GAH! Only 3 shopping days left!


OK, so for those of you that are last-minute shoppers that have  writers in your life –  you lucky devils!

Writers have got to be the easiest bunch to shop for.  Here are a few ideas for stocking stuffers or  gifts in general.


  • Pilot precise v5 extra fine tip pen
  • Uniball signs – this one is my fav!
  • Sharpies
  • Pilot G2 gel pens
  • Flair felt tip collection


Post its come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes –  ALL OF THEM! Just sweep the whole mess in the cart!


  • On Writing –  William Zinsser
  • The First Five Pages – Noah Lukeman
  • Story – Robert McKee
  • Plot & Structure – James Scott Bell

*Whatever genre they write in or have expressed interest in –  books are WIN for writers*


Coffee – whether it’s Kureg, or other single cup makers,  or  the traditional coffee pot. CAVEAT: Don’t assume that each person likes flavored coffees.  Don’t just grab whatever on the shelf.  Find out if they drink dark roast, or  breakfast blend,  or Kona blend –  trust me it makes a difference.  Someone once got me Breakfast Blend. I spewed it all over my computer screen.  It. Was. Not. Funny.  A friend of mine shared some of my Black Silk,  and nearly went into caffeine overdose. Ask questions or search their cupboard – whatever works.

Or tea–  because there are those strange individuals who don’t drink coffee.

Gift cards for food  because writers need to get out and be around real people instead of becoming the closet recluse that  hasn’t changed out of their pajamas for days.

Gift cards for other things –  clothing, massages, manicures, pedicures,  deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, toilet bowl cleaner – you know . . . those things that are forgotten when they are in the zone! (No you can’t buy a gift card specifically for personal hygiene products but you can get them one for your local discount store and pray that they wander down that aisle!)

Real food –  You know like fruit and veggies.  Do you have any idea how many writers exist on coffee, chocolate, frozen dinners, chips, and other junk food?

A Day Out – Take them out of the house.  You may have to explain the glowing orb in the sky, calm their nerves while in traffic, and  remind them that writer discussions are not necessarily appropriate in the checkout line  to discuss the merits of how to kill  their character with  various items they saw in the store.You may also have to calm down the woman in front of you who  is certain that your writer friend is a serial killer.

Love the writer in your life and  I guarantee that if you bless them with one or more of these items –  you are their bestest best friend ever. especially when you defend them in that line with the woman clutching her cellphone ready to call 911 for the escaped patient.

Bless you all this holiday season! Merry Christmas!

Now I must fly to the store and finish my shopping.

Till next time



2 comments on “WRITING GIFTS

  1. Gift cards for coffee shops are perfect for luring the writer out of their dens, that way they can get their caffeine fix plus they can spot potential victims, I mean people watch at the same time 😀


  2. My sentiments exactly! We don’t have a Starbucks locally, but we do have a Panera’s and it is a popular spot. Great Victim – I mean people watching opportunity and great food! Not to mention coffee with free refills!


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