David Alvin – Stealth Writer

My Bodacious Author Discussion And Spotlight Summer continues with author David Alvin.

Author styles vary as widely as the genres.  David writes devotionals, Bible studies, and fictional works as well.  David is one of those rare authors that doesn’t spend much of his time bragging about  his work.  He quietly plugs away, diligently working day by day not making a big fuss, sharing details when asked but most of the time –  you have to ask to get any information.  Hence I’ve dubbed him the Stealth Writer. With a wry sense of humor and strength under pressure, he inspires those around him as well as giving  his time to children’s ministry.

On this rare occasion,  I was able to extract a bit of information from him – hope you enjoy!

What inspired you to write A Sign Unto You?

Well, the devotions written about the Nativity would easily fill the room you’re in; whether I have any unique insights is for the reader to decide. But sometimes we’re so familiar with a story — or think we are — that we overlook tiny, essential details. For example, do you realize nearly every Nativity scene you see in a public place is wrong because it includes both the wise men AND the shepherds at the stable; the shepherds were there, but the wise men didn’t show up until about a year and a half later when Joseph, Mary, and Jesus were at a house in Bethlehem. By breaking this down verse by verse, the story of Jesus’ birth told in Luke gains not only some realization of the impact this event had (on Jews especially, but the rest of the world too) on individuals, but also on groups like the shepherds and even the heavenly host! It ‘s like having time stop and then start again …

Chapter 19 of my Nativity devotional, “A Sign Unto You”, is the one I choose to give as a sample — as I say in the piece, it’s the one that when I read the verse inspired me to do the study.


Tell me a little about your writing process for this. 

As for the writing process, I set myself a limit of three paragraphs with eight typed lines each. I want to maybe make you think, but I don’t want it long and drawn out in the process!

What novel do you feel that you had the most fun with? 

  • Possibly the novel I had the most fun writing, based on the second half of the Old Testament Book of Numbers — not just a mass migration to the Promised Land with all its successes and failures, but also highlighting family matters among Moses, his brother Aaron the high priest, and sister Miriam the prophetess, and how those tensions got subsumed for the greater good of the Hebrew people.


    The Book of Numbers
    The story everybody knows. The story nobody knows. More than three thousand years ago in the center of the world, an army of slaves escaped from Egypt. Sustained by the provision and promises of the LORD their God, and led by Moses the lawgiver and Aaron the high priest, the children of Israel wi…

    Can you share briefly about some of your other works for my readers? 

    My first novel, where the big day of super-powered heroes and villains was the day before yesterday . Now the heroes are needed again and they have to come together …


    Zenia escaped from a concentration camp where super humans were tested to destruction. With her power of teleportation, Zenia became a reluctant participant with other heroes opposed to the legions led by the enigmatic Empress.Across this changed, hostile world, Zenia and her companions met other…

    AND to top it off, the first bound Bible study I wrote, the one on Second Kings that chapter by chapter details prophecies, ministries, healings, and the fall of the kingdom of Israel and then of Judah (with an interesting analogy to Mount Rushmore!)


    The Chariot Of Israel, And The Horsemen Thereof: A Study of Second Kings
    Our longing for a closer relationship with God often makes us paint people in the past as purer in heart and greater in accomplishment than ourselves. But there’s no great difference between the prophets, kings, and common people then and now. The same God Who wants us to walk in His ways walks t…

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