Selfish Summer

FAIL!  I was close, so very close.

Kids are home for the summer and I have not completed my self-imposed deadline.  Granted, this isn’t as bad as meeting my editor’s deadline or anything like that.  It just makes things more difficult.

Ever run a race? Or a marathon?  There are times when everything clicks and you run the best race you’ve ever ran in your life.  Then the next meet, something’s just off.  You give it your best, but you weren’t in the zone.  Sometimes, it’s just someone elses day to come in first place.

I am a little disappointed, but with other things that are going on right now, I’m not stressing over it.  PLEASE, someone remind me of this next time I turn into a complete spazz over minute details that really don’t matter.  Seriously, I mean it. Remind me of this.

Here’s the thing – you’ve got to set goals.  If you don’t know where the finish line is, how do you know when you’ve finished your race? You never grow if you don’t stretch yourself and try new things. LIfe in the box never changes.  I need change.

I failed in this deadline, but I haven’t given up and I’m not all that upset about it.  I’ve got some pretty cool things lined up for the summer.  I’ve got authors that I’m interviewing, going to guest post on other blogs, do a virtual blog tour, posting my story Love Notes on Storytime Trysts weekly, and a few other things as well.  I just finished an interview for a magazine – I’ll fill you in on that later. It’s going to be an amazing summer, an exhausting one maybe, but exciting.  On the fitness goals, our summer training camp begins on Monday.  I’ve got the girls onboard to improve their fitness as well as adapt healthy lifestyle changes.

Shooting for the stars and clearing the trees is still good. In a black and white world it’s a fail, but in a vivid Technicolor world it’s a win.  I’ve learned, I’ve accomplished work – productive work, and managed to clear out most of the distractions.  I pushed myself a little harder which tells me I’m capable of more.

I didn’t succumb to analysis paralysis, which has been a problem in the past.  I’ve stressed over it, pondered it, stepped back and looked at it ten different ways, but never actually tackled it.  Whatever the “it” may have been.  I tackled it full on this time!

thomas Edison stated that he didn’t fail 1999 times before discovering the lightbulb.  He figured out 1999 ways that it didn’t work. It’s all a matter of perspective. Mine has improved over the past few years.  Once I woke up, realizing that I’d given up on myself and my dreams I’ve determined to give it all I’ve got.  That doesn’t always translate to 100% effort in every minute.  In a matter of perceived exertion, you have to take into consideration many aspects.  In perceived exertion with all other factors of drag, resistance, momentum and whatever other factor you want to throw into the quantum equation, my perceived exertion was pegged at about 95%.  Hey what can I say?  Life happens and we have to deal with it.

I”m not going to break down because I failed at my goal.  It’s just training for my next race.  The only race I’m in is the one with myself, and I have to run the best race I can.  It’s only a true fail if I quit and walk away, and that’s not about to happen.  I hope that someone who reads this gets what I’m saying and looks at their own perspective.  I’m notoriously hard on myself, and I’m learning to cut myself a little slack and maybe accept a bit of praise now and then.  It’s much better than the negativity and condemnation I grew up with.

Yoda had great words of wisdom: “Do or do not.  There is no try.”

I did.  I gave it a good effort, and I’m happy with myself for that.

Dan Miller said this in a pod cast and it really hits home with me:

“If you do what everyone else expects, you’ll never be more than normal, mediocre and broke.”  

I’ve expressed many times how fed up I am with mediocrity.

Three months, nearly 90 days of summer, enough time to make a significant change.  What will you do with it?  Is there some area that you can challenge yourself in?  NaNoWriMo is having another even in June, you may want to check that out.  Is there a writing contest you can enter?  A query you can send?  A personal goal that you have for yourself in health, fitness, or wellness?  A new job you want to apply for? Are you brave enough to share publicly a goal you’ve set for yourself?

Why not do something for yourself this summer?  I’m calling it my Selfish Summer even though I’m inflicting it upon my kids.  Really they don’t have a choice, I’m drafting them. They’ll thank me for it later, maybe.

As Scarlett O’Hara once said “After all tomorrow is another day.”  I shall add “to write” to my version without the hoop skirt or tears.

Write on my friends, write on!

12 comments on “Selfish Summer

  1. 1. Complete my virtual 30 Days in London blog series.
    2. Finish three chapters in my WIP
    3. Get caught up (pay off?) on my debt
    4. Move back into my own place
    5. Book / hold three author’s events
    6. Open my publishing business on July 18, 2012
    7. Have my marketing plan, business guide, and website done by July 17, 2012

    Whew! :-). I’m shakin in my boots. lol…


    • thanks for sharing! Brave woman and I’m very interested in your London blog series. that’s one of my fantasy places – to go to LOndon for 30 days. A little different itinerary, but still. That is a powerful list of goals, and kudos to you for shairing them. Somehow posting them publicly adds accountability! Just like me sharing my boot camp plan, and my other irons. I”m either going to succees or look the biggest fool. Either way, I’m doing this! I’ll be checking back with you. Maybe progress reports at the end of each month?


      • I knew you’d hold my feet to the fire. Accountability checks at the end of each month sounds just fine :-). Us Divalicious warrior women have to stick together and cheer each on to success (or hug each other and offer ice cream when land a little short of the finish lines)


  2. I am gonna set new goals also. to lose at least 5 pounds this summer to excercise at least three times a week and finish one book


  3. 1. Rewrite & see published again The Jewish Vamp & The Confused Slayer
    2. Work on time management
    3. Continue rehab

    Just keep on smiling and keep on keeping and you will be fine. You have a support team and you know we are here rooting for you.


  4. Keep in mind, Yoda was full of it. As someone before me put it:

    “When we meet him for the first time in The Empire Strikes Back, he’s a wise old Muppet who tells Luke that war and battle do not bring glory and that a person shouldn’t be judged by his size or fighting abilities.

    “Unfortunately, the second movie, which took place several decades before he dispenses his wise advice, needed an awesome sword fight for its climax. So we get Star Wars’ answer to Gandhi hopping around like a coked-up circus monkey, flailing his lightsaber around before leading clone troopers into a glorious battle against a droid army.”

    Do, or do not, but listen to not Yoda.


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