The Winner Is . . .


The winner has been announced!

Remember when I shared the link For Karen’s Killer Fixins?  Go HERE

The winner is . . .

maybe I should make you go to her page to find out.  Hmmm,  NAH!!!

The winner is . . .Kate Benoit!  The prize package says  Red Wine & Roses and a pair of wine charms,  but it also includes a handcrafted bookmark!

11924560_1472539119715060_6584436532208606751_n (3)



Congratulations to Kate Benoit!!!

If you haven’t read it yet –  why not?  Get your copy of Red Wine & Roses today.

READ!  Leave a review!

Well,  today is road trip day! I will be living ‘life on the highway’  (sang to the tune of ‘life is a highway’,  I will ride it all night long –  oh sorry,  I get carried away)  as I head South to visit my eldest spawn.  I mean daughter.  *clears throat*  Did I mention she dyed her hair blue?  My daughter,  not Kate.  Although,  I don’t know, maybe Kate did dye her hair and she hasn’t updated her picture.


I know, I know. There are worse things your kid could do!


Anyway,  have a fabbity fab weekend.  Enjoy the cooler air!  Sit by a firepit, have some s’mores, or hot-dogs, and a cup of cocoa.  I’m not crazy about the pumpkin spice stuff,  but if you’re into that sort of thing –  go for it!


Write on my friends, NaNoWriMo begins Sunday!  You know what I will be doing!


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