I did it!  50,000 words in 30 days of literary abandon.  It’s rough,  its raw, it’s unpolished but I did it!

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Here’s a mock-up of the cover.  It was for my motivation only. I know I am not a cover artist.

The synopsis: 

Scott’s summer job excavating ancient ruins turns out to be more than he bargained for. The opportunity to spend it with the girl of his dreams quickly turns into a nightmare.With a maniacal killer on the lose, the world in the balance and the clock ticking down to world destruction can he save Helena and stop Ragnarök?

Brief Excerpt:

(Keep in mind this a first draft. )

Down the hill from the camp towards the water’s edge, a man in a black coat, black sock cap and thin leather gloves spread the herbal concoction in a ring around the altar stone as he voiced the Incantation. It was only the beginning step to his plan. As he walked, he repeated the incantation a second time. He’d arrived barely with enough time to get things into place. Glancing over at the girl who would be his sacrifice, he felt anger at her for delaying him. If it wasn’t for the ritual requiring her to be conscious to give consent, he would have kept her sedated. The tone of his chants changed with his rising ire on the third repetition.

He heard the music begin at the camp up the hill. He lifted his eyes skyward and said a thank you to Tyr. This provided an excellent cover if the girl made much noise. He closed the circle with the herbal mix. He took the gold ring, the bronze cuff, and the silver clasp to the altar stone. He set them in the middle of the stone, filed the center with the ash bark, dried heather, and small bits of mica. Striking the ceremonial dagger against the stone key causing a spark. Once the heather ignited, he tossed on the lavender. A thick white smoke poured off then a sudden flash of brilliant light before the fire burned out. He set the items at the top of the stone and stepped out of the ring to get the girl.

He spoke the next line of the ancient spell that allowed him back inside the sacred circle with the girl.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Erik nearly carried Helena the last few feet to her tent. She seemed drugged. He had not observed her taking anything that would cause such a reaction. Inside her tent door, her head lolled forward as she went completely limp. Just like in the car, she was simply out.

He carried her the last few feet and lifted her, settling her onto the cot. He threw her blanket over her and went for help. Inside the mess tent where everyone celebrated, he sought out the medic, Jim Draves.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The girl squirmed in his arms, glancing up at him. “Are we going to your yacht now? You said you’d take me sailing on your yacht.”

“In a few minutes doll. Be patient.” He patted her arm as he moved her to the stone. “Sit here for me. We are going to play a little game.”

“Ooh fun. I like games.” She grinned seductively up at him.

He took her hands in his, wrapping the string tightly around her wrist.

“Ooh daddy. I didn’t know you were kinky. Tie me up and spank your dirty girl.”

He smirked. It was a good thing that this first sacrifice didn’t have to be a virgin. “Yes my dear girl. Daddy is going to get downright kinky with you. PUnish you for your wickedness.”

She giggled and held her hands out towards him. “Wouldn’t we be more comfortable on your yacht though?”

He secured the knot. Then stepped away from her, bending to the dufflebag which held his items. “My darling girl. This part has nothing to do with comfort. Now be a good girl for daddy and lay back on the stone.”

“OK” She batted her eyes and gave him a seductive smile.

“LIft your head sweetheart.” She complied as he slipped a silk handkerchief around her head covering her eyes.

“What if I get scared daddy?”

“Not to worry sweets. I’ve got that covered as well.” He glanced down over her body, her hard nipples pressed against the thin cotton Oxford that she wore. He reached into the bag for the other silk handkerchief and put it over her mouth, in a tight gag.

“Mmm mmmm ggg ammm” She tried to voice her protest. He could see her heartbeat had increased by the pulse at her neck.

“Excellent. You’re doing very good sweetheart.” He bent and retrieved the silver dagger, slipping the black cloth back into the bag. “Do you trust daddy?”

She nodded even as she turned her head back and forth trying to scoot the handkerchief down from her eyes.

He tore open her shirt, buttons flying and cloth ripping. With a flick of the knife he had cut through the fabric of her bra. She gasped.

He began reciting the last line of the incantation as he began carving the runes across her chest, pressing his forearm down over her shoulders to hold her still. Her muffled screams drowned out by the pulsating music above them. At the last word, and speaking the name – Tyr, he plunged the dagger into her heart. Slowly the blood began to pool from her flesh. He swiped his fingers through it and wrote the remaining runes. He positioned the bowl to catch the blood in.

By the time he finished writing the last rune on her body,her heart quit beating.

I’ll bet it’s not what you expected from a romance writer is it?  I’m thinking that this will be  more in the thriller genre.  After I  get done with revisions and edits,  I’ll get a couple of beta readers to give their opinions on it as well.

For my friend’s that said I couldn’t do dark – be afraid, be very afraid.

I must go celebrate now that  I have achieved a goal that honestly I felt was out of my reach.  Dragon Naturally Speaking  was an absolute lifesaver!  OK,  it doesn’t get all the words right,  but it’s learning.

Write on my friends, write on!