The Countdown Begins


NaNoWriMO begins November 1st – that’s only FOUR days away!  EEEK!

I have precisely four days to prepare.  I’ve thought about it, pondered which story to use for nano, recalculated, wrote a pros and cons list, then went to my friends for help.  I NEED TO FOCUS!

Yes, this is a big problem for me.  With 20 stories going on at various points of completion  (most of them are simple notes with a rough outline, or a one line plot.) My friend Misty helped me weed through the idea garden, and select   the juiciest fruit — errrr — story.  I have it narrowed down to 3, so that’s a big improvement.

I  have  twenty pages of handwritten notes, several index cards,  and images of what my characters look like.  All of this goes into Scrivener, before November 1 – When the real writing begins.  All of this,  this is just prewriting.

ON the NaNo board, they give their four phases but I have my own.

1.  Prewriting – the planning, outlining, plotting, surface skimming. This is the rough outline, the skeleton to the  major work of writing.

2. Freewriting – ideally the entire month of nano I will be in this phase. IDeally.  Freewriting is  just letting it flow.  Turning off the inner editor, turning off the  editor features of scrivener, no backspacing to correct typos (OH GOD, I am in trouble already because that idea makes me very nervous.) There are different phases of the freewriting

  • The dash –  blasting out of the starting blocks with enthusiasm,  creative juices flowing, and  no holds barred attitude
  • Lonely backstretch – you know that part of the track, on the backside where there isn’t anyone to cheer you on and you have to push to the  final corner.  This occurs at roughly 17K for me.  I have to guard against distractions.  NO YouTube,  no tv, no Facebook open, no chats anywhere –  my internet turned off. Must. Push. Forward.
  • Rounding the corner – the finish line is in sight, yet still a bit away.  I need encouragement to push through the fatigue, a bit of self talk to keep me going, and boost of adrenaline.
  • Final stretch – The end is in sight, fatigue is setting in.  time for that final push. Body aching, brain protesting, muscles protesting,  editor screaming about all the typos, demanding that I release her, It’s so close but so very far away when every single step from this point on is a race against the clock!
  • NO, I am not melodramatic in the least!

3. Fill in writing – this is hole plugging, plot fixing, patching, expanding, expounding, filling in around the edges,  transitions,  and sensory writing. This part happens in December – if my inner editor stays bound.  Once I release the editor however, her verbal monologue is never good. This is why I have learned to  keep her locked up in a dark room until NaNo is over.

Some people think NaNo is a form of self-inflicted torture.  I disagree. The whole purpose of NaNo is to get people writing.  The first time I did NaNo it was to push myself to establish the daily habit of writing after getting away from it for a while.  The second time,   to see if I could repeat a win. I don’t compete with the others,  it’s enough to compete with my own set of rules!

Last year, I attempted to nano but I knew going in that I already had too many irons in the fire.  This year is  a whole new ballgame,  a chance to get back into my groove and really let go.  I’ve had an ongoing battle with my inner editor, and she’s not allowed  to have any input into NaNo.  NOt until December.

If you are interested in signing up, here’s the page.


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 Always the rebel,  I  have my own plan for NaNo.  There will be 50000 words.  Of that you can be assured.

Write on my friends, write on!