If you’re anything like me and feeling stressed to the Nth degree as life overwhelms you, read this! It was a great reminder to me that I needed to unwind and destress!


Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or give it to yourself. Nobody else can-

Often times in moments of stress, anxiety, injury, recovery and other negative mind states that we experience daily, it can be extremely hard to focus on positive personal development, moving forward in life. The thought of becoming a fire-breathing, trail destroying feen (or fiend) can seem far off. A goal so far out of reach given life’s everyday problems.

When was the last time you wondered like a kid? Not the crap we as adults wonder about: Fancy cars, a hot boyfriend or wife, huge house, money, run times … Are we forgetting anything? Today we challenge you to Wonder about creating a sense of perfection in whatever you choose to do. Just Wonder, nothing more. Creating daily experiences of Wonder can lead us to a sense of emotional and…

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