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Back home for a bit while I still try to figure out how to get those bookings to London and prepare for my next  leg of this journey.  I hope you don’t mind if we talk whilst I pack for Kentucky. You can listen in as I answer the questions we’ve been asked for this week.

MSH Publishing:  Are you more creative in the morning or in the evening?

Oh definitely evening for me.  I am NOT a morning person.   I have to function in morning person world much to my chagrin.  I start my daytime job early in the day, after at least 2 cups of coffee.  Coffee is the life’s blood of a writer. It’s the elixir of life for many wordsmiths.  * eyes cup noticing that it’s empty.  Moves to the counter and starts a fresh pot*

Where were we?  Oh right, not a morning person.   I am  most definitely a night owl.  I get my most creative bursts between 5 pm and 3 am.  After 3 I am pretty useless and I call it quits.  Unlike my favorite author, who gets up around 3 to write, I will just be turning in around then.

*eyes coffee pot, wondering why the thing is so slow*

See, this is why I need a pool.  I have to get up at 6 a.m.  weekday mornings, and when I stay up late then I crash in the afternoon.  If I had a pool, I could easily lounge in the sun and get a decent tan and look like I am at least alive instead of being the  cave-dweller that I am and have the pale white  skin of a vampire.  OOH! Maybe I could get a guest spot in Charlaine Harris’s next book!

*sighs relieved as coffee pot gives that last gurgle that signals it’s brewtime*

Right, Book 6 proceeds will go to  put in a pool.  Book 1, 2, and 3 is to put the kids through college. Book 4 and 5 is to update my house and have a decent vacation.  A pool would make my muse happy as well.  Maybe I should bump it up to Book 3.

MSH Publisher: How often do you write?  Do you write during a commute?  Whenever you can?  Or when the muse strikes.

*snorts, pouring myself and the publisher rep. a cup of joe*

If I waited on my muse – that’s funny.  I’d never get anything done. the fickle minx shows up and drops ideas on me then leaves.  She’s never here for the hard part.  I was right in the middle of a crisis moment and I look over where she’s lounging on the patio flipping through a fashion magazine.  She says “Right, I’ve given you the idea now handle it.” Then she took my magazine – the one that I had earmarked for the new shoes I wanted and left.  Just vanished into thin air.  I found out she went to the tropics to visit a more profitable writer.

Oh, I was so pissed!  When she came back I ignored her for a bit  then finally she came and sat on the edge of my desk.  I told her she was fired.  I know , I know, calm down.  It’s not right to fire your muse, but Miss Thang  was not being helpful at all.  We have a much better relationship now, even though she still isn’t dependable.

Instead I adapted the ABC principle.  I have a daily word goal,  making a point  to write something every single day.  This year, I’ve not been as diligent about this.  That car accident and the injuries threw me for a much bigger curve than i anticipated. But, I’m back in the saddle again and determined  once again. It’s much more of a daily habit than a “when inspiration strikes” thing.  So the answer to that is daily.  Well almost daily.  Sometimes I spend Sunday with the family.  The majority of the time however it is a daily habit.

*sips coffee contentedly nodding*

I work from home so there isn’t a commute although I have been known to take pen and  notebook into doctors offices while I wait.  I always keep a small notepad in my purse with me all the time, and have been utilizing the notepad feature of my phone more frequently.

MSH Publisher:  Do you have a dedicated workspace or do you share your workspace?

Most of the time my “best” workspace is seated in the floor in front of the sofa with my laptop on the coffee table, and my notes spread out beside me.  I usually have ear buds in if there are other family members at home.

The other place I work is at the kitchen table.  Then I have lots of space to spread out my notes and spreadsheets and “stuff”.  Stuff is important, you know.   Like, different colored pens, sticky notes, funky clips,  and sketches I’ve made for characters or locations  or even artifacts.

I was going to have an office, but  once I had my maps on the walls, and furniture moved in, the hubs decided  it was a good man cave.  I figure it’s a fair trade – he gets the  ten square foot room and I get the rest of the house.  It works for me.  More coffee?

MSH Publisher: What is the most words you’ve written in one session?  What is  your average?  

This one I’m rather proud of.  The most I’ve written in one session was 14248 words.  It was one of those burst of inspiration times.  Granted, I didn’t get anything else accomplished as I was “in the zone” and extremely focused.  Once I  got to the point where I stopped  I had to attend to urgent bodily matters then find nourishment.

My average is about 1800 words.  Typically between my day job, and editing, and family responsibilities – ie MOM, I’m happy if I can get an hour of solid writing in.

OH dear, look at the time!  Thanks for stopping by to listen in on our little interview.

Write on my friends, write on!