Turning Yawn Into Wow!

You’re reading a romance, the scene is coming where you know they are going to go for it.  You’re anticipating the scene.  The buildup has got you on the edge of your seat.  Then it falls flat.

Why?  I’ve noticed in some of the books I’ve read that some authors seem to think that sex or love-making involve the genitals and nothing else.  How boring is that?  The rest of the writing up to this point has been acceptable, then they get into these scenes and for whatever reason – they doink.

Face it, women want romance!  It’s why we spend our hard-earned cash on romance novels, even cheesy ones!  Romance is more than a small kiss on the lips, tuning the radio dials, a little touch to verify that the correct equipment is in the target zone then taking the plunge! Hello!

The use of “purple prose” adds to the lackluster scene when his manhood touches against her love button.  By the time the scene is over you feel dirty, needing a shower, like you just witnessed a cheap act in a back alley.  Readers want more from their characters.  They expect a man to romance the woman – hence the romance label on the genre.  Readers expect a sensory smorgasbord, an erotic flesh fest that makes them want more, that creates a sense of desire and of being desired.  Sadly, in the last book I read those scenes were lacking. I never finished the book, it was that bad.

How does a good writer portray these scenes without coming across like a porn video or a glance in that dirty alley?

First; the build up. Creating a sense of desire, subtle pleasures building upon each other till the inevitable outcome is the pinnacle of her release.  Secondly, becoming aware of all of the erogenous zones. Guys – pay attention here, it may help you in the future!

Incorporating other aspects into your scenes is as simple as learning from real life.  What gets responses besides the obvious? Here’s a few little items that could easily crank the heat up in your next scene, whether at home or in a book.

Tip #1 – The Ears: Ear nibbling and licking. It sounds gross but for some reason, it  is incredibly hot. Don’t just focus on the lobe. A tongue swipe inside the ear can elicit an instant reaction.  Don’t go heavy on the teeth, ears are very sensitive!  (Braces and piercing jewelry are not a good combination!) If you check the charts for acupuncture you’ll see there are pressure points in the ears for sexuality.

Tip #2 – The Neck: Kissing, licking, little suctioning kisses. Such a quick, easy turn on. Ladies, give him a little suctioning kiss on his Adam’s apple and see if his toes don’t curl!  Men, just under the jaw, right above where the adenoids would be; yeah instant fire.

Tip #3 – Slow Down: Sometimes slow is incredibly sensual. By dedicating time to foreplay, taking time to explore even if you don’t think you need a map will be way more enjoyable.  Especially by teasing and delaying intercourse until she is practically begging for it.  Guaranteed success!

Tip #4 – Talk dirty to Me : OK, be careful here. Don’t go overboard, this isn’t an Al Pacino movie here.  Don’t get super freaky unless you know for certain that she’s into that.  But a little bit of dirty talk can take a roll between the sheets into the ‘mind bending hotness needing a fire extinguisher’ arena. A little bit of nasty can get girls off insanely!  If you do it right.

Tip #5 – Doggie: Change it up. Having your lady on top is great, but a little doggie might get her there faster!

Tip #6 – Rhythm: Yep the rhythm is going to get ya!  It’s not about going at it hard and fast.  A woman’s body fluctuates and that doesn’t always feel good.  Change up the routine, but not too often. If she’s into it  – go with it!  It’s really that simple. And if she’s not – for heaven’s sakes change your move!  the rhythm of the music is however, not going to get her there.  It’s likely to annoy her and end both your fun.

Tip #7 – The Ass Grab:  I”m not really one for public displays, but this is one exception.  Fora guy to squeeze your bum.  this says ” I think you’re sexy.  I want you, and I don’t care who knows it!”  It  feels really hot, and is such a mental stimulus.  boost her ego by grabbing some booty as you leave the restaurant.  Yeah, then she turns and gives that look.  The one that says, “Take me baby, I’m yours!”

Incorporating some of these, if not  all of these into the scene where it was tuning the radio then obtaining target verification would hae gone a long way to advancing the story, making their love scene believable, and it does wonders in your own bedroom. Or the living room floor if you don’t make it that far!  If you liked this article, you may want to check out Steamy Sex Scenes, and Scorching Love Scenes.

Plan for success in everything!  I’m going to try a new thing my friend Tasha suggested, Godiva chocolate liqueur, with some fresh strawberries, my new boots, an a little slink.  Oh yes, I’ll win!

You can do your own research.  In the meantime . . .

Write on my friends, write on!


That’s right!  I’ve got on my ****kicking boots!  No prisoners, no quarter, no mercy!

