PInk Pucks and Goals!

Greetings my wonderful readers!  One of my goals for this year is to get back to more frequent postings.  Between 2 jobs, and  writing – yeah it’s like 3 jobs.  NO wait, parenting  that makes 4 jobs.  Yeah, I’ve been stretched a bit thin!  Too bad it doesn’t carry over into my physical body!

I’m planning to have guest bloggers at least twice a month for this year.  In the past, my guest posts have been a big hit!  Plus I get to share and promote  my writer friends and their work. If you are reading this and you are a writer, and you have a book to promo – hey give me a holler!! I can promo you too! Hopefully someday soon you can share the love as well.

So, having said all that, today I have a guest blogger. V.L. Locey is one of my writing buddies, we spend many hours sprinting and  bouncing ideas off each other.  I must admit she is more diligent about it than I am, usually when she’s ready to go I am still doing the day job. By the time I’m able to write she’s often off doing something else by that time with her writing time under her belt.  I greatly value her friendship and professionalism.

Speaking of goals . . .

Many thanks to Ellie for having me here today! Let me introduce myself properly.

            Hello, my name is V.L. Locey and I am addicted to hockey and romance.

hockey player

            There, it`s out. Not that I exactly hide my fondness for the sport. I tend to be a rather vociferous supporter of my New York Rangers. I am known to jump, shout, and at times, use bad words while watching a hockey game. I suppose it was only natural that my love for the sport would blossom into a love of the men that play it.

Now I know many women think that all hockey players are knuckle-dragging bullies with missing teeth. This is just not the case. The world of professional ice hockey is filled with stunningly handsome men who are in their athletic prime. Men who dress with as much care as a GQ cover model. Men who speak with sensual French-Canadian, Swedish, Russian, or Finnish accents. Men who are so hot I wonder how the ice remains firm under their skates.  These are the sort of men that you`ll find in my To Love a Wildcat series.

And we can`t have a romance without a leading lady, can we? That would be like having a stick but no puck, or a rink with no ice. In my books it is the lady who tells the tale. While my Wildcat books are centered in the world of professional ice hockey, the women are the stars. Each book revolves around a woman that is not your typical romance story heroine. The women of the Wildcats are all different, all strong, and all unique. They range in ages from early twenty to early fifty. Some are tall, some short, some thin, some curvy, some shy, some outspoken, and some live with a disability. Nary a cookie cut gal in the group! While the tone for each novel changes slightly with the leading lady, the romance, character driven plots, and toasty bed-play remain consistent throughout the series.

pink pucks

In Pink Pucks & Power Plays, the first book of the To Love a Wildcat Series, you`ll meet Viviana Land, a curvy and proud of it reporter and Alain Lessard, star defenseman for the `Cats.  Viviana  just can`t seem to say no to her younger sister. Somehow, the sassy society page reporter gets lassoed into serving as the Busy Bee scout leader for her niece’s troop. One overheated engine and a missed basket-weaving class later, Viviana and her girls find themselves in the Green Hills Ice Rink, facing a world that none of them knew existed. Enter Alain Lessard, the charmingly handsome young defenseman for the Philadelphia Wildcats ice hockey team, who is donating his summer to coach the youth league his team sponsors.

When our intrepid reporter is given the chance to write the break-out story of her career, Viviana leaps at the chance to pen a tell-all exposé about the media-hating Lessard. Thinking it would be easy to flirt and tease some juicy tidbits out of the jock, Viviana soon finds herself falling for the sensual, younger, kind-hearted man. Will she put aside her virtual pen for a chance to stay at her sinfully erotic new paramour`s side? Or will Viviana finally get away from those mundane bakery openings and library luncheons by using the man she may love as a way to step into the limelight?

 How about an excerpt?


  “Tell me about your house growing up. Was it a small town?” I offered him another spoonful of ice cream. He smiled and accepted after losing the far-away look he had been wearing. Alain launched into a long explanation about his hometown and I, like the miserable snoop that I am, committed every name and anecdote to memory for later dictation to my tablet. After he talked at length and the float was consumed, I stood up and walked to the railing, stepping over sleeping dogs. I leaned my shoulder against the post.

“You seem distracted tonight,” Alain said, stepping up behind me to wrap me in his embrace. His chest was strong and solid against my back. My hands rested on his forearms.

