How Does a Writer Write

As part of the Tasha Turner Coaching virtual blog tour, todays guest blogger is Linda Bolton.

Linda is going to share her writing process.  Well part of it at least.

How Does a Writer Write

by Linda Bolton

Remember back in school and your english teacher assigned a research paper? You had rules to follow: make an outline, do your research, put it on notecards, arrange the notecards, write your paper. Well, writing a book, for me, isn’t anything like that. At least not that strict.

An idea for a book will randomly pop into my head. Just like that. Sometimes the idea comes from the people around me, what their doing in their lives, something they’ve told me, or sometimes it just pops! I never make an outline until the end if a publisher requires it. I just write…

I do plan the characters, roughly. What they look like, what it is that makes them special in the book…everything else develops as I write. The characters tell me their background, their quirks, their emotions, what drives them.

I plan the start of the book and how I want it to end, the rest is free-spirited. Do I get surprised sometimes? Absolutely. Do I delete and start over? No, not often. Do I over edit? Is six times too many? I could edit till the cows come home and always see things that need changing and correcting. I force myself to stop. Otherwise I would never get around to looking for a publisher.

I know, after all this explanation, how many hours to I write? It all depends. I love to write early in the morning with a cup of coffee next to me. The words just flow. On the weekends I can spend four hours each morning just going at it. During the week its a bit harder since I work a full-time job. All I have is evening time and its difficult for me to get motivated. Do I wake up in the middle of the night because the voices are begging to be heard? Yes, and I obey. If I don’t get up and write when they say, they will either keep me up all night long, making me toss and turn, or leave me for awhile. I have learned my lesson…

Starting August 1 I will attempt Camp NaNo. Write a novel in a month. It will be tough. The plus? I have a writing partner. He writes specific scenes and I weave them into the story. Makes Camp NaNo even more motivating.

Have you ever thought about writing a novel? Need motivation? Join me! No hard and fast rules to follow. It’ll be very productive.

Linda Bolton is an aspiring contemporary romance writer.  She is looking for a publisher for her first book, Perfect.  While working on a future projects Linda can be found:

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