The Next Big Thing

There are many things for independent authors to do and many are looking for ways to connect with other writers, readers and well, more potential readers. Aspiring authors fit into that category only more so. A couple of my friends contacted me to do this blog share thing,  and I put it on the back burner while working on revisions and edits for Red Wine & Roses.

It’s resurfaced once again now that I’ve culled my stack of unfinished business.  Here’s how it works: I’ll answer 10 questions about my current work (Red Wine & Roses) which is available now on Amazon and available in just five days!!, and then, I’ll tag five  writers at the end to do the same thing next week. If you’re one of them, just follow this format.

On to the good parts:


1. What is the working title of your book?

Red Wine & Roses

11924560_1472539119715060_6584436532208606751_n (3)


2. Where did the idea come from for the book?

This one was originally a flash piece that I shared on Storytime Trysts, that developed into a specific submission call, then was expanded from there. For flash fiction,  I use story prompts, pictures, a short phrase,  or in the case of Chuck Wendig’s Friday flash contests,  his suggested topic.  For the original flash my inspiration was a photograph.


Which I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure is a creek in Smoky Mountain National Forest. A place that we visited a few years ago on a family vacation, hiking up to Grotto Falls.


It was quite a hike up to this fall (Grotto Falls), and on the way  I took several pictures of the scenery,  the ravines,  the family, and more of the falls. My writer mind of course went to a worst case scenario as a pack of donkeys passed us heading to the top. Hmmm, what if . . .


Danger Will Robinson!


3. What genre does your book fall under?

Romance, contemporary romance, women’s literature.


4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?


Jensen Ackles would play Derek –  someone should contact him now when  it goes to movie format!


Julia Faye West  would play Ashleigh.  Because, gorgeous blonde!


Elizabeth Gillies would play Julia.

attends the "Rocco And His Brothers" Premiere during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2015 in Cannes, France.

I would beg borrow and plead to get Salma Hayak to play Gloria! (My husband thinks she is gorg- and he’s right! Besides,  Gloria has some chutzpah and needs an actress that can carry that.)

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JANUARY 15: Actor Scott Bakula arrives to the premiere of HBO's "Looking" at Paramount Theater on the Paramount Studios lot on January 15, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)


And Scott Bakula as Mr. Jackowski.

The rest of the cast  can be sorted out by the casting director with consultation of course.


5. What is the one sentence synopsis for your book?

Love conquers all, unless an ex-girlfriend is involved.


6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

It is published through Eclectic Bard Books.


7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

The first draft for this one was a 1000 word flash piece,  so it took about an hour. The second revision took me maybe a month,  it was 10,000 words.  Then it took about seven months for me to  develop my outline for the full story.  The characters in this one  wouldn’t leave me alone. About half of it was handwritten in notebooks  while riding in a car,  or watching TV,  or during a class.  Then it took me another full five months to revise and edit, not counting calls from editor and publisher!


8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I can’t think of any specific book,  but Lynn Kurland writes the most amazing love stories.  Often the obstacles that  are in our way of happiness are  our own making.  This is a point that Ms. Kurland has brought up in a few of her books,  and it is at the heart of Red Wine & Roses.


9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I’ve already covered this above –  the photo prompt inspired my imagination.  The special submission call was for weekend getaway  which only told a small part of the story.

10. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

There is a short cookbook at the end.  With Julia’s love for baking and so much of our family  and friend’s gatherings centered around food it seemed a logical fit for me.  I have a group of baker’s on Facebook that tried out my cocktail cupcakes which were apparently a big hit. The Red Lion was my favorite!


Just a few more rules and then we’re done. If I’ve tagged you below, you should have your post up on Nov. 7, or as close to as you can. Tag me at the beginning, tag your five friends at the end, and make sure you title the whole thing “The Next Big Thing Blog Hop”.

Here’s who’s coming up next week,  On September 30th so make sure you check in on them and see what they’re up to. You all rock.

Cat Banks

Stephanie Wideman

Leslie Conzatti




Be sure to check their blogs next Wednesday –  September 30th!!

Write on my friends, write on!


The Ruby Iyer Series

Today my guest is Laxmi Hariharan and we get an exclusive excerpt from

The First Life of Vikram Roy


The Ruby Iyer Series—by Laxmi Hariharan

When I begin to unbutton my shirt, Ash looks at me with raised eyebrows.

