More Holes Than Swiss Cheese

My friend Misty is making some changes. As most creatives, she’s rather hard on herself. Trust me I’ve read her writing and it’s not nearly as bad as she makes it out to be. In fact I’m reading her latest, and begging for each new chapter. So – go – READ!


Creative Inspiration

I’ve decided to actually use this blog as it allows me more creative freedom over blogging. So, this will be my first post over here on WordPress. 

I’ve started to tear apart my first book. The task was overwhelming, and I felt highly discouraged a week into the project. Who knew you could learn so much about the art of writing in a few short years?

I’d contemplated on many occasions to just put a match to the book, and pretend it never existed. I might have thought it was my gift to the reader world when I wrote it, but now…well I was wrong. In fact, I was so wrong that I owe every reader an apology for the assault on their eyes. 

Does this mean that I believe I should pack up my laptop, and go home? Not at all. As any artist does, we are constantly learning…

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