Marketing the Love Child




For a writer, every project is a Love Child.  The first-born holds a place of honor and prestige. The union of  the creative talent that drives the writer to  put pen to paper or virtual ink to virtual screen combines with the hard work and diligence of  writing produces  this love child.  For some, the heavens part and the angel choir sings  it praises. For others it’s a more subtle victory but a victory never the less.

Much like the natural birth of a child, the initial adrenaline rush wears off.  Somewhere around the third sleepless night the parent is wondering “What have I gotten myself into?” There is no turning back from this point.  You’ve entered the parent zone.  For an author, once the initial adrenaline high wears off  – somewhere after a week or so  after the book is released the nurturing of that baby hits us with a similar realization. You’ve entered the author zone.  Inside the author zone, we have to decide whether we are content to have  our baby released out into the world and exist, or do we  let everyone know of their existence? Do we send out ” birth” announcements?  Do we invite people to the “christening”  (aka launch)?

The release date is akin to the  birth of our natural children. From there, we look for milestones. The first smile – the first sale.  The first tooth – the first review.

I’ve hit a few of those milestones with Red Wine & Roses. Released on September 19th, 2015 I had 3 preorders and one individual received her print copy before I got my print copies for the Kentuckiana event. Go figure! AND . . . I got 2 reviews so far – WOOHOO!  Not bad, both have rated it as 4 out of 5 stars.

All writers secretly or not so secretly wish that their baby will be the next success like J.K. Rowling’s or Stephen King’s. How do we get there?  How do we get our baby in front of people who will read  our Love Child?

Social  Networking – Facebook isn’t just for sharing your selfies! Social Media is part of the author’s  Platform, a means to get your baby out into the hands of  readers that don’t realize they want to read your book yet. We’ve all seen the eager author that floods our wall with BUY MY BOOK.  WE ignore those, don’t we?  However,  if you offer teasers, draw interest, bring up interesting  points about  your book and give them a link of where they can find it, people are more likely to give it a  squiz.

Personal Networking – Share your accomplishments with your circle! Your friends know more friends, and their friends know more friends and so on and so on. Network at bookstore events, trade shows, conferences, writing groups,author events, and anywhere you connect with people personally.

Website and blogging – Have all your information in one centrally located easy to find spot. My website isn’t  done yet, but I very much enjoy blogging.  Most of the time I use my blog to voice my opinion, my thoughts, my struggles – yeah I guess you could say it’s a very egotistical venture. I often have a lot to say,  with strong opinions about most  things. Used correctly, a blog or website  can connect you with potential readers and eventually –  fans.  I feel privileged to  have a couple avid fans.  Can’t express my Love for them enough!

These are just  a few means of marketing your love child. I have to be honest,  pursuing the creative bent within me to write my stories, I didn’t realize that I was training to become a PIMP for my LOVE CHILD!

What  grabs your attention  in  a book that you will purchase?  Is it cover art?  Is it the blurb on the back?  Is it how it was marketed? Share your thoughts with us – please!

Write on my friends, write on!



2 comments on “Marketing the Love Child

  1. A great blurb will certainly get my attention. I took part in an experiment in college, where the professor had a large box of books, covers were hidden by brown packaging paper with only the Title on the front ( no author) and blurb on the back of the brown paper. Each student wrote down 3 choices of books.The next class he made a ell shaped curve about where our choices plotted out, with just numbers for the books. It was interesting.


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