“Really?” She smirks. “In such a hurry?”

“It’s not what you think.” I bite out the words.

Before she can ask any further questions, I wrap the shirt around my fist and use it to break off the jagged pieces of glass on the pane. Then, pushing my arm through the square, I open the lock of the window from inside. Opening it, I grab hold of the window ledge and heave myself over, falling over promptly on the other side.

I am stunned, but bounce back on my feet quickly. Coughing out the dust which streams over my face, I tell Ash, “Come on to the front door.”

Running to the front door, I pull at the old-fashioned wooden bar which is placed across it. Pleased when it comes away in my hand, I open the door, panting with the exertion of pulling at the heavy wood. Then, grinning, I bow to Ash, who is standing at the threshold.

“Come in, your highness.” I make a mock bow.

Ash holds her nose in the air, playing her part, and walks past me. It’s gloomy inside but the moon is bright enough to light up the way. Ash follows me as I walk past an overturned chair, a large settee covered in plastic, and take in the paintings on the wall.

“It’s as if the family who lived here abandoned it without moving any of their possessions out,” she says. Holding my hand, she drags me to the staircase.

“Where are we going?”

“On a tour, dummy. Don’t you want to see what’s upstairs?”

I follow her, our shoes making clattering noises on the wooden steps, then, I hear something.

“Wait.” I stop midway up the stairs.

“What?” she says loud enough for her voice to echo around the building.

“Did you hear that?”

“No.” In the silence that follows, she laughs nervously.

Then she hears it too. A soft padding from upstairs, the unmistakable noise of nails dragging on the wooden floor. We look at each other wide-eyed. A chill runs up my back, and the hairs on my forearms spring upright.

“Come on, we have to find out what it is.” Grinning wickedly, Ash leaps ahead and runs, dragging me along.

“Ash, honestly,” I mutter, more scared than I’d like to admit.

We cross the landing of the first floor and walk towards the open door leading to the room on the far side. Once again, there’s the sound of dragging footsteps. I swallow nervously in the darkness, but chivalry gets the better of me and I walk ahead, pushing Ash behind me.

“Stay quiet,” I whisper.

In the dark I see the white of her eyes, rounded in fear. She is not as unafraid as she makes out to be. We slip into the room. The shadows here are darker, and it takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. Then I hear a low growl and the padding sound comes towards me, a flash of black and yellow spots.

“Ash!” I push her out of the way and jump, covering her with my body just as a leopard leaps past us, making for the door.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I swear.

My heart is beating so hard it threatens to leap out of my chest. I look up to the door and am relieved to find there’s no sign of the leopard. Ash’s body is shaking below mine. Her heart, too, is thumping hard, slamming against me. I can’t tell where her pulse stops and mine begins.

“Goddammit, Ash!” I look down; worried she is having a seizure, or worse. Her face is scrunched up.

“Oh my God, are you okay?” My voice comes out all high-pitched.

“Yes. No,” her voice quivers in reply. She opens her eyes finally and I realize she is laughing, silently. At me. Again.

Something snaps inside of me and I know there is no turning back. Not today.

“That was a-a—”

“Leopard,” I say

“Gho-st?” she asks at the same time.

“Yeah, that’s our ghost,” I say, nodding.

I want to stay angry with her, but the sparks in her eyes draw me in completely.

Her skin scrapes across mine. Her dress is around her waist and one of my legs is between hers. My thigh brushes against her frock-covered midriff. The heat rushes at me through the cloth. I am surrounded by her smell. Awareness comes into her eyes at the same time. Her laughter dies and the blue of her eyes dart fire at me.

“Don’t go falling in love with me now.” She tilts her head up.

Her lips are curved. I want to taste them, slant my lips across her mouth. Bending down, I touch my lips to hers. Her breath tastes like oranges. And chocolate. She flings her arms around me and rams my body to her’s with fierce strength. It feels as if she’s vibrating, as if the shudders are running up her body and down mine.

Leopards are my favorite animals from now on.

Want to find out what happens next? Click here


About The First Life of Vikram Roy (Ruby Iyer Series)


His family is being held to ransom by a deadly mastermind.

