Now it’s Time to Panic!

 courtesy of MichaelHyatt

courtesy of MichaelHyatt

I spent a good two hours yesterday cleaning out my inbox, cleaning up my files, deleting duplicates, trying to get things back in some semblance of order. I understand the  concept of organization, however it seems to elude me regularly.

There is a certain amount of creativity that comes from chaos however, I have reached the point where the disorganized mess is causing me some real issues.  I’ve mislocated important documents, put my handwritten notes into “the stack”, and am running frazzled in my efforts to reestablish order. To top it off,  I have mislocated my login information for online banking.

NOW it’s time to PANIC!

You know how at the end of the year/ beginning of the next year they always have the plastic tubs and filing essentials out for tax time?  Yeah, I’ll be purchasing those things this afternoon, and spending the brunt of the day filing all the things I’ve put off filing. This has to happen before words go on any page. Aside from the blog. Because, I’m not going to even attempt to try to file or organize without at least my second cup of coffee.

Priorities man, I know my limits.

I was planning to share with you my ideas for  what I will be posting  throughout the next month and into January, but  this organization thing is a real deal.  Instead you can read my post on EclecticBardBooks site.  You’re welcome!

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