It’s Coming . . . September 4th~!

Go over to Eclectic Bard Books for my post there!

Honestly, I’m exhausted!

I think the track is going to have to wait for tomorrow, I hear the bed calling my name.

I wrote some stuff, part of my to-do list.  Before you go though, I want to announce that tomorrow is the big


You can find it on: V. L. Locey’s blog – Thoughts from a yodeling goat herder  on September 4th!

                                    Madeline Dyer’s blog –

                                     Stephanie Wideman – S.L.Wideman Books  and S.L. Wideman Books

Don’t worry, I’ll have all the shares here as well along with the pre-order links.  You don’t think I’d miss my own debut do you??? Silly readers!

Write on my friends, write on!

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