Vikram never should have left his family, but when Vikram’s father brings his half-brother Vishal home, life will never be the same. Vikram thinks things will be better now that he’s gone. He’s met the love of his life, his future looks bright and then everything is shattered. Now, his family’s life is hanging in the balance, and only Vikram can do what needs to be done to save them. From the bestselling dystopian fiction author with over 200 reviews and ratings of her dystopia books across Goodreads, Amazon and other retailers.




About the origins of Ruby Iyer:


Growing up in Bombay, my daily commute to university was inevitably nightmarish. It’s just how public transport is here. The man behind you on the bus will brush up against you. You know you are going to be felt up on a crowded train platform. All you can do is accept it and get on. Or so you think. I did too, until, a young photojournalist was raped in the centre of Bombay in broad daylight.  It made me furious. Nothing had changed in this city in all these years. Then, I had a vision of this young girl who would not back down; who would follow her instincts, stand up for herself regardless of consequences.  Thus Ruby Iyer was born. Make no mistake, Ruby’s her own person. She leads. I follow. You can download the RUBY IYER DIARIES, the prequel novelette in the series free HERE



About The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer

many lives


2015 Readers’ Favorite (Bronze) YA Action

 YA Finalist 2015 IAN Book of the Year Award

Finalist 9th Annual Indie Excellence Awards
When her best friend is kidnapped, Ruby will stop at nothing to rescue him. 

Criminals run the streets of Bombay. Jam-packed with the worst degenerates. The city is a shell of the pride and joy it used to be. Ruby knows something must be done, but it isn’t until her best friend is kidnapped by the despotic Dr Braganza that she knows that she and she alone must save city, save her best friend, save the world from total destruction. Armed only with Vikram, a cop-turned-rogue they are about to embark on a road they may never return from.  If you’re looking for fast-paced books like Hunger Games or dystopia fiction like Angelfall, the Ruby Iyer series is perfect for you.



The First Life of Vikram Roy, The THIRD book in the RUBY IYER Series, launches this month. To celebrate the launch of the FIRST LIFE OF VIKRAM ROY I am giving away a $30 gift card. Enter HERE. Winner will be drawn, Oct 1, 2015, and announced in my next newsletter.

All SEPTEMBER earnings from the RUBY IYER SERIES will be donated to SAVE THE CHILDREN: SUPPORT CHILD REFUGEES OF SYRIA. All the RUBY IYER books with their brand new covers, are on SALE all this month at 99p/c & Rs 69/49. Click HERE to buy them.

YOU can also donate to SAVE THE CHILDREN directly HERE 




About the author:

She almost died. But when dystopia romance author Laxmi Hariharan had a near death experience, she was told to write. Laxmi is the creator of dystopian romance series, RUBY IYER SERIES (The MANY LIVES OF RUBY IYER – FINALIST Indie Excellence Awards, 2015 Readers’ Favorite, winner in the Young Adult – Action category | FINALIST 2015 IAN Book Of the Year awards. Also the bestselling The RUBY IYER DIARIES & The FIRST LIFE OF VIKRAM ROY), and the Amazon bestselling, eLit Gold winner, The Destiny of Shaitan (Bombay Chronicles, 1). If you’re looking for books like Divergent and Angelfall, you’ll love the RUBY IYER SERIES.

Laxmi writes books similar to Hunger Games while listening to electronica & progressive rock, and downing innumerable cups of extra sweet ginger-chai. She is also an avid photographer of street art and believes she was a tree — a redwood — in her past life. London is where she creates. Bombay is what fires her imagination.
Receive a free copy of THE RUBY IYER DIARIES when you sign up to her newsletter here
Reach Laxmi, on Facebook  Twitter Instagram

Write on my friends, write on!


Doing Wright – Raven Dark

My guest today is Miss Raven Dark.  I met Raven in  my Facebook group for NANO.   In various threads Raven has expressed intelligent answers,  not the typical smart alec,  or flippant things that many answer in trivial fashion. She  offers sound answers or comments. This caught my attention.  Hopefully, she’ll capture yours as well.

  1. Welcome to Quotidiandose. Tell me a little about yourself. 

 I live with my fiancé of 12 years, and our cat (who thinks she’s a dog), in the friendliest place in Ontario, Canada. I swear, Hamiltonians are the most helpful, welcoming people. I struggle with mobility, so I spend most of my time writing, but I also love practicing cover-making for books (not well, but I’m getting better, lol), and editing for other authors.

