Fire Me Up

There are very few things that really set me off.  I know you’re thinking, really? You’ve vented on here more than a few times. Those were minor.
This here, this is the big enchilada.  This is the fastest way to get me from easy-going fun princess to pissed off uber psycho bitch! (CAUTION: nuclear explosion eminent)

What? What can be so bad?  Insulting my intelligence!  Now, I am well aware that I am not Einstein or Steven Hawking. I ‘m also not the dullest light on the strand.  Give me a break, ok? It’s the holidays. . . lights? strands?  Never mind.

So here’s what happened. . .  and please feel free to leave your comments.  If you think I”m just being petty, you have every right to say so. Just as aI have every right to debate your statement.  Yesterday I get a phone call from my previous boss.  He wanted to know what course I took that I passed my NMLS license with a 92% on the first try. (Trust me, there’s more to it, just keep reading.)  That was three years ago first of all, but I still had the notebook with my hundreds of notes.  I’m thinking to myself, that would be outdated material now as there have been new laws passed since all this economic collapse.  He wanted to find out what course I took that I did so well, because another lady in the office took a different online course and didn’t pass. She was a real go getter salesperson, and I was not.  Honestly, I am not pushy enough to be a top sales producer, nor do I believe in selling someone a mortgage they can’t afford.  He wanted to know which course was the easy one so his daughter could take the easy one to pass.

WHAT?  Yeah, did you catch that?  Right, it was all about the course.  I took the easy course.  It had nothing to do with the fact that I obsessed over, (I know, for those that know me – hard to believe, right?) spent every waking hour studying for, took a gazillion notes, went to the YMCA to get a wi-fi connection to take the course every night for two weeks, had nothing to do with the ginormous (it is a word if I say it is!) amount of studying I did.  NO, it was all the easy course. OW! Bitchslap!

Then, as if that wasn’t enough the vp calls.  The Mrs. to the pair, calls and uses her friend voice. Asking nearly the same exact questions and made the statement that “well because we want “insert daughter’s name here” to pass it we thought that she should take that easy course that you took to pass it.  Nobody passes it on their first try, but you did, so that must be the easy course!  SLAM!  Are you listening?

In order to get a mortgage loan officer license you have to pass the test with a 75%.  I got a 92%.  It’s at a test facility, the same place that nurses have to take their board exams. You lock everything in a locker, they frisk you before entering the testing chamber, you are issued their calculator, a white board and a marker.  If you have to go to the bathroom you have to raise your hand to have someone escort you to the bathroom to make sure you’re not cheating.  My point is, what it came down to was me in the seat answering questions about the material I had learned, fifty percent about the laws that govern the financial industry. No one was helping me, no one was feeding me answers.  There are people behind the glass wall that watch your every move, even if you need a kleenex to blow your nose.  I took the test and I aced it!  It helps that I have a photographic memory, but no one learned the material for me but me.  I don’t get test anxiety, I get pretest anxiety though. It’s called obsess and stress for the two weeks prior causing myself health issues.

But no, I took the “easy course”.  *facepalm*  Watch Ellie go from zero to ballistic in five seconds flat! Fine, I gave them the information and guess what? That course is no longer available as the material is outdated.  Duh!  The course I took this year to renew my license was all new material.  So, in fact the time they took to call me to find out the easy course for their daughter was wasted time, and the deadline is December 29th.  Hmmmm, not the brightest use of time now is it?   Did I mention that the bosses got a lower score than I did on that test? Yeah, that comment really sounded like sour grapes to me. I don’t care, I’m really pissed!  In fact the Mrs. score was a 78% and his was 82%.  Hmmm, I think a bit of sour grapes all around.

Following their logic, because I wasn’t a pushy broad that would oversell a mortgage to someone to become an indentured servant to the mortgage company for the next 30 years, or encourage them to purchase 20% more home than they needed that makes me stupid.  I don’t think so!  That means I have a moral conscience!

Oh and did you catch the part about the former bosses?  Yeah, I am an account executive for a different mortgage company, one that looks out for their customers and provides information to potential clients on the web.

And being a writer is not as demanding a job, therefore requiring less intelligence than  being a mortgage broker. ( Yes, all my writer friends just got it!  An enormous percussion bomb is about to detonate.)  If that doesn’t express their idiocy I don’t know what does!

Just for the record, I’ve had my IQ tested when I worked for the federal government.  It’s a respectable score.

So, does their opinion really matter?  Not at all.  Once I calmed down over the initial emotional shock, and ok vented here about it, the bottom line is it doesn’t change what I do or how I do it.  It doesn’t change one thing about me, unless I allow it to steal more of my time and prevent me from moving forward. Does it matter if you think I’m stupid? Not really, not anymore than their opinion matters.

Even though it got me temporarily fired up, the bottom line is it doesn’t matter.  I know my abilities.  I know that I am not meant to be a sales person in the mortgage industry.  I couldn’t live with myself with selling some of the people a lifelong bondage that I know they can’t afford. Since I can’t separate that from business, that’s not the job for me.  I’m ok with that.  In fact I still appreciate the time I was employed for those people as it opened the door to the job I have now.  You should appreciate them also because my present job allows me to work from home where I can blog!  LUCKY YOU!!!!!

LIfe is what we make it.  You don’t always get to pilot the ship but when you do, make sure you know what direction you want to go.   I’m not looking back, I’m heading to the bright future ahead. Second star to the right, straight on ’till morning.

Write On My Friends, Write ON!




3 comments on “Fire Me Up

  1. Wow!! what A-holes! I don’t blame you for being upset. We know that you are smart and intelligent thy can kiss your seat !lol. Glad yoou got better bosses now! Also being a writer . all i can say if they thinkits so easy let them try! LOL (hugs)


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