Nano Nano!

An interesting thing happened  on the way to my appointment.  I got slammed!  Completely waylaid, left staggering.

I was sincerely stunned.   Here’s the thing:  I’ve posted in various groups  about my own personal blog as well as the Storytime Blog.  I have posted in this group since November of 2011, and I’ve been posting the blogs since February of 2012.  Today however, there was issue taken with sharing the  Storytime blog.  It was ‘ offensive’ to some and our group was reported as spam and pornography.  NICE!

Interestingly enough, this post was my  episode for Oral Dilemma, and the characters don’t even so much as kiss!  Y’all have to admit, for some of my episodes that is really tame. What followed was a series of personal messages informing me I was promoting child pornography and had no integrity,

First of all let me say this:  * clears throat, steps up to microphone, giving  stern expression*

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and  a mentor and teacher for  other survivors, I will in no way ever support, encourage, promote or in any way condone anything that  in any way is child pornography.  I have given into Crisis Aid International for the purpose of removing children from  the sex trade industry.

I in no way would ever, EVER be involved in a group that would write  in such a way that glorifies sexual predators or sexual abuse.

I am the managing editor for Storytime Trysts, and although I do not read every single episode, I have read the outlines and submissions for each author that  is hosted on Storytime. We’ve always maintained the strictest guidelines as to age of characters involved in the stories.   Even though we are fiction writers, this subject is taken very seriously.

I understand that the writing on the blog isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.   We’ve never forced anyone to view material that is unsuitable for under aged children.  If you click on the link, the first page you land on is a disclaimer that informs  the reader that it is adult material.  you have to accept in order to go beyond that page.

What saddens me the most is the attacks that ensued, and  the  continued slanderous comments that were made long after I left the group.   Personal messages  that I  am a heathen, immoral woman, that I am a purveyor of pornographic smut, a smut peddler, and  a threat to decent society made my jaw drop.  ME?  They were accusing me of these things.

I do understand that  many object to  the erotica, but to call me all those things?   Really?

I’m an overprotective mother of two beautiful teen girls.   I am not peddling anything.  I thought, that the idea of the Storytime blog was a good idea,  that idea being to get author’s work out there and stir up some interest in their writing and to showcase their work in the hopes that someone  or several someones will enjoy their writing and  want to   follow that author.  Storytime offers more than erotica.  It features poetry, flash fiction, romance, YA romance, paranormal romance, and more.

I don’t know the individuals that attacked me and the posting of the blog.  I don’t want to know them now at all.  I have many friends that came to my  aid  on their own accounts to say that i was within the guidelines to post, that I didn’t violate any rules.  Thank you to every one of my friends that did this – it means a lot to me.

It saddens me that  this group has gone down hill, that the majority of  ” new blood” on there are  shallow, superfluous  people dabbling at writing that feel the need to criticize those that are actually writing.  I skimmed many posts before this happened and shook my head at the lack of writing, reading, and research they were doing and willing to do – because you know it’s much easier to make a post in a group and  have everyone else answer your question than to Google it.

The admins of the group are wonderful people, people who I respect.  I had to leave  though, before my Irish temper kicked in and I blasted everyone with a fiery tongue that  I could never take back.

I was willing to just walk away  until we were reported for child pornography.  THAT is a serious charge.  When I find out who made these accusations I  will be contacting necessary persons to find out exactly what legal recourse I have.

This isn’t Junior high people, and we aren’t  the geeks with braces for you to kick around and bully.  Some of us are adults that  are serious about the craft, whatever genre that we write in.  Be careful what fight you pick, you just might lose.

I hope everyone else’s day was tons better than mine.

Write on my friends, even if  the critics hate  your genre, write your  heart out baby!


14 comments on “Nano Nano!

  1. Are you kidding me?! They reported Storytime as child porn? That is a serious accusation and one not backed by any real evidence. I guess in that case they’re reports follow their writing. I’ve been writing with Storytime on and off for a year now, and I know the standards you’ve placed upon the stories that are posted there. Never, and I mean never would any one of us authors there condone such a vile thing. You have my full support, Ellie. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you and Storytime.


    • Thanks Misty! And yes, we have high standards. We strive for excellence while improving our craft. Strict age limits for characters set at 18 for US laws for adulthood. And might I add that not every post is erotica. WE have a wide variety such as poetry, flash, YA, romance, as well as other sub genres.

      It was amazing to see the outpouring on my and Story time’s behalf. It is truly humbling to see friend’s rally to your aid when you are unfairly accused of something so heinous!


  2. I think Benji was the one who reported it as child porn. Ash is just an “ash” who likes to run at the mouth and go on about things of which they have no real understanding. I’ve blocked both those losers because, why not? Ash doesn’t nothing but comment on threads all day long–it’s a wonder they find time to actually write. But then, you aren’t one of the kool kids there unless you do comment on inane things, like, “I have trouble getting motivated to write. What should I do?” Um, how about write? It works wonders!


  3. WOW!! Talk about a heart-stopper. I’d like to know what high horse they climbed onto. Keep your head up, Ellie! This is the kind of BS that causes stress and stems from jealousy and malice (or a cannot-do-nor-say-no-wrong kinda ego). While I don’t know what’s posted on Storytime, I can say that you’ve never demonstrated any of those things you’ve been accused of on this blog…and that kind of nastiness tends to creep through the cracks eventually. I hope the admins are able to ban those responsible for creating waves, and that you’re able to pursue recourse. But if not, remember that what one sows, one reaps!


    • I have been re-granted access to the Storytime blog, with a note from the powers that be on blogger that they were sorry for any inconvenience. I do understand that they need to check out any report. In a way it’s comforting to know that they do take it serious, but in another way it was a major cause of stress to be falsely accused.
      You’re right, things like that do have a way of creeping into other areas eventually and bleeding out into other aspects of life.


      • Glad to hear that they take things seriously there, but also glad to hear that the situation has been (partially) resolved!


  4. Ellie, I am certainly sorry to hear about the attacks. However, it is sad to say that if we write, we will have those who attack us. Most of them do not truly read our work, so their opinions don’t count. Besides, some opinions are like armpits: everyone has a couple and some of them stink! (LOL) Thank you for sharing about your personal history. It is a difficult background to survive and to go on and produce a good life from it. Ignore the ignorant. Like war, they will always be with us. Keep writing, my friend. Aya

    On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 7:10 PM, quotidiandose


  5. This still pisses me off. I want to permaban whoever reported your blog as child porn. If I ever find out who it was, they’re gone with a nasty fuck off note.

    I’m glad you came back into the fold, Ellie.


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