Mayan-ocalypse Party Cancelled

I do not own the rights to this image.

I do not own the rights to this image.

It is so not fair!  Parenthood is a serious downer at the moment.  On the practical side, money has been spent, time invested, and much preparation has been put into my “End of life as we know it” party.  (I know, I plan to be here on the 22nd – it’s a big joke, but hey! It’s a reason to have a party.)

When I plan something I don’t just send out a few invites and buy a bag of chips.  NO,  I had a serious throw down planned.  I made a play list for Latin music; Latin Christmas tunes, tribal music even.  I had fake feather neckwear and Mayan masks for my guests.  I had ankle feather cuffs for everyone to wear, and skimpy little wraps to wear over our swimwear.  Yes there are sun lamps to get an indoor tan as the Mayans lived in the tropics.  Plus, it was an excuse to get a winter tan!

There are props:  large paper mache’ palm trees decorated with twinkling lights on either side of the sofa, a cardboard Mayan temple painted to look like ancient ruins that surround the “yule log” burning on the tele. Tropical plants are on stands in the kitchen – well those were there anyway but they work!

The chocolate fountain, a Marguerita fountain, salsa and chips , guacamole; (ok I hadn’t made that yet but the stuff was bought) and a huge fruit tray with fresh pineapple!  Literally, the party to go out with a bang in the end.

I searched the web for the perfect little effigy dolls for my guests.  (See felt doll pattern above)  After all, a sacrifice to the great jaguar god might just avert disaster.

All in vain as I had to cancel.  Parenting makes for hard decisions at times, even taking away our fun.  I was not going to allow my teenage daughter to be rewarded for her mouthy, belligerent behaviour towards me.  Her friends were coming as well.  In all honesty only four of my friends said they could make it, and the majority were her friends.  (Right, forget the Marguerita.) She’s right, at 18 she is considered an adult but fails to behave as an adult or be responsible as an adult. The fight began as usual in her failure to do her chores.  A simple thing empty the dishwasher.  No, it had to be a fight. Dinner was delayed for the family due to her failure to empty the dishwasher, and she’d left my kitchen counters covered with her mess from baking the night before.

In the past I’ve cleaned up behind her and guess what? She never cleans up, just leaves it for me. Not this time. I did my best to ignore the mess for several hours.  I did not jump in as usual and do it for her.  We waited, dinner was already an hour late when she finally, under protest stomped in to do a five-minute job.  Oh the melodrama!

Then the mouth started. It went from how ridiculous I am to demand that she does a few measly chores in a timely manner, to her getting right up in my face mocking me.  Yeah, I just about lost it.  The little princess nearly got a beat down.  Nearly.  I walked away to the bathroom to calm down before I did anything rash. That wasn’t enough,  she decided to get uglier.  I love my children and would do anything for them, including make the hard choices to teach them to become responsible adults not spoiled brat little divas.

Suck it up buttercup – the party is off!  At this moment she is probably praying that it truly is the end of the world, as life as she’s known has just ended.  I guess fate has decided it really is the end.  The end of smart mouth back talk and disrespect to me her parent, the end to the easy life she’s known, and the end to me following behind her, cleaning up her messes. The fecal matter has hit the rotary blades!

Trust me, it would be so much easier to just give in and go ahead with my plans but that would teach her nothing but the idea that she can throw a hissy fit and treat me like crap!  NOT going to happen! This is why many of my friends are taking Xanax, or pouring Jack in their Coke.

*SIGH*  So while I figure out what to do with my props and party stuff, I want to refer you to a fellow writer’s blog on this whole Mayan end of the world thing.  CJWest  has a great sense of humor and a talent for suspense.  Check out The Twelve Days of the Mayan Apocalypse.   Make sure you follow the links, starting with the first post.

C.J. West is the author of seven suspense novels including The End of Marking Time and Sin and Vengeance, which was optioned into development for film by Beantown Productions, LLC (screenplay by Marla Cukor). C.J. blogs at You can also find him at or at

I think he’ll have you laughing in no time while I deal with parent issues.

Life isn’t always about doing what we want, but doing what we should.  This is the difference between maturity and  age.  Age is just a numeric designator.

Write on my friends, write on!

4 comments on “Mayan-ocalypse Party Cancelled

  1. Feel your pain. Went through the same stuff with my daughter. Tough love is sometimes tougher on us. Hey, you can always through a Mayan-Ring in the New year- We’re still here party!


  2. I’m thinking you have the makings for one kick @$$, “I survived the Mayan Apocalypse” themed New Year’s Eve party – for ADULTS only. Don’t let your hard work go to waste ;-). Meanwhile, kudos to being willing to be the “bad guy” – too many parents trying to be their kid’s friends and well, let’s just say, that doesn’t work out so well in most situations.


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