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My guest today is no stranger to the Mack studio,  he’s been my guest in the past for  a previous novel.  It’s my pleasure to have Angus H. Day as my guest today,  science fiction author.  I don’t know how he cranks them out, but he does consistently.


Truly Organic A Next You Novel

Science Fiction Space Opera

 Angus H. Day


Aaron Prekel rescues his family through Pizza and a Micro-brewery.  Did he realize he would open up the stars for a segment of the human race in danger of being destroyed?  Large forces on Planet Earth move in to thwart his efforts and keep space to themselves.  Intrigue, assassination, espionage and risking global nuclear war are just the hors d’oeurves served hot in the first portion of this tale.

I’m pretty sure Aaron had no concept of Cyborg aliens and a planet where anything mechanical would be attacked by flora.  He watches from orbit as the colony he seeded takes root and begins to thrive until the day when a sentient creature takes possession of the colony and shoves him and others into a camp.

A couple of centuries later the Interstellar Alliance begins to come under attack in odd places and they have no idea why or from where.  Why is my salad attacking me?  How come my Next You prosthetics stop working?  Who wants ice cream anyway?  Finish the story to find out why you really don’t want to be what you eat.


Excerpts:  PG

The four rescued persons exited the Trauma Center at the rear entrance.  Mary and Munson set off as one pair jogging lightly into the night west of the Center while Abramowitz and Crewman Ortega headed south.  North was the ocean.  Roughly three kilometers from the center Mary felt her features change and she paused to look her reflection in a shop window.  She had been a brunette with hazel eyes and now she was bleach blond with striking green eyes.  Munson who was one point eight meters and showing signs of a beer gut now stood two meters and seemed to be chiseled from granite, he was so ripped.

Mary gasped in surprise and noticed Munson do a double take.

Munson “I know there is something odd about this but I’m enjoying it.  How about you?”

Mary laughed “Yes, I’m enjoying being hot, getting interested responses from hot guys and not being the mousy-brainiac-research scientist with no looks for a change.  Oh dear, was that an overshare?”

Munson laughed this time.  “No, glad you did it.  Shall we pay for this?”

Mary’s smile took on a maniacal gleam “Yes indeed.  Then maybe we can start addressing more of our…want list.”  She moved to step past Munson but stopped just long enough to cup his manhood with her right hand sending a wave of ecstasy through him.  Munson almost fell over backwards but was saved by Mary grabbing his lapels.  “Not yet buddy.  Work first.”

Munson moaned and smiled “Okay by me.”

They started walking again, embraced, looking like other couples on the street out for an evening stroll.

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Angus H. Day

Angus H. Day

Author Bio:

 Angus H Day is a manufacturing chemist for a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer.  He lives in Fort Collins with his wife and son.  Hiking, kayaking, lots of reading exist in his environment.

When not writing Science Fiction he enjoys podcasting, trail running/walking, and various geek pastimes. He can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and GoodReads.

I love to meet new friends and fans!

Write on my friends,  and read a good book!