What a Sweet Gig!

I’m super stoked for a multiplicity of reasons!!

Architecture and Interiors photography by Jim Stephenson / clickclickjim

  1.  Coffee – There is nothing more shocking to the writer’s system than to go for coffee and there is none.  I don’t mean the coffee pot was empty,  It was.  I mean,  after finding the coffee pot empty and you search the cupboards and find NONE in the house. I know, right?  After an urgent mandatory trip into town, dealing with crazy drivers that don’t know how blinkers work,  and slow people that are determined to get between you and the shelf that contains the elixir of life – the precious  substance was obtained!  SUCCESS! OH, and the 24 ounce cup from the gas station  didn’t hurt matters either!  I am now fully caffeinated for the next few weeks.  (Or months, depending on how long  8 cans of  my favorite brew last, and how many people I have to share with.)
  2. Freelance Writing Opportunity – I’ll fill ya all in after I know more details but  if it goes well. it will be a decent second income for doing what I used to do  when I worked for the government, and what I’ve done for free for a charitable organization for years. Anyway,  I’m super thrilled that my name is in the hat, and the potential is there. Hit or miss,  at least I tried!
  3. Reviews–  I am so happy to have reviews on Amazon for Red Wine and Roses! Doubly stoked that they are good reviews!

For a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5!!

  1. Speaking Engagement –Tomorrow night. Held at our local library. I get the opportunity to gush about my work.  SQUEE!  A chance to  put in my two cents worth to a captive audience. Mwahahahaha!          meet and greet
  2. Chocolate! – While assembling my giveaway baskets for tomorrow’s event,  I found a single serving bag of M&M’s that my daughter bought for me last week.  SCORE!

So, while I indulge in a little chocolate to  go with my caffeine buzz, have  a peak at the reviews!  Then you can buy the book and leave your own review!

I hope it give you the feel goods, because . . .  that’s what a romance novel is supposed to do!

Write on my friends, write on!