  1. What genre do you write?

Erotic romance, usually with a BDSM element, or at least kink. Lately, I’ve been churning out books with contemporary settings, but sometimes fantasy or sci fi settings sneak in.

  1. How did you get started?

When I was 12, a teacher asked the class to write a short story. He drew five cartoonish type characters.  All ones he made up, laminated them, and  then put them up on the board. Then he told us to choose one, and base our story on our choice. One of the characters was this…interesting rat sort of creature in warrior’s clothes with a sword. I wrote a 5 page story about him, in which he had to save a princess, from a dragon, I think. The teacher read the story and when he was finished, he was so impressed, he read it to the class. After, he pulled me aside and quietly told me I needed to be a writer. Who was I to refuse? 😀

  1. It’s refreshing to hear some encouragement  to be a writer.  So often we hear  you shouldn’t be a writer,  or get a real job.  Thank you for sharing that! What part of writing do you find to be the most difficult?

Definitely the editing. I think a lot of people would say writing blurbs or synopsises, and I do hate those. But while I always think I can’t write the next blurb for a book, it always ends up being almost easy. Editing on the other hand…*Shudder*. If I could pay someone else to do it, I would.

  1. Which is the easiest for you?

*Hehem* The sexy bits. LOL. The rest of the story I sometimes have to really fight with. Beginnings are like pulling teeth, and I always think my endings are a rush of suck. They turn out great in the end, but doing them is hell. The sexy parts, on the other hand, those just flow. I love a good banter scene between a strong alpha male and a smart-ass heroine, and the hotter the sexy times, the better and the easier to write.

  1. *nods agreement* What is your greatest fear?

Mold. Seriously, the stuff makes me squick. When I reach into the fridge and pull out something, if it has mold on it, I end up screaming and dropping it. Hubby gets a laugh out of it.

  1. What is your greatest regret?

Not studying writing much harder, sooner than I did. If I had started learning the mechanics of writing years earlier, I would probably be a successful author by now. Instead, I let the fears and self doubts eat away at me and hold me back. Which is why I’ve spent the last 4 years studying every writing book and blog I can get my hands on. And it’s why I have a book out today. 😀 😀 😀

  1. That is a very good point.  So many  aspiring authors,  I won’t say aspiring writer because you either write or you don’t, but to be an author you  have to have authored something.  When it doesn’t just automatically “happen” for them,  they give up.  You’ll never accomplish anything if you give up.  Which leads me to my next question,What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Finish. Yeah, that’s it. And that applies to anyone who wants to be successful at something. If I have a second regret, it’s that I spent so long worrying and doubting myself that it took me over 4 years to finally finish my first book. Once I finished that one, the second one, it’s sequel, was a lot easier. The more often you do it, the easier it gets, but you can’t edit a blank page, and you can’t fix a broken story if you don’t finish it. A great friend of mine once said, “The world doesn’t reward perfection, it rewards finishers.”

  1. Do you outline or are you a pantser?

I’m an obsessive plotter. I know a lot of writers like to say you have to pants, or you have to plot, but I believe a writer has to do what works for them. There is no right or wrong. For me, though, stories end up far too much of a mess, and much harder to fix unless I plot them out. In my case, this means being extremely organized. I’m hugely OCD, so I use a spreadsheet, plotting out each chapter, with a description of each scene, and any key details. Then I can see where the story is weak, or lacks conflict, where the holes are, and repair them before I start writing. It saves a lot of rewriting in the end. That said, I have to say, I envy people who can write without all that. People who can just sit down and the story flows out of them. I want that.

  1. You sound like me.  I am rather OCD about my  outlines. If I free  write,  and I do sometimes because it can be cathartic,  I evaluate what I wrote as to whether I leave it in, throw it out,  use it in a different story, deviate from the plan or what?  There are times when the story just flows. That’s the case with my next one.  Is there one book that you wish that you had written? (Not for the profits – but for the quality of the writing.)

Hands down, Bared to You, by Silvia Day. And, hard as this probably is to believe, it has nothing to do with the book being a global bestseller or whatever legendary status it’s at now. The woman writes beautifully and it’s easily my favorite book.

11.  What’s next for you?  What  is on the workboard?

At the moment, I’ve got a lot going on, including writing up Part 3 of Teach Me, tentatively titled Bad Behavior. But I’m also working on the final edits for Unlawful Desire, the first book in my full length, erotic romance series. It’s BDSM, like my other work. Here’s a teaser for the series.