You want to win don’t you?  You want to come out on top!  So who is your worst enemy?

YOU!  That’s right, we are our own worst enemies!  We can defeat ourselves before we ever  leave the starting blocks;  those little self talks we have that end with us defeated.  Think about it, if you could be  the you behind that inner voice, nothing could ever defeat you again!

Why not?  You are the one behind that voice, why not harness that same energy to  guarantee your victory?  After all, that part of you is used to winning.  That part of you is smug, arrogant, and laughs at the weaker you that it often defeats.  That part of you is exceptionally skilled at pinpointing with lazer beam accuracy your weaknesses.  Take “that part of you” by the throat and teach them who they are really messing with.

That’s right ‘bully me’, I’ve had enough and I’m not taking any of your duff again!  I’m in charge now – go cower in your corner and don’t come back until I give you permission!

Oh, excuse me just had to deal with my own little vixen there!

So, how?  How are you going to tame the beast and manage to put yourself in the winner’s circle?

I’m glad you asked! I’ve touched on these before, but since we didn’t learn our lesson, I’m here to review them and add some more to it. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Come on guys (and girls), we’re not this big of wimps, so suck it up already!

1. Choose to be inspired instead of intimidated. That same voice that threatens your sanity that you’ll never accomplish much, never amount to anything , never achieve – ugh.  Tell her/him to shut up!  Then remind yourself of all the reasons you have hope, and inspiration to continue pursuing your dreams.

 2. Choose to be anxious for nothing instead of having anxiety over anything.  Worrying is a habit.  Habits can be broken.  It takes 21 days of consecutive action to reverse a habit or establish a new one.  Start now, you’re worth it. In my previous post The Hard Decisions, I went into this in length.  It’s worth a read if you are prone to worrying. Accept the things you can’t change and take action to change those things you can change.  Worrying won’t add a single moment to your life, but it could very well take years off of it!

 3. Choose to be calm in the storm instead of crushed by the pressure. In life there will be storms. It’s inevitable.  Life happens, deal with it. Learn from it and do better next time.  We all get knocked down sometimes, the difference is whether you get up or stay laying in the muck.  Me? I’m not going to embrace the muck, it stinks!

 4. Choose to be fixated on where you’re going, not frightened by where you’re from.  Ever notice how you have that great big windshield in the car to see where you’re going, and those little side mirrors and central rearview mirrors to see what is behind you?  Whatever is in your rear view mirror, be aware of it but leave it back there because if you are spending all your time looking in the rearview; you’re going to crash.  Just be aware of it, like you are aware of the gas gauge.  (OK, Pam you might want to use a different object since you have trouble with remembering to put gas in the car!) Look towards the distant horizon!

 5. Choose happiness over hopelessness and helplessness.  Happiness is only 10% outside influence, the rest is all on you baby!  90% of our happiness is determined by our own attitude!  Circumstances are subject to change, but a positive attitude can change things every time!  When you find yourself feeling hopeless or helpless, really look at what options you have.  You may find that things aren’t quite as bleak as it appears.

 6. Choose joy with others over jealousy of others. Why in the world should you be jealous over anyone else?  don’t you know they have problems too?  Oh sure, they may not have YOUR problems, but everyone has their own share of problems to deal with.

 7. Choose to focus on the meaning of life instead of your mistakes in life. If we focus on our failures, defeat is bound to happen every time. Can you imagine a baby learning to walk, focusing on every time they fell down?  They would give up and never walk!  We’ve got to get past ourselves, and look past the end of our noses!  Come on!  We all make mistakes, brush off the dust and move on!  Just remember to side step the mud puddle next time!

 8. Choose to be optimistic about your future instead of overwhelmed by your past.  *facepalm*  I thought for the longest time that this was a symptom of people over 35, but have recently been reminded that in fact it affects everyone.  Sometimes there are things in our past that we would choose to not have happened, like sexual abuse. If given the choice, I can’t think of one person that was sexually abused, physically abused, or mentally abused that would choose it for themselves. It does not define you!  You are not what has happened to you.  You are so much more than that, but the scarring that happens to us causes us to get stuck there with the guilt, the shame, and the condemnation that was put on us by someone who violated our trust, our minds and our bodies.  It was wrong, and it doesn’t make us damaged goods!  It doesn’t define us as less than in any way.  there are tough things in our past that are difficult, but not impossible to move past.  Rejoice that it’s not continuing still, and if it is,  take charge of yourself and GET OUT OF THERE!

 9. Choose patience during life’s challenges and not panic in those trying times. I know , it’s scary sometimes.  Breathe!  Run if you have to, get out-of-the-way, take shelter!  Whatever you have to do to preserve your life do it!  But think!  Engage your brain, and stop panicking.  Panicking causes you to lock up and not be able to make any decision! Calm down and assess the situation, then make an informed decision!

 10. Choose strength over suffering. I’ve never understood this one.  Why would anyone choose to wallow in their suffering?  Yet, many do.  I’ve done it, and I’ve had the hubs and good friends jerk the slack out of me and show me what I was doing.  I am a weenie with pain.  I don’t like needles, I don’t care for anything that causes discomfort.  Yet, the mental anguish I put myself through at times is ridiculous.  Hence, why y’all get so many of my self motivational smack downs – er pep talks.

Now, for the bonus rounds of my faithful readers that have stuck with me to the victory lap, Here are a couple of bonus tips.

Prune the dead wood!  This one is hard but it’s for your own good.  There are friends, acquaintances you have in your life that are unhealthy, dangerous, or even sick.  Get rid of them!  It’s nothing personal really, they are just very bad for you.  They will pull you down to their level every single time, and cause you to stumble and fall.

Catch the Vision! See yourself where you want to be!  See yourself in the winner’s circle.  What’s it look like there?  See yourself as winning your race, crossing the finish line, breaking the tape!  Look around, who is there cheering you on?

Bet it’s not the deadwood!  While I get my pruning shears, leave me a comment.  Let me know if any of this hits home with you.  Please don’t name names of your dead wood that’s between you and them.  Just throw it in your mental fire pit and have some s’mores!

(By the way, the basic ideas for this is nothing new.  My most recent rendition was inspired by Stephen Pierce.  I’ve seen similar points from Dan Miller, and Michael Hyat. Things like this bear repeating.  We all need that motivational boost or the butt kicking once on a while!)

Write on my friends, write on!

What’s In An Edit?

I’ve spent a lot of time editing for friends.  I’ve edited for Storytime Trysts, for friends in the writing community, and for my high school teens.  I am not a professional editor, I am a writer.  My edits tend to be grammar calls, punctuation, sentence structure, and calls on the occasional sentence that just doesn’t make sense.  Once in a while there is a place where I will say ‘ Expand on this!  Or possibly ‘omit this!

Rarely do I make broad sweeping statements Like “What in the world are you thinking?”  I rarely question the author’s motives of why.  My editing is more ‘how’ they do it.  In my online writing groups there has been discussions about this.  It’s hard to get honest feedback from friends because, well your friends want to encourage you and tend to say flowery compliments.  there are times when my ego really needs the boost!  I can always count on a couple of readers to give me glowing comments unless I truly blow it.

My writer friends tend to give me the same type of editing as I give; the semantics, the grammar calls, and the occasional comments like: love this line, explain this better, expand here; where are the sensory details?, and this doesn’t make sense.

I have agreed to read things from people when they ask me to  in order to give them feedback.  WARNING:  if you do this you better ask some questions up front.  Writers are insecure creatures sometimes looking for validation.  giving an edit where a simple ” it shows potential” is wanted.  I gave an edit to a friend in a critique group thinking that she truly wanted a critique.  what she was wanting is a pat on the back, good job, there’s potential in your writing.  My grammar calls were devastating to her fragile ego, she quit coming to our meetings and I felt like a heel.  I ran into her in Wal-Mart, as she tried to shy away from her I took the chance to talk with her and explained.  She is now in full swing in the critique group, more confident than ever.  It wasn’t the right group for me so I’ve moved on.

Seeking validation is something I’ve done, and often got criticism in its place.  Ironically it wasn’t until I decided that I didn’t need anyone elses approval to pursue my dreams that I started getting validation.

I have readers that read my writing and can’t wait for the next installment. Love my readers!  I have writers that read for me with an eye for editing.  I greatly appreciated the tough calls.  I want to improve my writing , make it the best I can so that when  my book is on the shelf no one will feel like it’s a waste of money.

Knowing the questions up front helps me determine how seriously of an edit I am giving.  Is this just a light once over with a general feel?  Then I can give a friendly sandwich critique. compliment/editing calls/ compliment.  If it is a more serious, I really need some feedback sort of thing then I can make a Dagwood sandwich: compliment/edit call, edit call/compliment/ tough calls/ edit calls/ compliment.

This is part of the writing community, working together , getting feedback, giving a helping hand.  We’re all in this together even if at times we view each other as the competition.  At the root of it is the kindred spirit bond that unites us on one front.

I have hosted my friend Ben on here before in  An English Gentleman.  He’s been writing on Storytime for a few months now.  You can check out his blog here, A Road Less Traveled.

