gas.  My tanks are full, and I’ve added some nitro (insert evil laugh here).

I feel ten times better about myself than I did when I weighed my highest weight.  I’m gaining confidence, and when my friend’s make such kind statements – me fierce – gotta love that! – then I feel compelled to live up to that.

No more whining!  Maybe some wine but not whine!  Write On my friends, Write ON!

8 comments on “Wonder Underdog

  1. Hey! Fitness instructor/writer here to give you four thumbs up! (That’s yours’ and mine together!) Great job on the weight loss! Slow and steady wins the race, and keeps you healthier in the long run too! You’re learning the tricks that will keep your weight down. Surgery is all well and good, but I always tell people to opt for the non-surgical route because you learn things. (Your swim instructor really isn’t the best example; but has she lost a lot of weight? The thing is, people can regain it after a gastric bypass. However, I do know people who had the procedure done for medical reasons, lost 100+ pounds, and have kept it off because they work at it. Every day. Period.) The best thing to do is keep moving. The more you do it, the more that fat “melts off”. Way to go!


    • Thanks Meredith! Always welcome a fitness instructor’s view! The swim instructor has lost about 75 pounds that she has kept off; but it seems she is preoccupied with food. We spend half the class with her talkng about various foods, and usually not healthy choices. Next week is the end of the session, and I’m goign to sign up for the next level. My current instructor’s approach is like Tai chi in the water – not what I’m after. I understand, believe me, the frustration of being obese, and how difficult it can be to drop the weight. for me, surgery is not the answer becasue it doesn’t fix the problem – the six inches between my ears!


      • LOL! Six inches between the ears. Yup, that usually is the problem! I give you huge props for focusing on other methods. It seems that people just want quick fixes these days, but they usually aren’t the answers. If you ever have questions, or you want some advice, feel free to ask me (my fitness blog is http://runleapdancepeace.wordpress.com). I think I’m going to follow you just so I can keep up with your progress. You’re doing great!! (And hopefully I’ll learn some great writing stuff along the way!)


  2. Yay fo ryou Ellie!!I too wouldnt do the surgery evenif i could afford it. I would hire Bob instead of Jillian (she scares me) lol Womeday soon us too sexy divas ar gonna rock a small town in Missouri ( do you think it can handle us both?) Hang in there and i am only a phonecall or three our drive away!!(((( hugs)))


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