Success in Life


Do you want to know a secret?

Well do you?

Why is it that some people succeed yet others do not?  Is it that they have better opportunities? They haven’t  had crisis’ in their lives?

First off, what is the definition of success?


  •  the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
  • the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame

    the correct or desired result of an attempt

    someone or something that is successful : a person or thing that succeeds

    For my purposes,  I’m going to use the first definition, the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.  This means that you don’t have to be Bill Gates rich to be considered a success.  If you have set your goal as losing twenty pounds and acheived  that goal, then you are a success.  If your goal was to establish your own business and build into a profitable venture and you have reached the level of being in the black instead of the red and have made a profit – then you are a success.

    SO . . . . What is the secret to being a successful person?

There is one element that every successful person has.  Without it, the chances of becoming successful are nearly impossible.  With it,   the odds of succeeding have increased exponentially.

Any guesses?

  • They get better opportunities than others?
  • They get better education?
  • They were born into the right family?
  • They were born under a lucky star?

NO – none of these things. Every single day each  of us are faced with a minimum of twenty opportunities that will lead to a better tomorrow.

That’s a bunch of  bologna,  I don’t have any opportunities! 

OH but you do!  Every day we have to make decisions.  Every single decision leads in one direction or another. For instance, you choose to brush your teeth or not,  comb your hair or not.  You can choose not to. The consequences of not brushing your teeth will lead to bad breath and eventually tooth decay.  It will lead to a repulsion from other individuals, lack of physical intimacy because no one wants to get near that.  The consequences will be isolation.  However, if you choose to brush, you feel better about yourself,  thus carrying yourself with an air of confidence you can go about your day unafraid that the person in the grocery store or at work will recoil with horror – at least not from your breath. Bad oral hygiene  is a choice that will lead you away from success.  Good oral hygiene is an opportunity for success.

It’s that simple!  Every single day we make decisions for good, for our benefit for our well-being, for the possibility of success.

Well,  a lot of people got a better education than I did.  I didn’t get to go to college. 

Having a college degree does not guarantee your success.  There are many people with a degree that are unsuccessful.  Honestly, between the GI bill and Pell grants there is no reason why a person who wants to go to college shouldn’t be able to.  I know many people that went part-time while they worked.  I know several who served in the military to take advantage of the GI bill.  I also know several people who opted not to attend college. My point is,  although I firmly believe in education it is not required in order to achieve success.

But I wasn’t born into a good family. 

Really?  Many success stories are about people who rose out of the worst situations that you could imagine. As to families , I think If you look up dysfunctional in the dictionary there is a picture of my family.

I don’t even believe in the lucky star thing.

The one,

most important element  that a person must have to achieve success is . . .

* momentary pause for dramatic effect* 

good thinking.


The level of your thinking

determines the level of your living!

You have to have a positive outlook. You have to be able to look past the current circumstances and see the brighter future on the horizon.  A good attitude with positive thinking is the cornerstone to build your foundation for success.


Isn’t it time you start dreaming and planning your success?

Stop making excuses! Stop blaming your now on your past.

Every single one of us has history.

Learn from it. Grow from it!  Build on it!

Build a better tomorrow today!

 Write on my friends, write on!