Friday Funfest

What do you do when the temperatures are record highs, and the governing powers have banned fireworks due to the dry conditions that would be conducive to fires, you’re under water conservation orders, and your usual plans have been thrown out the window?

You go to the theatre of course!  Air conditioning, cold drinks and theatre popcorn.  that almost makes up for the usual Fourth of July festivities.  For those not familiar with the St. Louis area, since the Fourth is on a Wednesday, the VP Fair is the weekend before.  The Veiled Prophet Fair is a long-standing tradition in St. Louis, and has turned into a huge Fourth of July deal.  There’s a parade, performers, bands, a 5K run, carnival rides, food vendors and about 6 million people getting drunk!

We try to avoid it at all cost!  Usually the headline bands are twenty years out of date anyway!  We typically attend a local fireworks display, enjoy a relaxing afternoon, really bad for you food from vendors, and mingle with our friends.  Not going to happen this year! Sometimes we have a big family gathering, with lots of food, swimming, volleyball or washers, then have our own fireworks.

Yesterday the temperature was at 107 Fahrenheit.  That’s “ruddy hot” as Tim would say.  Today is expected to reach 108, and in triple digits for next several days.  I think I’ll just stay inside the AC thank you anyway.  Which leads us back to the theater.  I took the girls to see BRAVE.  It was awesome!  I highly recommend it as a good family film.

Tonight is date night, my choice.  I originally wanted to see Magic Mike.  What’s better than gorgeous men on the big screen right? but honestly the reviews I heard from my female friends was disappointment.  I think instead we will see Prometheus.  We were suppose to see it a few weeks ago and you know stuff happens. From what I have heard it is a good movie.  I like movies that have a plot, I like one’s that make me think, that I have to stay engaged.  Of course this also makes the people who insist on talking through a movie quite annoying.

I think I’ll skip the popcorn, and share just a few sips of soda.  Honestly , once you’ve broken the soda habit you don’t want to go back!

Simple plans for our weekend here.   Sometimes you just have to slow down and smell the roses.  Or in our case, smell the furniture polish and lysol as we stay out of the heat.

What are you doing this pre-holiday weekend?  What traditions do you have for Fourth of July?  I know – it’s an American thing but hey – I’m American born and bred.

Relax, unwind, eat some watermelon and barbecue, and write on my friends write on!


One comment on “Friday Funfest

  1. Staying in here too!! girls night tonight. Yes I am going to go see magic Mike. the rest of the weekend stay in and work on my novel hoping to have it ready to start first rewrites by the first or next Friday at least! The fourth i usually dont do much will plan some kind of cookout for me and hubby maybe invite Sis. otherwise that’s it.


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