Clouded Intent

Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget

Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so lightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners. 

– Virginia Woolf

NEVER write for money.  It will show, your readers are perceptive.

NEVER write for a “market”.  “Market”  means “Formula” – your readers are perceptive and they will see the sneaky little hesitations  that creep in.

NEVER write “down” –  or for an audience that is “less intelligent”  than you think you are.  Your readers will be offended and see that you are talking down to them.  Besides, you are your own audience,  do you want to be talked down to?  Even if you are writing a children’s tale, don’t write “down” to children as if they are stupid.  They aren’t.

NEVER be vindictive in your writing. Truth has a way of coming out and you will be crucified publicly and then shamed by your own words.  Karma people,  you know how she is.

NEVER write  the “trend”.  By the time you get yours out there the tide has changed and it’s outdated material.

ALWAYS write the best book you can.  Success will come, eventually.

ALWAYS write what’s in your mind, your heart.  Use your own voice!

ALWAYS write from passion.   It will show in the quality of your prose and  empower your words.

ALWAYS write with the assumption that your audience is both intelligent and  perceptive.   Give the respect  to others that you would like yourself.

When an author writes out of preconceptions without learning the facts,  there are at least  one hundred people who will be ready to show you the error of your thinking.  Be prepared for a smack-down. Better yet, learn the facts.  Do the research.  Due diligence people!

It takes every word, every single idea,  every metaphor, every analogy to reach the final conclusion.  Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams.

Some ideas are  the  basaltic bedrock, others are the  metamorphic intrusions where the diamonds and gold are mined. (Yes,  I meant metamorphic as in rocks –  basalt is igneous,   limestone is sedimentary –  remember I studied rocks,  they don’t bleed. But if you wish to insert metaphorical you may.)

Give your self the best chance of success!  Learn the  rules of engagement.  Once you know the rules,  then you can use them as guidelines knowing where it is ok to bend and break.

Work hard.  Give it your best effort – not a good effort,  not a half-hearted effort – but your very best. Create something that you would  be proud to have your name associated with!

Celebrate your victories! Then start  the process over again.

Write on my friends, write on!


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