“I should probably check my dress and go home. I have to be up early tomorrow for some insipid luncheon that the mayor`s wife is throwing.”

“I did not know you were friends with the mayor`s wife,” he said casually, his chin resting on top of my head. I went rigid in his arms.

“I don`t really know her,” I hurried to say, forcing myself to relax, “It`s just some luncheon where she plans to announce which charity she`ll work with for the upcoming year. My boss is hoping she`ll name the same charity our law office donates to.”

“Ah, that would be good. What is the charity you give to? Perhaps I donate to them as well.”

“Oh, well it`s a small local charity named for the town the mayor`s mother was born in,” I said, thankful only the fireflies could see my lying face. I turned in his arms. He smiled down at me, dropping his head to capture my mouth gently.

“What is the name of this town?” he asked between kisses that were growing longer and hotter.

“Petticoat Junction,” I whispered my fingers now in those dark curls of his.

“That sounds like a funny town. Stay the night, Viviana.” He held me as tight as he could, his lips moved gently over mine. “Stay with me here.”

I stayed.


 You can find Pink Pucks & Power Plays at the Secret Cravings Store as well as all other major retailers:

Write on my friends – and grab a new book to read!

V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, belly laughs, anything romantic, Greek mythology, New York Rangers hockey,  comic books and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a steer named after a famous N.H.L. goalie, and a flock of assorted domestic fowl.

V.L. is a self-published and conventionally published author. Her self-published works are the Gods & Goats trilogy, a romantic comedy series revolving around Greek gods, rural lifestyles, and a widowed goatherder. I know, but it works, trust me.

She is a proud Torquere Press author and her short story Two Guys Walk into an Apocalypse was included in the anthology He Loves Me For My Brainssssss. She also has several books contracted with Torquere for release in 2013, including her Two Guys zom-rom-com books, the Greek mythology romance Love of the Hunter, a short story in the Outserve Charity Sip Blitz, and the hockey novella Goaltender`s Penalty. An Erie Halloween, a novella about shapeshifters, rounds out her M/M backlist. 2014 will bring more romances about shifters, hockey players, and whatever else tickles her muse.

She is thrilled to be a Secret Cravings author as well. Her To Love a Wildcat sports romance series is her first contract with SCP . So far five books starring the hot men of the Philadelphia Wildcats professional ice hockey team, and their spunky leading ladies, have been contracted. The first novel in the series, Pink Pucks & Power Plays, is due for release in January, 2014.

When not writing romantic tales, she can be found enjoying her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand, writing, or cheering on her beloved New York Rangers. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads.

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Winter Is Coming

While I type this we are under a severe winter advisory.  There is currently 8 inches of snow on the ground, and expected to  not stop for another couple hours.  Snow is falling at about 1 inch per hour.  I can handle snow, I like snow!  What I don’t  like is the brutal temperatures that are accompanying it.  Subzero forecast for the entire week  – this is cruelty!

As I stare outside at the falling snow I get the brilliant  idea to watch a few episodes of  Game of Thrones.  My daughter bought me the complete boxed set for a Christmas gift.  Where does this fit into my new goals?  When do I have time to sit and  watch movies?  Remember that little item of take time for me?  Yeah – all work and no fun makes Ellie very cranky indeed.

So with snow falling outside, and a cup of hot cocoa beside me,  I will soon be indulging in some ME time. Being the chronological person that I am, I will of course have to start at the beginning.  Episode 1, season 1: Winter is coming.  I’m usually not much on movie adaptations to books but I am impressed with the job they have done with George R. R. Martin’s epic book.  Loving all things medeival, I adore the  quality of the costumes, the attention to details, the realism of the settings, not to mention the weaponry.  I have several books  on medieval weapons – yeah I’m weird that way.

With near blizzard conditions here – Snowpocolypse 2014 is underway.  I doubt that the white walkers will show up,  just a few scraggly coyotes that wander through our yard.   Being a  compassionate woman I threw out some bird seed for the birds, and filled  my 3 feeders. 2 suet baskets hang in the trees as well.

While the wildlife is attended to and the natives have been fed I shall indulge in my current favorite show. For those that watch the show, I have some questions for you:

  • Did you read the book(s) first? ( I did)
  • How do you feel it compares to the books?  ( I feel they’ve done a wonderful adaptation, of course it helps that George R.R. Martin is on set while filming)
  •  Have you spotted any of the  bloopers? ( I have spotted a couple, but only after watching a second or third time)
  • W hat things in the show surprised you?  Hmmm,  how can I answer that without giving away spoilers for those who haven’t seen  it yet?

