Virtual Blog Tour – Meet Laci Paige

How do writer’s get inspired?  What work moves us to begin the creation process? My guest today is Laci Paige, and she is going to share an author  that has inspired her. Take it away Laci!

Everyone, give it up for Laci Paige!



The Sookie Stackhouse Series, by Charlaine Harris used to be my favorite thing. I have a soft spot for vampires, and her writing is saucy and fun. The book series as of late has been sizzling out for me though, and from what I’ve heard for other people as well. Too much of a good thing maybe.

But I will continue reading her latest works as they come out, holding out for a little bit of the spark that used to be. In the books I was totally in love with Bill, and then came along Eric, and lastly Alcide.

My decline in interest might also be from the HBO series True Blood, which is based loosely from the Sookie books. The show started off just as good as the books, if not better. I fell in love with the story, with the characters, and with the sex appeal.

In the HBO series, I wasn’t as in love with Bill as in the books, but I fell for harder Eric. And now Alcide is pumping my blood again.

It’s funny how you can “read” one character to be one way and “watch” him to be another. I often wonder if True Blood hadn’t come out would I have lost my oomph for my favorite books.

How do you feel if you’ve read the books and watched the program?

Or have you had the experience of other books ruining movies or TV shows for you? Or vice versa?


Laci Paige released her erotic debut novella, Let’s Keep On Truckin’ in May, and has several more in the making. You can check out her eBook novella here:

Laci loves to hear from fans, you can find her at these following sites:!/laci_paige

4 comments on “Virtual Blog Tour – Meet Laci Paige

  1. Nice to meet you Ms. Paige :-). I too loved the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and so far each one has been as good to me as the first. The HBO series was a bitter disappointment – I mean, within the first 15 minute of the first episode, I was over the foul language and graphically displayed sex scenes. I mean, I know her brother Jason was the town gigolo but there was no need for his escapades to be so graphically depicted – I had hoped to share the series with my daughter as I had the books, but after that? LOL…

    Anyway, much success with your writing!


    • Nice to meet you too, Dana!
      I totally agree that the series isn’t something to be shared with children. I probably won’t let my teenage daughter read the books until she is older still.
      And yes, the first 15 mins was a shocker, and even I admit it was pretty crude.
      Thanks for stopping by! =)


  2. I find so many books and the series/movies never hold up the books. I find its better to think of them as loosely based on the characters of a book then to think of them as depictions of the books


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