What Now NaNo?



We have spent 30 days of literary abandon, or 30 days of writing in some form. Whether you hit the magic mark or fell short,   if you have more words than you began the month win, then you are still a winner!

So what now? What do you do with “the book”?

There are some that dive right in but I suggest a different approach.  Let it sit a while. In cooking,  whether it’s a roast or a turkey it’s best to let it sit and rest for a bit before carving it up.  The same holds true for your novel.

But I’ve built up this momentum in writing, shouldn’t I jump right in and keep writing? 

Momentum is good. In the case of my novel,  it’s not complete so I will continue to write. I estimate the final word count to be between 75 and 85K, so I have a way to go still. When that is complete however I will set that one aside fora couple of weeks and write on something else.  Whether it’s blog posts (you may have noticed while I was head down writing there weren’t very many posts) or  tackling the next book in the series,  or revisions to a previous work you can bet I’ll still be writing.

My efforts will be divided between blogging and revising Valkyrie’s Curse: The Awakening; which was my nano novel from last year. The finished first draft of that one  ended at 89,954 words. In October I began revisions on it and will get  back to that one now.

Courtesy of Stokpic

Courtesy of Stokpic

Here are 5 suggestions that you can do in December to maintain the momentum while letting  your baby rest. Just a note here,  the reason you want to let it rest is so your eyes are fresh when you begin your revisions.

  1. Plan your next novel: brainstorm for a new idea. 
  2. Keep the momentum by doing story prompts, fan fiction, flash fiction, journaling or blogging. Whatever it takes to keep you in the habit of writing. 
  3. Work on revisions of a previous novel. I will be going back to the book that I was editing/revising before November 1st. 
  4. Do a series of short stories, keeping your daily word count up.
  5. Writing Lessons: take an online course that gives you writing assignments daily.  I’ve taken courses through Udemy that stretched me past what I am comfortable with.  For some, it was writing the sex scene. For me,  it was writing  those tender moments, you know  the dialog where they express their true feelings and emotions. 

After you get your words in, relax. Spend some time enjoying the holiday season. Make out your Christmas cards, wrap presents, decorate your house, have some cocoa!!  Breathe!

Write on my friends, write on!

Till next time




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