Lorianne Watts on NANO!

Today’s NANOWRIMO Guest is Lorianne Watts-Winklepleck.  Lorianne did an interview with me about her experience with NANOWRIMO.  I’m a bit rusty on my interviewing, but Lorianne comes through with great answers.

  1. Are you a NaNo newbie? Seasoned veteran? Old timer? I feel like a little bit of all of the above at this point. I joined in as a teenager on some of the very first NaNos – 2000 – 2003. There weren’t a lot of people in the beginning, so it was much quieter and lonelier. On one hand, that was great – there also wasn’t a lot of distractions! On the other, there wasn’t quite as much support as there is now.
  2. I would imagine not with so many fewer people participating then. Have you finished and/or won NaNo in the past? I won it in the very beginning, the first few years I did it. My first year picking it back up after my seven year “hiatus”, I didn’t do so well – mostly due to switching jobs in the middle of November! (But for that first week or so, I was on a roll!)
  3. How do you prepare for NaNo? Or if this is your first time, how have you prepared? This year, I’ve done quite a bit more planning than usual. I used Pinterest to create a storyboard, featuring characters and locations within my story. I used spreadsheets to outline all of my chapters – and I have a great idea of a plot. It’s a radical change from my first times doing NaNo – back then, I was all about just diving in. (I even built a soundtrack for my novel using related playlists from a website!)  (see image below)
  4. I love that idea – creating a pinterest board.  Hmmmm, I may give that a shot. How many hours do you see that you will be able to write each day? I will thankfully have a minimum of two hours each day, with more as I can arrange it. I have a wonderfully supportive husband, so I can get more time in the evenings if I need it. My range will probably be between 2 – 6 hours every day.
  1. Tell me briefly your NaNo book idea, and what inspired it.  My story weaves fairy tale and fantasy elements. It’s about a kingdom called Araysia, where children are given sixteen years to live with their families. On the night of their sixteenth birthday, they are taken to the Castle, where they are given their happily ever after. Anastasia, my main character, finds a hidden photograph and note tucked away while she’s undergoing her lessons – which sets her out on a journey to discover the truth about her destiny and Araysia as a whole.  (The full synopsis can be found on my official Facebook page or on my blog!) (See image below)
  2. Do you have a routine or ritual that you go through before you begin writing? Not so much. I like turning on my playlist for a little while beforehand to set the “mood”, but that’s about it.
  3. What? No sacrificial chicken? Chanting?  Just kidding. What do you use for your writing? Word? Scrivener?  Pen and paper? All of the above! I use pen and paper to make notes or get started writing if I’m at a roadblock. I also employ Google Docs, because I like the automatic backup features, and Scrivener for editing. When I really need distraction-free writing, I bring out my Alphasmart Dana.
  4. Do you find free writing during NaNo liberating or do you struggle to not edit as you go? It’s not a struggle of editing, it’s a struggle of getting those very first words down. Once I do, it can still be challenging, but also definitely liberating as well. It does take quite a bit of encouragement to started, though – or at least it has in the past. If it’s particularly difficult, I tend to hop in the chat rooms or on Twitter and participate in word sprints.
  5. Do you write chronologically or when you hit a tight spot, do you jump to another scene and come back? I try to write chronologically, but I’m not against jumping around a little bit if I need to. If I jump around too much, it can be difficult to fill in the blanks afterward. A scene or two though isn’t too bad.
  6. How long do you let it sit before you go back and edit and revise? At least a month or more. Sometimes I will go back through and do a grammar sweep, but I don’t focus on revising or changing plot until it’s had a little bit of time to settle down.
  7. Share author bio, photo if you like, buy links for other books, and any place you want to be found (facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc).

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My website is http://www.loriannewatts.com – feel free to follow my RSS feed on my blog! There’s also a link to my Pinterest account (where you can see some of my worldbuilding in action).

My official Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/officialloriannewatts – you’ll be able to see my covers, synopsis, and little excerpts of my writing, especially as November goes along.

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