Help! I’m Stuck

What do you do when you can’t seem to get started?  It’s not necessarily writer’s block, but you just can’t seem to begin. There are twenty different thoughts racing around inside the cranium, and choosing one to begin with is akin to catching a greased pig.

Writers have many techniques to “train” themselves. Some are actually effective!

The difficult parts are: starting a new project, starting a new chapter, starting a new scene, continuing in the middle, yeah it can happen any time.  The worst part for me is  the middle, which is sometimes everything between ‘chapter one’ and ‘the end’.  I Tend to pants at first, on a big writing sprint until I reach a natural end of a scene.  Then I plan what I’m going to do with the brain gush.  I roughly outline, crate a plot , subplots, flesh out my characters, develop the setting.  All those things that make a story a story worth telling.  I have a good foundation, a direction that I know I”m going to go and inevitably the characters decide to take a left at the old Sycamore tree down the river path.

So much for the planning!  there they go traipsing down the other path when I had clearly outlined all the dangers along this path; and that river path is the great unknown.  Um, guys?  You sure you want to go that way?  I’ve got the map this way.  They never listen. So, there I sit, fingers poised unsure what to write next while the options zing around like buzzing mosquitos on Red Bull.

That’s when it’s good to have some writing exercises to flex your mental muscle.  It helps the buzzing cease as well. this is best accomplished before the third or fourth cup of coffee.  If in fact you had Redbull, *facepalm* good luck with that!

At  The Write Practice, you can find 5 prompts to get you going.  sometimes it helps clear your head, or work in another area so that you can come back to the story with a clear direction. I tend to go with 1, 3, or 4. I’ve never actually used the second one, but it may appeal to you.  Even if your only form of writing is jornaling, it helps you to focus your efforts.

I’m getting ready for some tailgating, and a nice chilly fall football game now that the weather has cooled off.  My writing for the day is finished.  A whopping 2657 words.  My daily goal is 1500, I think I’ll take the afternoon off and prep for the game.  Enjoy some cocoa and the cool fall air!

Write on my friends, write on!




One comment on “Help! I’m Stuck

  1. i plan and plot first getting the first words typed is hard then i fly then i get stuck and have to chance muses in all directions and plot bunnies. once i calm it all down we go smooth for a minute or too!! LOl enjoy the game!


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