Winter Is Coming

While I type this we are under a severe winter advisory.  There is currently 8 inches of snow on the ground, and expected to  not stop for another couple hours.  Snow is falling at about 1 inch per hour.  I can handle snow, I like snow!  What I don’t  like is the brutal temperatures that are accompanying it.  Subzero forecast for the entire week  – this is cruelty!

As I stare outside at the falling snow I get the brilliant  idea to watch a few episodes of  Game of Thrones.  My daughter bought me the complete boxed set for a Christmas gift.  Where does this fit into my new goals?  When do I have time to sit and  watch movies?  Remember that little item of take time for me?  Yeah – all work and no fun makes Ellie very cranky indeed.

So with snow falling outside, and a cup of hot cocoa beside me,  I will soon be indulging in some ME time. Being the chronological person that I am, I will of course have to start at the beginning.  Episode 1, season 1: Winter is coming.  I’m usually not much on movie adaptations to books but I am impressed with the job they have done with George R. R. Martin’s epic book.  Loving all things medeival, I adore the  quality of the costumes, the attention to details, the realism of the settings, not to mention the weaponry.  I have several books  on medieval weapons – yeah I’m weird that way.

With near blizzard conditions here – Snowpocolypse 2014 is underway.  I doubt that the white walkers will show up,  just a few scraggly coyotes that wander through our yard.   Being a  compassionate woman I threw out some bird seed for the birds, and filled  my 3 feeders. 2 suet baskets hang in the trees as well.

While the wildlife is attended to and the natives have been fed I shall indulge in my current favorite show. For those that watch the show, I have some questions for you:

  • Did you read the book(s) first? ( I did)
  • How do you feel it compares to the books?  ( I feel they’ve done a wonderful adaptation, of course it helps that George R.R. Martin is on set while filming)
  •  Have you spotted any of the  bloopers? ( I have spotted a couple, but only after watching a second or third time)
  • W hat things in the show surprised you?  Hmmm,  how can I answer that without giving away spoilers for those who haven’t seen  it yet?

Once it stops snowing, I’ve promised the kids I’d make snow ice cream.  It’s been ages since we’ve had a decent snow that we could do this.   I think it will go well with the hot cocoa.

What do you indulge yourself in on a  cold winter’s day?

Write on my friends – winter is coming!

  • Who is your favorite character or characters?

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