Once it stops snowing, I’ve promised the kids I’d make snow ice cream.  It’s been ages since we’ve had a decent snow that we could do this.   I think it will go well with the hot cocoa.

What do you indulge yourself in on a  cold winter’s day?

Write on my friends – winter is coming!

  • Who is your favorite character or characters?

Organized Living?

If you go  into any of the discount stores you will find 3 things:

  • tax  preparation stuff
  •  Valentine’s stuff
  • Organizing totes and tubs

I  have several small plastic storage containers from when  my kids were younger.  larger than a  shoe box by about double.   I suffer from stuffitis.  My house is overflowing with stuff.  Kid’s stuff, husband stuff, my stuff –  it’s coming out my ears. Hence the reason for goal number 1.   The dilemma is not  whether to get rid of stuff,  it’s a matter of I can’t stand it anymore and it’s got to go.  My dilemma is where to begin.  Do I start with  the coat closet?  A small  little area that would give a sense of accomplishment, or do I begin with the kitchen, the place where everyone gathers. While sipping a cup of Earl Grey,  I pondered what plan of attack I should use. After the second cup I decided that I would do one room per month.   But which room to start with?   I wrote each room down the side of a piece of scrap paper and numbered them then asked the kids to pick a number.  It may sound silly, but it gives me a plan of attack.  In the process of this organizing and decluttering I’ll get our house ready for sale to move as well. Planning ahead for when my youngest graduates high school, it will be a good time to move.  I can write from anywhere in the world, right? I can also do my job from anywhere within the state.   If  we don’t move,  then at least my house will be in order.   One thing can be certain about making plans – inevitably there will be things to derail you and keep  you from being able to follow through on the plan.  Right, so taking this into account at the beginning is why, when you don’t achieve a particular goal you don’t beat yourself up over it. In the past I’ve done that very thing, bat myself up over not accomplishing the task that I had determined to do.  But as it happened on the particular day that I decided to tackle project x,   I got a call from school to get my daughter that was sick, and of course stop at the gas station to get some 7Up, and  then  the afternoon errands didn’t get  accomplished and  in the end  nothing was accomplished.  Getting upset with myself helped a lot now didn’t it? Life is too short to beat ourselves up over things that we cannot change or control.  I   found a plaque that a friend gave me years ago of the Serenity prayer.  If you are not familiar with it, it makes a lot of sense. Serenity If we focus on the parts that we do have control over and can change, and spend less time stressing over the parts that we  can’t change  we will all be much happier and content. Life deals us some pretty  rough hands at times,  it’s up to us  whether we play them or fold.  Sometimes they are so  terrible  you just have to laugh and say GO FISH!  Clutter in the home is often indicative of  procrastination.  Procrastination is often associated with  being overwhelmed – I  can’t deal with that now.    Soon,  it becomes a habit to  ignore and not deal with the accumulated stuff whether it be junk mail, books, or “stuff” purchased on impulse. We fall into the  pattern, into a rut of existing in the status quo even though we don’t like the state  of our existence. We walk past the stack of junk mail and think ” I need to deal with that”  then  sigh and think ” not now”.   By not dealing with it,  we find less energy to deal with it, and eventually it  becomes  overwhelming.    Do you think that the hoarders on those shows started out  as hoarders?  They quite obviously can’t deal with the stuff in their houses. I know there’s a psychological disconnect somewhere along the lines, but I can’t let it go that long.   Things pile up and then I start to feel choked by the clutter and I know it’s time. Time to tackle  those undesirable tasks, time to take care of the accumulation of stuff and time to remind myself to reduce my carbon footprint. My home will never be museum or show house clean, we live here.   It gets messy.  The carpet has stains, the  walls need paint, and the  blinds need to be replaced.  I have suddenly become acutely aware of every  article that is out-of-place, or piled in a stack to deal with.  I’m aware of the repair that needs to be done in every room of the house. I’m keenly aware  to not purchase anything on impulse.  What I am not aware of however,  is  where this cognizance goes while in the cluttering stage.  The part where it accumulates, what part of my mind shuts down to ignore it? I’m aware that last week, the stack of papers in my deal with it later pile  had grown to about 4 inches thick and that I  shrugged and  decided  to  put it off for yet another day. What triggers the switch?  What part of my brain kicked in and why wasn’t it active last week when I didn’t care?  OK, well to be fair let’s go back two weeks as last week I had the flu and I really didn’t care about much of anything. My goal is a comfortable state of livability.  It won’t be sterile,  it won’t be cluttered. Improving the environment around you helps  your mood, clutter gives a sense of stress where noncluttered gives a sense of calm relaxation.  I’m looking to reduce the biggest clutter producer there is in my house – stress. Less stress in all our lives!  What are you doing to reduce your stress? Write on my friends, and be stress free!

