There is nothing like that sense of satisfaction when you’ve completed a task.  Reaching ‘The End’ of one of my stories brought a great deal of satisfaction.  Smaller tasks can bring that same sense as well.

Completing a project at home like switching out the seasonal clothes often turns into a bigger project than planned because inevitably there is still comething in the laundry or the swimsuits get packed away and I have to unpack them to use at the YMCA.  When that project is completed it is satisfying.  Undone projects tend to carry a sense of turmoil with them.

This morning I spent the better part of three hours scheduling posts for antoher blog.  I have most of the month of November covered.  In the process there was some “maintenance” issues that needed to be handled.  Although there are mixed emotions about some of the decisions that needed to be made, there is a sense of satisfaction knowing that I did the best I could.  “The End” of a stressful situation has been resolved.  Regardless of my warring emotions, it is resolved for the sake of a group of writers that have shown themselves to be professional.

It’s always sad to me when you watn to see someone step up their game and succeed, yet they have determined that other goals are more worthy of their pursuit.  Are we as a group expecting too much?  I don’t think so.  When an individual’s goals are different than that of the group, then perhaps it’s best if they find a more suitable group. Still, I think it’s a bit sad that they weren’t a good fit for our group.

As the leaves blow through the chilly air outside, swirling in the gusts, I see the changes coming.  Just as we transition through the seasons we transition thorugh seasons in our lives.  Some of our friends are seasonal, and just as we hate to see them leave, we can remember the good times we shared.  I hate saying goodbyes and I hate it even more when I”m not given the opportunity for goodbye.

Satisfaction will come though in new relations that will be formed.  There is always a newness, just as spring will come.  We don’t know when that first crocus will pop through the snow, but it will.  New friends will come into our lives.  Some will stay, some will pass through, and some will remain.  Each person affects those they come into contact with.  They leave an impression and sometimes a lasting imprint on our hearts.

Dealing with bittersweet emotions make  the transition difficult, but saitsfaction will come.  I can already sense it’s not far away.  Good things can come out of difficulties, an although it’s been a rough couple of months in the group, those of us who remain grow stronger.  We learn, move forward, encourage each other as we move towards the distant horizon.  Every day is a winding road . . . that takes us on an adventure.

We have to learn to put those things behind us, shake off the dust and grime, pick up and move on.  We learn from every experience along the way.

Khalil Gibran says, “Your joy can fill you only as deeply as your sorrow has carved you.”  The bittersweet tears of goodbye will make a place for future joys.  True satisfaction is never achieved without a little pain along the way.  Pain carves us into better people.   Even though we may feel brittle and near breaking,  we will be stronger.  Pruning out the dead wook makes us a healthier oak!

Like a fine wine, we improve with age.  Well, at least that’s the story I’m sticking to.

Write on my friends, write on!




2 comments on “Satisfaction

  1. Hi Laurie! Thanks for visiting the brand-new Starlighting blog! And tnakhs for spreading the word about the wisdom from the Writers’ Institute in Madison good nuggets. I agree an author should look for a dream agent who’s the right match, but finding people who meet the right criteria can do that. The process of finding an agent can be overwhelming as it is, without chasing an elusive best. Great to hear from you, and stop by again.


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