Passionate Pursuits


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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

–          Winston Churchill


To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.

–          Mark Twain


I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.

–          George Burns


Listen to any motivational speaker and they will eventually touch on passion. Kurt Warner believed with a driven passion that one day he’d succeed as a football player.  That passion drove him to push himself every day.


Passion is a key element to success but until you apply some action to the passion, it will remain nothing more than a pipe dream if action isn’t applied.  I can passionately desire to be a writer but until I plant my behind firmly in the chair and set my fingers to work typing or firmly grasping my pen I will never achieve that desire.


You can want it with your whole heart but until you are willing to DO what needs to be done, it’s not much more than a daydream fantasy.


This of course brings me to my final part of my creative series, matters of the heart. The part that passion plays in the creative’s life.  All creatives have more than a little passion.  They often exude it in everything they do. They have a passion for life, a passion for food, a passion for sports – whatever they are into they are passionate about it.

These are not fence riders, these are face painters. They are hot or cold on any given topic.  The thing that undoes a lot of the creatives though is the action. Some remain dreamers because they are afraid to act on their passion, or make excuses for why they aren’t  pursuing their dreams.

  1. They follow their true passion. Creative people tend to be internally motivated. External rewards, recognition, prizes, medals are not what motivate this group.  These are the children that those child psychologist’s suggestions don’t work on. They often embrace a challenge, if they are interested. Find an activity in something they like (remember a creative is either hot or cold, and if they like it they will be totally into it) their own internal drive will then provide them reason to engage in an activity or not. When they have the internal drive, they will perform the activity on a high level.

“Eminent creators choose and become passionately involved in challenging, risky problems that provide a powerful sense of power from the ability to use their talents,” write M.A. Collins and T.M. Amabile in The Handbook of Creativity.

  1. They surround themselves with beauty. Creatives tend to have excellent taste, and as a result, they enjoy being surrounded by beauty. Tastes vary, but a creative’s home will not be austere, will not look institutional or dull.  You can count on vivid colors, tasteful art, eclectic items collected that hold significant meaning to them.

We sometimes attend auctions and estate sales.  You can get some great bargains and I happen to like antiques.  Last summer we attended two particular auctions. One was an estate of a woman that  was a collector of little figurines.  There were hundreds of them, most still in the boxes and the ones that she had on display still had the boxes and bubble wrap carefully stashed in a plastic tote. We weren’t there to bid on figurines, but the auctioneers spent a long time because there was so many of them.  A month later we attended another auction, same auctioneers. This woman also had the same figurines, but not even half as many as the first.  She had a journal that she kept in which she wrote about each figurine that she selected. Each one had a story, either about a person in her life or an event.  I know about the journal because I bid on the box of books that had a first edition copy of Tom Sawyer in  it.  I wasn’t interested in the other books, although there were 3 more first edition copies in that box along with  3 composition type journals. Ironically, I found the journals far more interesting than the rest of the books.

The first woman had a collection. The second collected deliberately with an inner passion.  Each one meant something to her personally.

  1. They follow their hearts.  They will follow their heart, even when their mind tells them otherwise.  Creative people are less likely to worry about problems and more likely to take risks. This can lead to a thousand fails, but a million satisfactions.


  1. They fall in love with their work/ they hate their work.  NO, they are not bipolar. Well, I suppose they can be. They fall in love with their pieces of work, and work diligently on them. Then a day later they will vehemently hate it.  You can call it being fickle, but it’s a common trait in the creative mind.


  1.  They are humble and proud at the same time. One thing I’ve noticed is that  they are always eager to learn new things, to improve themselves. Humble in their hunger to better themselves. Yet when it comes to their creations, they are extremely proud and confident.


  1. They love.  They love, They love. Everything. They love life, they love people, they love emotions, they love animals, they love pizza, coffee, chocolate, they love beauty. No one will ever love you more passionately than a creative. Likewise, no one will feel as deeply hurt as a creative. They take it personal because everything affects them. They can sit silently watching the most beautiful sunset they’ve ever seen or bounce exuberantly for the next big art exhibit in town. They are infectious, their love for life is contagious. If you have some friends like this, stick with them, your life will be richer for knowing them.  Their passion burns brightly. It lights the paths of those around them.



For every successful creative, there are twenty more that never cross the finish line.  Twenty that let the cares of life keep them inhibited. Ten more that hide their light, another ten that conform to the practical parts of their brain.

All in all, if you know a creative you should be encouraging them because they truly are a precious commodity in our hectic rushed world.  They should be encouraged to pursue their passion because that passion may just spill into your life and add some beauty there.

Would you rather live in a world where the Systene chapel is whitewashed plaster,  or the magnificent masterpiece that it is?  You can thank a creative for that.

LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH and give a creative a hug today!  They may just need the encouragement.

Write on my friends, write on!


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