Write on my friends, write on!

Dare to Live Beyond the Rut

What do you do when you are stuck in a rut?  I find that by the time I realize that something has become routine, it’s already a rut.  A rut is one step away from a grave.  ACK!

I know, but routines are comfortable. Routines are easy, we are used to them.  It’s important to establish a routine. Pffft!

NO Comfort Zones here!   How are you ever going to be creative if you are in a routine?  Here’s the thing; a routine lets you coast, puts your brain on autopilot because you’ve done this so many times you know ‘the routine”.  That’s good if you’re a Rockette, very bad if you are an entrepeneur or an author.

Be brave, bold, dare to think outside the box.  Often it is the daring choices that fuel creative and entrepreneurial thought.  Leaders  learn to operate outside their comfort zones.  OK, sometimes it’s with a dose of Pepto, but never the less. Ingenuity is the thing that makes you stand heads above the competition. (That and the four-inch Jimmy Choo’s.) You’ve got to learn to take some risky chances.  Learning how to manage the anxious feeling of being outside the box is good for you.  The dry mouth, gut jittering will soon give way to euphoric adrenaline rush.  Either that or you’ll puke.   In the end you’ll feel better though.

There are many ways to push your boundaries.  Start small, take a different route to work.  Instead of getting a bagel, eat an orange.

Here aer three quick ways to add some zing to your thing:

1. Take a class.

NO this isn’t crazy talk, I”m serious.  Learn something you don’t know.  It could be Tai Chi, creative writing, yoga, or mixed martial arts smack down! It will also provide a little blood flow to the brain so that by the time you are doing sun salutations your brain realizes “What am I doing?” By then your downward facing dog has submitted to the warrior and soon you’ll be in the pretzel pose.  Well, that’s what  happened to me.

2. Trade jobs for a week . OK, not a good idea to pose as a nurse when you’re like me  – needle phobic, but you can mentally trade places with someone.   Fill in for the receptionist.  Come on, you can answer the phone can’t you? Walk a couple blocks with your mail man.  Don’t freak them out with writer type questions, but ask about their routine. Nevermind, any way I look at this one they might think you’re stalking them.  Maybe just observe another job, without appearing like you’re scoping them out. OK Mark this one out and forget I ever said this.  If the investigative  services ask, you don’t know anything!

3. Analyze the critics comments . sometimes amidst all the mudslinging, back handing, and face slapping there is a grain of truth  in their comment.  Use it and improve yourself with it.  Then kill them with kindness by telling them “Oh hey, thank you for that.  It really helped me improve that scene that you commented on!”  Works better than getting angry every time.

What strategies have helped you break out of your comfort zone? Tell me in comments!

Whatever you decide to do, keep it fresh and exciting.  Life is to be lived out loud!  Not shuffling in a daily routine of mind numbing autonomy.  Get  out there and live!

Write on my friends, write on!

All In A Day’s Work

I am a professional author.  Being an author is akin to being an entrepeneur, or a small business owner.  I am also a small business operator.  Anyone who has ever ventured into business for themselves know it’s no easy road.

On one hand it’s good to be boss, making the decisions.  As hard as I’ve worked for others, I work that much harder for myself or our business.  On the other hand, you know the one that gets you in trouble? Owning your own business puts all the responsibilities on your shoulders.  there is no one to blame because something didn’t get  finished except me.  There is no one to blame because the records weren’t kept accurately, and when tax time comes the receipts are faded, not recorded, or missing.

I am terrible at record keeping and one of my goals is fixing this problem.  It’s a matter of laziness most of the time.  Twenty seconds to record the information in a ledger, or even a note on my smart phone will save a world of trouble later.  But in the moment, I stuff the receipt in my purse and carry on telling myself “I’ll do it all at the end of the day.”

How many of you know that it never happens at the end of the day? Sadly it’s true and at the end of the month, I’m scrambling to even remember what the receipts were for.  This is definitely an area I need to improve.

Time management is another.  Not only am I working on building our business, I’m working on building my writing career as a professional author.  Two sixty hour a week jobs that  are demanding and nerve-wracking at times.  Truthfully there aren’t enough hours in the day!

Looking at the basic requirements of what has to be done, what needs to be done and what can wait is a crucial management tool.  Typically I lay out what has to be done for the week, then list the needs to be done, and if it’s not overwhelmingly long by then add some of the this can wait items.  Sad to say I have a running list all the time and new things are added daily, sometimes in multiples.

Creating a manageable schedule is my current project.  When I made my list of everything that needs to be tackled, and everything that is demanding my time I came up with three feasible solutions.