Sounds intriguing! While Raven finishes that one, take a look at her current ones!

Doing Wright

Doing Wright - Raven Dark


“You came here for more than to drop off my bag, Professor, and you know it.”

A soft chuckle drifted up from him. Then he turned and stalked back up the steps, stopping so close she could feel the heat of him. He loomed darkly over her.

“Get inside, young lady.”

When she lifted her chin, he leaned in, so close his breath fanned her face. It smelled faintly of the peppermint gum he always had on his desk.

“It’s not safe for a girl like you to be out here at night. The big bad wolf might eat you.”


19 year old Jacy is a college girl with a wild and wicked streak. She’s always had a penchant for older men, so it’s no surprise she’d fantasize about being taken by her professor in every possible way. Then again, her imagination’s always gotten her into trouble.

 When the sinfully gorgeous Mr. Wright shows up at her door one night, she’s sure she can tempt the brooding alpha male into taking control and claiming what he needs, but at what price?

 He’ll give her a night she’ll never forget, but she’s been to this party before with disastrous results. Will their tryst be the best night of her life, or the worst mistake she’s ever made?

Jacy’s Lesson

jacy lesson raven dark


Class is in session, and Jacy is about to learn a hard lesson. After a wild night of passion together, her hot college professor Tyson Wright completely ignores her. Instead of wallowing in her sudden rejection, Jacy plots her revenge. What will she do when she discovers Tyson has a lesson for her, one she won’t soon forget?

Raven Dark


Author Bio:

As a young girl Raven Dark dreamed of being abducted by a savage alien warrior, whisked away by a brutal pirate, or rescued by a cape-bearing hero. When none of these men came to claim her, she brought them to life in her stories. Then twelve years ago she met the man of her dreams. He doesn’t wear a cape, fly a spaceship, or wield a sword, but sometimes she swears they’ve mind melded.

Raven lives with her dream man and their one cat that thinks she’s a dog in the Mundane world’s version of Ontario, Canada. When she isn’t working on her latest erotic romance novels and crafting interesting worlds in which to set them, she’s spending too much time with friends, feeding her Youtube addiction, or curled up on a couch watching favorite shows with her future husband.

I love to meet new friends and readers. You can find me at-

Amazon page –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Website and blog –

Thank you Raven for a lovely interview! Be sure to leave a comment for Raven today!

Write on my friends, write on!


Interview with MOI!!

Cathy Brockman has me as a guest over on her blog!  This was a very fun interview!  She includes my NINE playlist that I mentioned previously!

You should go read it while I finish packing for the big event tomorrow. Be sure to leave her a comment. I’ll let y’all know next week how the event went –  with pictures and everything!


Write on my friends, write on!

Win Free Tickets!


Kentuckiana Authors Book Blitz

I’ve been frantic trying to finish up loose ends and getting things ready for the big event. My box of goodies to go into the bags has been shipped to the event coordinator, Atty Eve.


Which apparently arrived in time – what a relief! I don’t have some of the things I need  but I’ll have to make do the best I can.  My paper swag has not arrived so I won’t have any bookmarks  to hand out – darn it!

While I continue to gather my things and work out a few last details, here is the information for the event.

Kentuckiana Authors Book Blitz

Saturday September 19th, 11 am to 7 pm

At the Louisville Palace Theater

Over 100 Authors!

NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling authors are there to sign copies of their latest work.

Come meet some new talent and stalk some old!

Admission is FREE and the first 100 people through the door receive a goodie bag.

For more information go to

 OR visit Us on Facebook at


Here’s a clip featuring Atty Eve and Lynn Ticher – way to go Lynn!

Wave 3 Listens

Hope to see you all there in Kentucky!  Write on my friends, write on!



Nine days to go before Kentuckiana Author Book Blitz where I will be debuting my book RED WINE & ROSES.   Available in print and eBook.

So much more to do, so little time to do it in. Therefore, today will be a quick down and dirty NINE post.

  1. NINE sinful temptations to make your mouth water, but not one of them a Rainbow tuptate!


2. NINE roses from Derek to Julia, each with a declaration of love along with each one.


3. NINE INCH NAILS – Derek can be dark and brooding when left to his own.

4.  NINE Days until Kentuckian (see link above).


5. NINE love songs that were on my playlist while writing Red Wine & Roses.

OH, well you’ll have to see Cathy Brockman’s blog to read that list in October.

