MSH Blog Tour -More of Krystol Diggs

I have with me again today, Krystol Diggs.  I hope everyone enjoyed that steamy bit of story yesterday.  As we fan ourselves, let’s shift gears to another of Krystol’s works.  Today she is sharing with us about a YA novel, Jawbreakers.


Title: Jawbreakers

Genre: Young Adult

    I was inspired to write this book because I was tired of the bullying. I couldn’t believe that there  are so many kids being bullied. I too, was bullied when I was in high school. I know how it is to feel less than, when you just want to fit in. I decided to write Jawbreakers because I wanted kids to see that bullying really affects a lot of people. Not just the children.

I wrote Jawbreakers from a Caucasians girl point of view. I was nervous to see how it would turn out since I’m African American, but for those that have read it so far truly has enjoyed it.  What I want the readers and the young adults to get out this book is that it’s okay to tell someone if you or someone is being bullied. I want them to  know that they will get through it and will move on from it. It’s sad that a lot of children are resorting to suicide, depression, and even drug addiction. This story will touch base on all these aspects. Sit  back and hear Zoella and Vicenza’s story.

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Zoela Best is the new girl at school. Trying to get used to the new school and people she meets Vincenza Catucci. They are two peas in a pod until the “Jawbreakers” make their presence known and tortures the girls with bullying and hazing. Vincenza and Zoela are asked to be a Jawbreaker and the two are ecstatic. But, the leader has a trick up her sleeve to turn the two girls into frenemies. Will they see the danger ahead or will they put an end to the Jawbreakers once and for all?



Krystol Diggs has been writing since the age of 15. Her debut novel Through Her Eyes was the jump-start of more to come from this author, and now screenwriter, and publisher. Krystol is receiving her Masters degree at Full Sail University with an MFA in Creative Writing. She has written two screenplays, a short film and a host of other books in the various genres of fiction, thrillers, erotica, young adult and drama.

What do you think?  Have you dealt with bullying?  do you have any advice for those going through it or for the parents?

This is unfortunately all too common of a problem.  When Megan Meier’s story hit the news, we watched this local tragedy unfold with shock and horror.

As writers, it’s sometimes necessary to tackle the hard problems.  Kudos to Krystol for keeping this one real.

Write on my friends – even when it’s hard – write on!