  1. I sneak into Biolabs and make myself three clones, hoping and praying I don’t get caught because I can’t afford 16 million a piece for the clones. There are several problems with this: The money issue, the cost is prohibitive, as would b e the fines if I got caught.   The threat of jail time – I really don’t have twenty years to sit in a jail cell, I have things to do!   There are innate problems with the clones themselves, if exact DNA is reproduced, then I’d have three more bosses – like I need that!  Certain receptors would have to be turned off, as I don’t intend to share the hubs.  It’s hard enough to get his attention now much less compete with three more women.  Three more crafty, clever, sexy women.  I’d have to cat fight myself, and if they know the same moves I do, then it could get really complicated really fast.  I’d  have to change their DNA slightly; making one really good at doing housework, hmm I’ll have to go get a saliva sample from someone else for that one.  I’d make one super business minded and brilliant at time management.  I”m undecided on the assigned tasks for the third.  It’s just a matter of how much other stuff I could get her to do.
  2. I figure out how to roam the foam through quantum physics, and employ time travel.  Bear with me, it’s doable!   All I need to do is go back a couple of days while everyone is asleep and tackle the stack of work that needs to be handled.  I need a nuclear reactor, a Tesla coil, and another place to take my work to so I don’t run into myself.  OH, and I’d need a special watch that wasn’t affected by the traveling process. Then flash back to the present time and whala!  It’s all handled and managed.  The problem with that, is acquiring my own reactor.  I think the government officials might show up wanting to know why I have nuclear materials and shut me down, possibly leaving me trapped a week ago!  NO! Absolutely not gong to risk that!
  3. I face reality and accept that I have too many irons in the fire, and will have to set some thing aside.

The first two options seem much more fun to me, but I also have to work within the law, and the laws of science. DARN!

In an effort to motivate myself I have come to the conclusion that time management is a futile effort!  That’s right you heard me, it’s futile.  Let’s be honest here, do you seriously think I’m going to lay down my dreams and goals at this time?

Clock time is irrelevant!  We are all given the same 24 hours in a day.  Clock time dictates 60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours in a day, etc.

Real time is mental.  NO, seriously it is!  Think about it, time flies when you’re having fun.  It drags when you are sitting in the doctor’s office.  the cruel hands of Fate operate in the real-time realm; changing that light to red when you have to be at a meeting in ten minutes and it would take you 15 if you made every green light. The union code of doctor’s everywhere dictates wait time, which is actually a suspended state in time where it stretches the time space continuum without completely disrupting it.  the converse to this is the places that cause the speeding up effect, such as at the children’s playground when you’re trying to wear them out so they will take a nap.

There are  three ways to spend our time: thoughts, conversations and actions. Not counting sleep of course. Regardless of the type of business you own, your work will be composed of these three items.

As an entrepreneur, or an author, you may be frequently interrupted or pulled in different directions. It’s impossible to eliminate interruptions, but you do get to decide on how much time you’ll spend on them and how much time you’ll spend on the thoughts, conversations and actions that will lead you to success.

There is one time management aid that I have found to be indispensible – coffee.  It multiplies productivity, soothes the savage morning beast, and allows you to actually engage in conversations without them turning into fights. Otherwise my irons in the fire may be used for branding irons.

What do you use to manage your time?  Do you struggle with getting more out of each day? Do you have a set routine that you are happy with?  If you do please share!  You don’t want me to go to jail for breaking in to make clones do you?

Write on my friends, write on!


Mountain Climbing

Perseverance is  a good quality to have.  Determination is also a quality that will help you achieve your goals.  When perseverance is combined with determination it’s an almost unbeatable formula.  Unless it is applied to the wrong things.

In “hunker down” mode, head down determined to achieve the end, it’s not till you reach the top of the mountain that you realize you’ve been on the wrong mountain all along.   I can do this!  Pushing through the pain, setting small goals, and passing the milestones while failing to read the signs along the trail that read ‘Mt. Trouble’ instead of ‘Mt. Accomplishment’  is an unsatisfying victory.  Egg-faced and exhausted, Mt. Accomplishment still remains to be tackled.

Is it a complete loss?  Not necessarily.  Did you learn anything from the experience?  Like maybe read the signs along the way and look up once in a while?  SIGH!  The right turn at the giant sycamore led to a harrowing,  dangerous path, perhaps you learned from that little side trip. Sometimes even though we are sincerely trying, we are sincerely wrong.  I wont say it was wasted effort because there’s always something that can be learned.

