NaNoWriMo Kick Off!


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Welcome to my blog! I’m  at my desk, pounding the  keys  on my own project. This will be a month of madness.  A month of  sharing, caring, sympathizing, commizerating, and encouraging. Every day (or pretty darn close to it)  a fellow NaNoer will share their perspective on participating in NaNo.  Some are newbies, some are rookies, others are seasoned vets. Todays guest is Kate Harris, please give her a warm welcome!

Let the  writing begin! 

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Hi everyone! My name is Kate and I am a NaNoWriMo first timer! My preperation for the year hasn’t been overly much, I find the more I prepare the more I really want to write before the first of November. I am desperately trying to avoid that! Of course, I plan to spend next week, three days at least, at the library writing some notes and preparing a little better.

My goal for next week is to take the time to delve deeper into who my main characters are. I want to have an idea of how they would react to the situations in the novel. I also need to take a little time and research some methods of death, so if you happen to be in my house, don’t look at my Google history and get scared!

I have this fantastic murder/suspense novel stuck in my head right now that I plan to use for November. I don’t have an outline on paper, just a few ideas scribbled down over the past few weeks. This is mostly because I had every intention of coming into NaNoWriMo and completing a work in progress. Then, I was struck by my new idea and I had to go with it. I have some people on a fantastic Facebook page to thank for the inspiration!

Once November hits, I plan to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours a day just writing. I am sure I will get a little more in, assuming I keep some caffiene on hand for early mornings instead of going back to sleep. With two kids and a husband, I have to work around a lot of schedules to get my 50,000 words in. I am hoping to get some time once my daughter is on her bus and before my son gets up each day to sit and write. I’ll also get a wonderful short time, around an hour, to write while my son is at preschool! This is going to be my major focus time as it is my only real alone time during the week. I am really wanting to finish my novel and then surprise my husband with it! He doesn’t know about any of this, so don’t tell!

Since this is my first year attempting something this crazy, I am worried mostly about finding the right balance between my writing life and non writing life. I don’t want to neglect my family, and I don’t want to not finish my novel. To be completely honest it is also really hard to sit and write with the kids around. One or the other is always wanting something, talking, getting into fights…so the more I can do with them busy and out of the house the better! Plus, if I am not spending my time writing when they are home, I can still be involved with homework, Girl Scouts, dance class, and all the other fun parts of having amazing kids!


Author Bio:

Kate W. Harris is an author in training. She is looking forward to writing her first full length novel in November of 2014 and is also looking forward to the challenges of being published. Kate is a stay at home mother when she isn’t writing to a sweet 6 year old daughter and a fantastic 3 year old son. In her limited free time, she volunteers for an amazing organization, Challenged Champions, where they offer Equine Therapy for kids and adults.

You can find Kate on her Facebook page: