Gone With the Wind?


Amazing!  Absolutely amazing!

This is the kind of stuff that only happens to me,  or is it? I’m at the park doing my walk/jog for my morning workout and my brain is working overtime.  I know what I’m going to blog, I know what I’m going to write, what the characters are going to do next, the conversation that is going to take place, the cliffhanger before the next chapter, I know  how I’m going to bridge the scenes I am working on.

Then comes the hill. It’s only a slight little incline, maybe a 10% grade with an elevation change of about 50 feet.  Not really a big deal.  At the top I ran into my cousin and we talked for a few minutes.  Ooh shiny!

My mind is playing over the scene in detail now,  down to the clothing choices.  Really Roxanne?  That was the best thing you could wear to announce your engagement?  Hey look at that goose over there with the babies,  there must be eight little goslings  and the rest of the geese have older goslings.

At this point the  humidity ( 78%) and the temperature ( 86F) are getting to me when Runkeeper announces  ” thirty-five minutes.  1.48 miles. 21 minutes 14 seconds per mile” .  Shut up already I know I’m going slow!

I’m not going to make it!  It’s a long way back to the car.  I consider the last wind sprint, looking around to see if anyone is watching the fat chick trying  to run.  I decide it’s safe and  go into a little faster jog – not quite a sprint but  for me at that time it was about all I could muster.  Save yourselves, go on without me.  Two minutes later I am sucking wind and gasping  as I reach the car.

Get my water,   head home, shower then sit down at the computer to write. . . and nothing.  What were those conversations?  What was that scene?  Oh come on, at least the bridge?  Hello?  Any cells working up there?  Isn’t it ironic that I remember the conversation with my cousin, but can’t remember the rest?

So, do I use my smart phone for the runkeeper AP  or use the voice recorder to record my thoughts?  I don’t know but I feel like pounding my head on the table here to knock them loose or something.

Then I cycle through the songs.   Maybe that’s it, I need my playlist to spark the  creativity.  Nope, all that did was manage to get me sidetracked watching videos and a silly expression as I listened to Rob Thomas croon.

My current word count sits at 650, and now I have to attend to  family needs. Meanwhile, I hope that Roxanne chooses something a little nicer than the pair of jeans with the ripped knee and  the  cropped graphic tee under Luke’s hoodie.  WAIT!  I’ve got it!  It’s coming back now.  I just needed fuel in my tummy and a few minutes to warm up.

Alright folks, I am gone like the wind.  Off to write the next installment of Oral Dilemma and then to work on Love Notes revisions.

Sometimes the process isn’t seamless.  Sometimes there are kinks in the flow of things.  The important thing is to never quit.

Write on my friends, write on!


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