We either learn not to do that again, do it in a different way, or in this case I know the steps that need to be taken to reach the top of the right mountain.  I’ll just chalk it up to experience, and practice.  Yeah, that’s my story and that’s what I’m sticking to.

It’s sort of like I got a chance to preview the terrain, a sneak peek at the course.  There may be deviations along the way because there are always subtle differences.  However, the larger scheme map is basically the same.  If you can climb one mountain, you can certainly climb another.

It doesn’t matter how high the mountain, it can be conquered.  My own personal K 2  may seem like a foothill to others, but that’s ok.  We each have our own strengths and weaknesses.  Where I’m strong, some one else may be weak.  Where they are strong is very possibly my own weakness.  When we work together we can accomplish more.  There are benefits to bringing someone else along on your mountain journey.  First of all you have a witness!  OK, when you’ve climbed the wrong mountain that may backfire but you have someone to laugh with.

Sharing our successes is even sweeter when our companion has shared in our defeats.  A true friend will rejoice with you, knowing that you’ve tried, knowing when you’ve been defeated and encouraged you along the way.  For every three mockers that said you couldn’t do it there’s at least one person that wants you to succeed.   Listen to the one that believes in you.

They are gracious enough to not beat you up when you hit the peak of Mt. Trouble.  Mine was as encouraging as possible, congratulating me on the success while subtly pointing out that the distant mountain “over yonder” was in fact the one I needed to climb, while taking a few moments to point out that I’m stronger now from my practice run.

Yeah, practice run.  I am stronger now, more knowledgeable and better able to tackle the right mountain. I’ve learned along the way and figured out how to lighten my pack from some unnecessary items.  You can guarantee that this friend is going to go with me up the mountain.  Besides, it’s never a good thing to start out alone.  Trail blazing is one thing, but when you have a course, bring along a friend.  Having someone to talk to along the way makes the trip more fun as well.

What about you?  Ever climb the wrong mountain?  Ever sincerely pursue an endeavor to find out that you were a little off course?

There’s always another mountain to climb, whether you tackle it or the practice hill, there’s always another.

Write on my friends write on!




Help! I’m Stuck

What do you do when you can’t seem to get started?  It’s not necessarily writer’s block, but you just can’t seem to begin. There are twenty different thoughts racing around inside the cranium, and choosing one to begin with is akin to catching a greased pig.

Writers have many techniques to “train” themselves. Some are actually effective!

The difficult parts are: starting a new project, starting a new chapter, starting a new scene, continuing in the middle, yeah it can happen any time.  The worst part for me is  the middle, which is sometimes everything between ‘chapter one’ and ‘the end’.  I Tend to pants at first, on a big writing sprint until I reach a natural end of a scene.  Then I plan what I’m going to do with the brain gush.  I roughly outline, crate a plot , subplots, flesh out my characters, develop the setting.  All those things that make a story a story worth telling.  I have a good foundation, a direction that I know I”m going to go and inevitably the characters decide to take a left at the old Sycamore tree down the river path.

So much for the planning!  there they go traipsing down the other path when I had clearly outlined all the dangers along this path; and that river path is the great unknown.  Um, guys?  You sure you want to go that way?  I’ve got the map this way.  They never listen. So, there I sit, fingers poised unsure what to write next while the options zing around like buzzing mosquitos on Red Bull.

That’s when it’s good to have some writing exercises to flex your mental muscle.  It helps the buzzing cease as well. this is best accomplished before the third or fourth cup of coffee.  If in fact you had Redbull, *facepalm* good luck with that!

At  The Write Practice, you can find 5 prompts to get you going.  sometimes it helps clear your head, or work in another area so that you can come back to the story with a clear direction. I tend to go with 1, 3, or 4. I’ve never actually used the second one, but it may appeal to you.  Even if your only form of writing is jornaling, it helps you to focus your efforts.

I’m getting ready for some tailgating, and a nice chilly fall football game now that the weather has cooled off.  My writing for the day is finished.  A whopping 2657 words.  My daily goal is 1500, I think I’ll take the afternoon off and prep for the game.  Enjoy some cocoa and the cool fall air!

Write on my friends, write on!




Pushing Beyond the Wall

What do you do for motivation?

Is it reading?  Are you motivated by those little pictures that your friends share on Facebook?  What motivates you to keep going when you’ve hit the wall?  Ah, now there is a different matter.  It takes a different kind of motivation to start, than it does to continue, or even to persevere when you meet with adversity.

