A Fresh Look at Writer’s Block


In a previous post,  I discussed a theory I had about writer’s block:  the idea that the creative’s inner child is in essence being a rebellious child against your editor conscious.(I’m mobile – will find link for previous post at a later time.)

The more I  think about this the more validity this theory seems to hold.

For example, today I felt inspired to expound on this theory, to discuss how  the two aspects of our psyche conflict and how that is like an armistice – a peace agreement between two political powers.  I encountered the  tyrannical ruler of my conscious mind.

Logical practicality and function are important aspects of the adult conscious mind.  Those characteristics keep us on task and help us to set priorities and aid us in time management, which keep things moving.

A reasonable and practical habit of cleaning up after mealtime, getting the left over food put away, the dishes cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher and the counters wiped down are good habits to have.  When mealtime comes around again as it does three times a day, it makes it simpler to prepare the next meal.  This is a common sense practical thing to do that only makes sense, right?

I picked up my writer’s magazine flipping through it while I finished my cup of coffee.  I had the idea – ‘I think I’ll write a follow-up post about the writer’s block that I mentioned before.’  My tyrannical self-editing logical thinking conscience said “First, you need to finish the breakfast dishes and clean up the counter top.”

I glanced over to the counter, breakfast dishes stacked, the dirty skillet still on the stove and sighed.   I know it’s part of my routine.  It’s part of what I do as  a “domestic engineer” or as I prefer to call it ” domestic goddess extraordinaire”.  As I moved to tackle this clean up business that inner part, that rebellious creative toddler was screaming at me “I want to play!  I want to write right NOW! You NEVER let me play.  You ALWAYS put me off.”

* Insert inner child scowl, pouting lip and foot stomping here.*

Adulthood is not getting to play every day.  We have work that needs to be done.  We have responsibilities to fulfill. Parenting shelves our own ambition for what has to be done. So where is the treatise between the all work and no play sensible conscious and the creative playful inner child? What if we don’t want to adult today?

I firmly am convinced that the answer lies in the area of self-love.

When I moved into that role of mom, I became a more responsible person. That is a good thing! Really, it is!  Being responsible for the care and nurturing of our children does tend to grow you up pretty fast.  I would never dream of being the tyrannical mom that was more akin to the head school mistress with my children.  I always gave my children rewards for doing their chores, for completing their work, and doing well at school.  I allowed them time to just be kids and PLAY!

Somewhere along the line though, I quit allowing myself the same  privileges.

I didn’t get to play?  I don’t get rewards?

 No wonder my creative child has been a sullen rebellious brat!

While I mentally prepared my blog post, I tackled the dishes and counter top.  Then I started on this post.  Funny how you have one thing in mind then something entirely different comes out.  Or maybe I’ll  just have to write another one that addresses what I had in mind originally.

That post will come later – with a link.

When I am at my desk. Really.

Write on my friends, write on!

May the (Creative) Force be with You!