Ideas and Inspirations

I have reached the end of posting Love Notes on Storytime Trysts.  The new season begins soon and if I post the entirety of my story then who will buy it?

Which leads me to the next story.  On one hand I’ll be adding another WIP to my repertoire because I’m going to continue with my new revisions for Love Notes until it is finished.   On the other hand – you know the one that gets you in trouble, it gets my creative spark juice flowing.  A new story, a clean slate.  I get to start from the ground up. Character building, scene setting, world building; the euphoria is intoxicating.

The possibilities are endless. Do I go with one of the ideas I’ve already got or specifically tailor this for something completely new?  It has to match the overall theme, so I can eliminate some of my prestarted stories.   I feel like a kid in a candy store with $100.00!

I had an idea for something that ties in with my Guardian series.  A short story that I may include in Keegan’s book.  Oh the possibilities are wide open.  So many choices, so many story ideas and so little time to write!

I’ve been wanting a break from editing Kiss Of The Dragon, this might just be the ticket! I’m off to interview a sexy Scot, with a penchant for danger.  Keegan has a knack for finding trouble, it’s like he has a built-in radar for it!

Write on my friends, write on!