In a recent discussion with fellow writers, the topic of experience came up.  One young writer blushed profusely while sharing her difficulty in writing “those” scenes when she had yet to experience them.  Yes, that experience.  We all have our own ideas when it comes to love and romance.  The typical “dinner and a show” date that is common fare isn’t for everyone.  Some prefer attending a football game, cuddling together under a blanket.  Some prefer an active date; playing golf or racing moto-cross.  Some prefer the cozy comfort of dinner at home then a shared movie.

So it  only stands to reason that once we get to that moment, “the move” isn’t going to work the same on all of us.  The winning combination that may have scored with Lizzy, leaves Mark scratching his head wondering what’s the problem with Anita. Anita is wondering what the heck Mark is doing, Mark is thinking there must be something wrong with Anita for not getting into it, and when Lizzy finds out that Mark is with Anita I doubt his winning combination is going to work on her any more either!

So the conversation progressed from kisses to more intimate loving.  A little bit of humor helps ease the tension in the room, and we can discuss what things typically do work.  What makes that first knee-popping kiss?

As an innocent girl, my ideas were much different from my ideas now as a married woman.  I listened more than I talked.  I observed their subtle reactions, the embarrassed grins, the blushing cheeks, the twirling of hair as they shared their own ideas.  It was refreshing, encouraging, and challenging.

Mother was right, once you say yes, you can never go back.  When innocence is taken by force, it is a hard thing to get past.  It’s hard to imagine the dreamy state of the innocent teen girls. How much easier would it be for them to write a YA novel?  The perspective they offer allows a more real perspective than a mature woman. Likewise, it should be easier for me to write those intimate scenes.  You’d think so anyway, right?

Writing a really steamy scene is in some ways like videotaping your fantasy relationship.  It’s not necessarily anything you’ve ever actually experienced, but perhaps something you wish had or would happen. Often it’s not even your own personal fantasies, and here’s where a lot of readers of erotica don’t seem to get it, it’s your characters fantasies.  It has nothing to do with what you wold do, or how you would do it in your own personal life. Of course you’d have to have three dimensional characters to realize this.

For example:  I’ve never been to a castle.  I’ve never been kissed on the high parapets of a tower.  I’ve never had a picnic there either, but it was what Zane decided to do to get to know his beautiful guest Isabel when they shared their first kiss.

Most fiction readers get that it’s fiction.  There are those however that don’t seem to understand that concept.  I know as writer’s we are told to write what you know, but can you imagine a world where the writer knew what he wrote about?

That would mean that the murder mystery writer had committed murder.  The science fiction writer who tells a tale about aliens had experience with aliens.  That guy that wrote the Zombie book – yeah.  A historical fiction writer would have had to live during the time. Ridiculous

I have to say though, I must be impressive to someone. Someone that imagines that I can time travel, shape shift into a dragon,  work magic, have power over the Fae world and dragon world, as well as experience every detail in my other stories; I rock!

Yes, hail the all-powerful creator of fictional universes, conqueror of dragons and Fae!

I can’t even type it with a straight face.

Just because someone writes about a topic in fiction doesn’t mean they “live” or experience the things they write about.  A young writer is just as capable as a more mature writer in fiction.  Experience is a good teacher, but a good writer can use what they have within them to create their own masterpiece!

Don’t let anyone put limits on you because of your youth, or your maturity.  The last person that told me I was too old to do something was  put to shame when I proved myself.  (OK, I was saying a little prayer of Thank you God! inside that I didn’t embarrass myself.)

Write what you know, dare to write what you don’t know. Regardless of what genre you choose,

Write on my friends, write on!






The Winner’s Circle

I have accomplished something that I have only accomplished one time before.  I feel like there should be a party or cake or something.  I am practically giddy with joy!  I could certainly get used to this feeling, and am encouraged to go forth and write more prose.

I have two completed stories!  Yeah me!!  My past record of unfinished projects is going to be put to rest, retired as I diligently pound out  little bits here and there.

Just as weight loss is a gradual thing, so is writing.  Typically you can’t lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time.  It’s not healthy unless you are under doctor’s supervision.  Well, for writing you don’t need the doctor’s supervision at least.  A little each day, my goal is 1500 words a day.  Most of the times I meet that.  There are days that I don’t even meet that with two blogs, and if you count FB or twitter.  Come on you know you guys do it too don’t you?  Those days when you’re grasping at straws to get something written.  It’s not that I have writer’s block.

Often it’s that I have too many irons in the fire! I’ve got three projects I’m working on, and five more lined up for the future.  Ever have that moment when you’re itching to start that new project?  It’s calling to you.  Shiny, new, the creation stage.  *sigh*  I do much better at the creation stage than I do the follow through stage.

