I Hate Blackberries!

I have spent over two hours on phone with service center for Blackberry with men from technical support.  This is my 3rd Blackberry since last January.  I haven’t dropped them, haven’t dropped in water; or anything like that.

First one was defective, within 30 day warranty period and exchanged without questions.

2nd one started acting up, locking up on every application, and ended up being without my phone for a couple of weeks.

Current one I’ve had since February of this year.  *facepalm*

Yes I text a lot, I have teens!  I check my FB notices on my phone.  I use the IM services!  I check my email on there.

Er, well I did.

The men on technical support were nice enough but not helpful.  My phone is still broke.  It even gave me this message: “Help Me!” Contact your service center for help.

I had a much better post planned for today, but honestly this has taken a great deal of my time.

These unexpected road hazards that cut into our time management, technology is supposed to help us not handicap us!  Do I continue to waste more time in trying to get them to back up their product or do I cut my losses now and shell out a large amount of cash for a better phone?   I can guarantee it will never be a Blackberry again.

I”m sure somewhere out there, there are people who are happy with theirs but I”m not one of them.  When I spend my money on a product I expect to get my money’s worth not extra hassle and headaches and an inadequate product.  I researched before I purchased and reviews stated that this was supposed to be a great business phone.  Haven’t seen it!

Ah well, tomorrow is another day.  Hopefully I’ll have a phone again and have time to actually write!

What products were you less than satisfied with?  Care to leave a comment?

Write on my friends write on!


2 comments on “I Hate Blackberries!

  1. i was on tech support with Att and t today the tech i had was helpful especially when i had to ask simple question like whats a browser lol sorry your tech i wasn’t helpful.. maybe tomorrow we will both get to write.


    • the techs were pleasant, helpful, and did their job. the phone however is a lost cause. Just aggravated that I have to go throught he mechanizations to prove that the phone is toast! Good news though, eligible now for upgrade and will be replaceing soon. By the time evewrything ws resolved the store ws closed.


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