Future Shock

You can’t use up creativity,

The more you use, the more you have.

Sadly, too often creativity is

smothered rather than nurtured.

There has to be a climate in which

new ways of thinking, perceiving,

questioning are encouraged.

             Maya Angelou

In 1970 Alvin Toffler wrote a popular book – Future Shock, about the effects of change on our society.  Toffler predicted that  “millions of ordinary, psychologically normal people will face an abrupt collision with the future . . . many of them will find it increasingly painful to keep up with the incessant demand for change that characterizes our time.”  Wow, surprisingly accurate wouldn’t you say?

The traditional jobs are going away, the technology we use  is changing rapidly, and things we never could have imagined twenty years ago are commonplace.  The smart phone I carry is a more powerful computer than the beast that ran a university taking an entire room. The office 9 to 5 is  nearly outdated, with many working from home with the aid of his-speed internet.  The work week hours are changing as well with many companies shifting to flex time.

We’ve always been in a state of flux, but it seems thing are accelerating. It’s been said the mother of invention is necessity.  See a need, fill it. It’s how many entrepeneurs operate.   So we are back to the conclusion that the only constant is in fact change.

Change provides opportunity, opportunity provides the chance for creative thinking.  In our mostly autonomous society where many walk around in a daze not thinking past their next meal, thinking is a novel idea.  Therefore the thinkers nad creative thinkers should have no problem in rising to the top.  However, free thinkers are often criticized and put down to the point of having low self-esteem.  We need to be thinking, not just functioning on auto pilot.  We need to be thinking all the time.  What needs are there around you?  Is there some way to handle those needs?  A simple invention such as bamboo toast tongues so the inventor wouldn’t burn his fingers, yet wouldn’t get electrocuted netted him a tidy little profit.

 What simple things could you solve?  If we always do things the same way because it’s how we’ve always done them then we will become as obsolete as many of the items in our basements.  I think part of the “growing old” mentality is not dealing with change.  I’m not going to wear the new styles that are obviously for the teen set; but I’m not going to adapt to the polyester  ensembles either.  change affects every aspect of our lives from clothing to the food we eat, to the cars we drive, our jobs, and everything in between.

If your house doesn’t have an “updated” look, you won’t get top dollar when you decide to sell.  Likewise the lady in Wal-Mart with the big 80’s hair is made fun of ane ostracised because she hasn’t adapted to the changes in style.  Don’t laugh – it could be you one day.  I actually saw a girl I went to high school with  wearing the big shoulder pads, and the big poufy 80’s hair just two days ago.  Her hair is streaked with grey, and she shared pictures of her grandchildren with me.  This is a girl I went to high school with, the same age as me, yet she has adapted the Grandma role eagerly.  She no longer cares about the middle-aged paunch, or the fact that the outdated jeans are really too small.  She is oblivious to anything except spoiling her grandkids, and that’s ok!  For her.

I have dreams to obtain still.  My classmate has achieved the dreams she set for herself.  She got married, had kids, raised her family and now has grandchildren to care for and spoil.  That’s wonderful, but it’s not me.  I want more between the raising my family and grandchildren phase.

But, I digress. The point is that I’m not ready to become obsolete.  Just as my schedule is revised yet again, my own revisions are continuing.  I haven’t achieved reached my finish line.  There are new opportunities before us with each new change.   Bring it!

Write on my friends write on!

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