As much as I love the creative process, it’s only a small part of writing.  As in any field there is work involved.  The moment of brilliance, the lightbulb spark that gives a thousand jolts of mojo, the creative ‘sparkjuice”; is only the beginning.  That’s like the runner taking off when the starter pistol is fired. Remember the old adage that it’s not how you start the race?

Right, then comes the mad dash sprint.  The fast furious scribblings approaching madness as the thoughts flow through finger tips through keys or pen.  I usually  take my burst, and make a rough outline.  This is when I stop and get to know my characters, chat with them, find out their dirt.  I don’t want their resume, I want to know their dark secrets that they don’t want anyone to know, which of course I will exploit to the fullest.  What fun is it to have their resume when everybody knows everyone has secrets to hide.

I wonder if people take that into consideration when they ask me if I will make a character based on them?  I”ll bet they will now!

The rough outline then becomes my chapter outline, then a scene outline. From this scene outline I begin working.  I’ve found in many instances my initial burst was nothing more than back story.  I’ve also found that at times I wrote hundreds upon hundreds of words that were yep, back story.  I typically write by scenes, making a completed scene before I end a writing session.

One scene soon becomes ten, ten grows to twenty and eventually you have a finished product.  Just like in weight loss, 1 pound then another and another, and before you know it the scales show a 40 pound loss!  Woo hoo!

In weight loss you’re told to celebrate to small victories when you have a large amount to lose.  A five-pound loss is a victory!  A completed project that’s nota single stand alone article is a victory!

Faere Warrior:  Passion’s Price is the short story I”ve been doing on Storytime.  It’s not the same as my original outline, far from it in fact.  It is however a completed short story.  This is a prequel to my Celtic Ties series, Faere Guardian; Faere Warrior; and Faere Lover.  Working titles of course.  It’s an 8 week story, that’s a vital part of the Celtic Ties world.  the last chapter will be posted next Tuesday.

This is like winning your  event at the district meet!

I realize there are no medals, no trophies, no wild applause – yet.  But for me, this is a personal victory.

As I leave to crank up the stereo and have a little dance party, I leave you with my parting words.

Write on my friends write on!  It really does add up!


Virtual Tour Survivor!

YES! I made it to the end!  I completed the tour. During this tour I cyber visited Ontario, Canada; Victoria, British Columbia; Addison, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Bedford, Kentucky; and I even cyber visited the UK!  Wow, no wonder I’m tired.

What an amazing adventure this has been.  I learned some valuable lessons over these past 16 weeks.  I learned some technical help that will hopefully help me with blogging in the future.  The true test will be when I have to do it on my own without having one of my tour buddies walk me through it.  I’m not exactly tech challenged, but not tech savvy either.

The most challenging thing to me was the writing on spec for this tour.  Each week we were given an assigned topic. Some were easier than others, as is always the case.  I wrote my first piece of flash fiction for Joseph Eastwood’s blog, and thought I didn’t do too bad for my first attempt.  Since then I’ve done a few other flash pieces that I may decide to post at a later date.  In the course of this tour, I’ve written quite a bit about Kiss of the Dragon. Everything from where I got my ideas, to my characters, to a blurb about my book.

I have interviewed several people for my women writer’s series, but hadn’t given any interviews.  My interview with Bruce Blake was a blast!  Apparently my unorthodox basketball techniques caused a bit of a stir.  LOL!  Shortly after that, I was interviewed for Satin Sheets Diva’s blog.

I am still working on my tricks and techniques that Tasha Turner  Coaching has been teaching us.  You’d think after 16 weeks I’d have it down but I don’t.  With practice though I just might get it.

I am proud of myself for sticking with it, there were times when I wanted to just quit.  Why is it that we get that desire, even when we make a commitment to do something, and it’s always past the drop date, or the half way point, or in my case shortly before the finish line?  It was nothing against the tour or the folks on the tour, but rather my own tendency to take on too much. When the week’s assignment is something you’ve never done before, and you need to get it to someone by a certain time; well it doesn’t seem like it would be a problem but there are a  few that about set me into orbit from panic.

Instead of tackling the next assignment, I was feeling a little stressed and started into panic mode instantly.  Once the panic begins, there’s no actual writing taking place until things reach critical where if I don’t start I will miss the deadline.  Sad isn’t it?

I have improved on my time management over the past sixteen weeks, but still have a lot of room for further improvement.  This tour has opened my eyes to some things I hadn’t considered in the past.  Thank you Tasha Turner, for all the work and patience you’ve put into this!  And to all my tour buddies – you guys(and gals) rock!

Until the next tour begins, Write on my friends, write on!

I’ve met some interesting people, made new friends, and learned more about some of my current writer frineds.