After spending 2 hours searching through documentation,  record books, and county records I  had a figure for a total amount due for fees due  for a loan to close.  I head home from the archives of the dusty basement of our local courthouse to forward my information to the title company. Whew,  time for a little writing.

NO, wait we need to have  the dates covered for these fees that are due.  I quickly revise my documents, save in a new version, and forward to title company.  Time for a little writing.

Oh but wait,  then I get a call from the selling agent.  It seems the buyers are going to pay  the fees out of closing costs, and the property has gone into foreclosure so this is a short sale, meaning the  delinquent fees from the previous owner  to the Home Owner’s Association will not be paid from the previous owners.  After a lengthy negotiation I reduced the fees from previous years of  delinquent payments making myself then liable to the subdivision HOA.  OH, it gets better – this fee will now come out of my commission.

Once again the deadbeat neighbors get away with their  irresponsible  financial decisions. There has to be a way to extract  the fees due from these people.  I am a responsible person, I  pay my bills, and believe in an honest days work for pay.  Apparently I am a dying breed. When did it become ok to just rack up debt  to the amount you can’t pay, and just keep spending until it reaches such astronomical amounts that there is no way in a single mortal life you would be able to pay it?

OH, wait look at the example we have with the national deficit – yeah, never mind.

I had to redo all my paperwork, resubmit my forms, and  get all my loan documentation to the title company by 3 pm for the closing.  I started on this particular loan at 8 am in the morning.  The printer didn’t work.  The copier jammed.  My blue  ink pen died.  I must have blue ink for closings!  What about the inspections?  The  headquarters hadn’t sent any files for the inspections, for the  appraisal.  A mad  frenzy of phone calls, faxes, near hair pulling – and  finally got everything to the title company before the closing time.

Now can I write?  NO, wait!  Now it’s time for my chiropractor’s appointment.

All I wanted to do today was write. Now I have to start getting ready for a seminar  this evening.  I just want to write!

Have you ever had days like this? Days that no matter what you seem to do you can’t  manage to do the one thing that you most wanted to do?  Please share!  Not that we commiserate with each other but that  it sometimes helps to get it off your chest and knowing the camaraderie – we can lift each other up in spirit.  Or  raise a glass to each other through the  net.

Write on my friends, if you get a chance to at least.


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