Ellie’s 2014 Goals


It’s here, a day late but it’s here.   I’ve been working on my goals list for a few days now. I’ll admit my plan was to cheat, take an older list and use that as my base.  Well, that  didn’t work as the old lists are gone along with my other files that were sabotaged back in February.

What I’ve done in the past is one goal for every year that I am alive.   As I turn 50 today – that is a  big number.  I decided to change the plan. My goals, my  life, my prerogative!  First of all I don’t feel 50, I feel more like say 35.  So I can knock a few  items off the list. Secondly,  35 seems an ambiguous number when dealing with the big FIVE -O, so I decided to do halfsies. 25 – 25  goals for 2014!  * Insert the Counts laughter here*

In the past I divided  my goals up into 10 life categories:

  • Home / Physical environment
  • Relationship
  • Health / Fitness
  • Growth / Learning
  • Career
  • Money / Finance
  • Social relationships
  • Community
  • Fun
  • Spirituality

It’s getting to a more manageable size now,  only needing to plug-in my goals into the categories.   So, as part of my sharing them here, I expect my faithful followers to hold my feet to the fire on these  and keep me accountable.

Here we go, Ellie’s big goals for 2014:  *drum roll*

  1.  Home/environment:   Remove 5 items from house every week whether through throw away, give away, or sell. (Have I mentioned the hubs is a pack-rat?  And that I  accumulate stacks of paper and wont part with any books?)
  2. Home/environment: Get my desk set up and have a stable work area that is my dedicated  space.
  3. Home/environment:  Have kitchen and living room flooring replaced in 2014.
  4. Relationship:  Spend 50 minutes per week  doing something for  the  man of my affections.
  5. Relationship:  Have 25 dates – no kids, no double dates, or group  parties that count as dates but real life  mono y mono date.
  6. Health/fitness: Lose 50 pounds  by December 31, 2014.
  7. Health/fitness: Eat 5 fruits and vegetables daily, or at least  5 days a week.
  8. Health/fitness:  I will consume at least 50 ounces of water every day.  I know I should do more like 100 ounces but let’s start with 50.
  9. Growth/Learning:  I will learn 5 new skills this year.
  10. Growth/Learning:  I will read 50 books this year.
  11. Career: Attend 5 professional seminars, workshops, &/or  courses.
  12. Career:  Finish and publish 3 books this year.
  13. Career:  365 Book.  Write 500 words every day for 365 days.
  14. Money/ Finances:  Get all medical bills from 2013 paid off!
  15. Money/Finances:  Invest 500 dollars this year from wages.
  16. Social/relationships: Go out with my friends 25 times in the year.
  17. Social/relationships:  Host 5 theme parties over the year.
  18. Community:  Knit/crochet 50 scarves to donate to the homeless shelter.
  19. Community:  Do 50 kind deeds for  someone – anyone, over the course of the year.
  20. Fun:  Make a list of 50 things that make me happy and refer to it often when I get down.
  21. Fun:  Try 50 new recipes this year.
  22. Fun: Spend 5 nights in  5 new cities.
  23. Spirituality:  Spend 50 hours over the year  improving my spiritual well-being though healing, counseling, prayer, and meditation.
  24. Spirituality:  Spend 50 minutes of ME time each week.
  25. Spirituality:  Start a gratitude journal – one good thing for each day.

There you have it folks – none of them are beyond my reach.  Some will definitely take some work but all are doable.   Incremental steps throughout gradually and by the end of the year the goals will be achieved if not surpassed.

All are tangible SMART goals.  How about you, what are your goals for the year?

Write on my friends and set those goals.

Failure to plan is planning to fail.

2013 in review


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,400 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 40 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.