6. NINE inches cut off my hair – GAH!  But it looks much healthier now.

7. NINE  wineries lined up for an author signing/wine tasting blitz!  (In the works, will let you know when it’s finalized!)

8. NINE characters that you will learn to either love, . . . . or HATE!

9. NINE more books in the queue to keep me writing and  tethered to reality so I don’t float away with giddiness.


LOVE LOVE LOVE all my readers –  you guys rock!  Thank you to each and every one of you that have visited and followed.  I hope  that you will love Julia and Derek’s story as much as I loved writing it.


Write on my friends, write on. And keep dreaming!


Today is the big day!  My book is ready!

As many of you know I’ve been writing for some time.  I’ve pursued the traditional route of submitting to publishers and skirting the self publishing platform. At the beginning of this year,  I made the decision that if I had not had any success with submissions by May,  then I would pursue the self publishing path.

It was either go self publishing or quit writing.  I actually debated that for several months last year. Through some personal issues, marital crisis, and realization of certain business arrangements,  I realized that I had been at this for a long time   – A very long time.  As my mother used to say – either S*** or get off the pot.  Crude, but accurate.

I did a lot of soul searching, evaluating my manuscripts, evaluating the amassed volumes of written material that I have and the lack of success in publication to come to the culmination that I needed to make a decision to either accept this as an obsessive hobby, or do something with it.

Here’s a partial list of projects that I have in various stages of completion. Some are completed and those have been submitted to publishers over time. C denotes a completed manuscript.

  • Realm Wars: Dissension (C) paranormal fantasy
  • Realm Wars: Faere Guardian (C) paranormal fantasy
  • Realm Wars: Fare Warrior paranormal fantasy
  • Realm Wars: Faere  Maiden paranormal fantasy
  • Realm Wars: Faere Lover paranormal fantasy
  • Realm Wars: Genesis paranormal fantasy
  • Drakonica: Kiss of the Dragon (C) epic fantasy
  • Drakonica: Legacies epic fantasy
  • Drakonica: Heart of the Dragon epic fantasy
  • Drakonica: Dragon Fate epic fantasy
  • Love Notes – (C) Romance
  • Arturo’s Treasure Intrigue/thriller
  • Arturo’s Bloodlines Intrigue/thriller
  • Arturo’s Legacy Intrigue /thriller
  • Sekhmet Chroncicles parnomal fantasy
  • Blood Runes sci fi thriller
  • Dallas Lies romance
  • Cabin Fever   Romance
  • Pioneer Spirit (need new title) sci fi thriller
  • Ascension – high fantasy
  • Templar Series – (YA or fantasy)   this would be 8 to 12 books. I have completed outlines and details
  • Cloud Animals – (children’s) kids board book, 16 page prereader,
  • Freddy the Fish –  (children’s )
  • Secrets Romance
  • Valyries Curse paranormal fantasy
  • Roxy Sings the Blues 

And yet, this is still only a partial list.

There was no way that I could walk away from this  burning passion within me to write the stories that plague my mind.  It’s time to get them out!  Having said that,  Eclectic Bard Books has given me that opportunity to step across that threshold.

I know, blah blah blah. . . . that’s not why you came here today.

On to the COVER REVEAL for Red Wine & Roses!

S.L.Wideman Books

S.L. Wideman Books

Madeline Dyer

V. L. Locey

I can’t thank  these wonderful authors enough for sharing my cover today. Leave them a comment,  then come back here and let me know what you think of the cover!! 

Oh and it’s up on Amazon for preorder!

Write on my friends, write on!



It’s Coming . . . September 4th~!

Go over to Eclectic Bard Books for my post there!

Honestly, I’m exhausted!

I think the track is going to have to wait for tomorrow, I hear the bed calling my name.

I wrote some stuff, part of my to-do list.  Before you go though, I want to announce that tomorrow is the big


You can find it on: V. L. Locey’s blog – Thoughts from a yodeling goat herder  on September 4th!

                                    Madeline Dyer’s blog –

                                     Stephanie Wideman – S.L.Wideman Books  and S.L. Wideman Books

Don’t worry, I’ll have all the shares here as well along with the pre-order links.  You don’t think I’d miss my own debut do you??? Silly readers!

Write on my friends, write on!