Nine days to go before Kentuckiana Author Book Blitz where I will be debuting my book RED WINE & ROSES.   Available in print and eBook.

So much more to do, so little time to do it in. Therefore, today will be a quick down and dirty NINE post.

  1. NINE sinful temptations to make your mouth water, but not one of them a Rainbow tuptate!


2. NINE roses from Derek to Julia, each with a declaration of love along with each one.


3. NINE INCH NAILS – Derek can be dark and brooding when left to his own.

4.  NINE Days until Kentuckian (see link above).


5. NINE love songs that were on my playlist while writing Red Wine & Roses.

OH, well you’ll have to see Cathy Brockman’s blog to read that list in October.

6. NINE inches cut off my hair – GAH!  But it looks much healthier now.

7. NINE  wineries lined up for an author signing/wine tasting blitz!  (In the works, will let you know when it’s finalized!)

8. NINE characters that you will learn to either love, . . . . or HATE!

9. NINE more books in the queue to keep me writing and  tethered to reality so I don’t float away with giddiness.


LOVE LOVE LOVE all my readers –  you guys rock!  Thank you to each and every one of you that have visited and followed.  I hope  that you will love Julia and Derek’s story as much as I loved writing it.


Write on my friends, write on. And keep dreaming!

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