Ellie’s Top Ten

This week on the MSHP blog tour, we are supposed to share our top ten favorite books of all time and on the flip side of that, our top ten most hated or disliked books. This is a hard assignment for me.  First of all I have to narrow it down to only 10 I like.  Do you have any idea how difficult that is?

Secondly, we’re suppose to express why they are  our favorites.  This one really  made me think. I know you’re chomping at the bits so let’s get on with it.

tom1.  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.  This was the first book I read willingly.  When I was in grade school, I hated the assigned reading.  When I checked this book out of the library, my adventures began.  I imagined myself as Tom.  I lived on the Mississippi – I could be an adventurer too.  It kicked off a lifelong love of reading for me.

nancy drew        2.  Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene  Pick one ,  pick a dozen.  I        would challenge myself to solve the mysteries faster and faster.  Granted, having gone back to read them  in my adulthood they are a little corny.  Never the less, Nancy got me through to High School where I found Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple.  I think my initial love of Nancy has led to my love of Richard Castle.  Can I get a witness there?  Anyone?  I’ve read many mysteries and I always love a good mystery.  If the author can surprise me at the end, he/she is a good writer!  It’s like playing Clue, and I am determined to win.  Although I don’t read the books anymore,  I recently got a new Nancy Drew game for my PC; LOVE IT!

sherlock    3. Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  Well, wouldn’t you expect  me to upgrade to Sherlock from Nancy?  Somewhere in high school Agatha Christie lost her hold on my imagination and I discovered the world of Sherlock Holmes.  I love his scientific mind, his deductive reasoning, and intriguing capers.

Lord of the Rings         4.  Lord of the Rings by J.R. R. Tolkien; yep nerd from way back.  I read these in junior high, long before there was any blockbuster movies.  Long before Orlando became Legolas, long before Viggo Mortensen player Aragorn,  I was tucked away  on the porch swing, or on the sofa, or in a bean bag chair, on the bus, wherever I found to read I lost myself in Middle Earth.

Le Morte de Arthur              5.  Le Morte d’ Arthur by Sir Thomas Mallory;  I read this book my senior year of high school. I had already developed a love for mythology and legends and later that year the movie Excalibur, came out.  It remains one of my favorite book and my favorite movies.   There are many versions of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, but this remains by far my favorite.  I find myself fault-finding with  lesser versions.  KIng Arthur shall forever live  on in my mind.

dragonriders              6. Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey.  OK,  you caught me I’ve cheated.  I’m giving you series instead of books.  Sometimes you just cant’ pick one out of a series, you have to go with the big picture.  Anne McCaffrey painted a magical world for me, one with dragons that were beautiful, fierce, magnificent creatures.  If I had to choose one, it would be The White Dragon, but that’s just not really fair.  The world of Pern was vivid, the writing articulate, and the imagery was astounding.


7.  Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen;  I adore Jane Austen’s books. Of all of them this is my favorite.  The foolish notions of a young girl that is trusting and naive, a scoundrel without morals, the intricate delicacies of proper etiquette in the English country side – her books have it all.   “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds. Or bends with the remover to remove. Oh no! It is an ever fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken. Willoughby. Willoughby. Willoughby.”      Deeply pouring out her heart in the midst of  the pouring rain, Marianne quotes Shakespeare to convey her  despair at Willoughby’s betrayal.

outlander                 8.  The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon; Jamie Frazier and  Clair – wow what a tale of romance.  This series  sweeps readers into her mesmerizing world brimming with history, romance, and adventure.  It involves time travel, the Scottish highlands, men in kilts, warfare, danger, betrayal,  and let’s not forget the  passion.  Of all the books, Dragonfly In Amber is my favorite, but I love the whole series.

dark highlander         9. The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning;   OK, i have Dageus’ book showing, but  in all honesty all of her highlander books are amazing.   I’ve already told my readers I love the Fever series.  Of all her Highlander books it’s a toss-up between Dageus, or Cian.   Once you open the covers of a Moning book you won’t want to put them down.

angus         10. The Georgie Nicholson series by Louise Rennison; this is the first book, there are ten books in this series and they are hysterically funny.  Lousie Rennison had me laughing  from the first chapter all the way through.  I read this first one because my daughter brought it home from school and I was like  ” what the heck?”  Then I bribed her to bring me the rest from the school library until we could get to Barnes & Noble to buy the set.     this is all about teen angst in hysterical stereophonic Dolby surround sound.

As it’s taken me nearly 3 hours to narrow my liked books down to ten,  you’ll have to come back next time for my worst ten list.  SORRY!  Family life calls.

Until next time keep reading and write on my friends, write on!

One comment on “Ellie’s Top Ten

  1. Hard to narrow it down, isn’t it? I had this assignment on my mind at work, and wrote the titles down as they came to me. The reasons why were the toughest. I also love #s 1,2,3,4, & 6 on your blog. So many books, so little time.


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