I’m stuck!

Stuck in the house, with snow outside. The snow isn’t  the reason, lack of transportation is. One of the joys  of automobile ownership popped up yestereday,   a flat tire.  The emergency spare is on there,  but to be honest I don’t trust it.  NOPE!  Just going to keep my happy butt indoors in the warmth with my hot cuppa and my todo list.


So what does a writer do on a day at home? You’d think that writing would be right there at the top of the list wouldn’t you?  Yes, you’re right.  I’m too predictable.

A Writer’s TODO List on a Snow Day:

5.  WRITE!  

Write like the wind. Get those words down on virtual paper. Go go go . . .  until we reach the wall and the pump needs to be primed again.  I have a minimum daily number that I write in order to stay in the habit. Those words don’t always go into a book.  I count this blog and assignments for an online class towards my minimum but it doesn’t ever quite satsfy that nagging in my gut for the next book. 

Can I tell you how cool that feels for me? The NEXT book.  Once this goal is acheived  and not one minute before, it is on to other things!

4.  READ 

Now’s my chance to get caught up on that stack of books that are calling to me. I’m starting with an ebook, because I only have about ten pages to go to finish it.  Next  I have to decide between three print copies. It may come down to eenie meenie miney mo. 


I had the idea the other day,  in brainstorming for the current WIP to review an old favorite. It just so happens that I have  it on DVD. Witchblade is loaded and ready to go. I have some questions that require answers. The answers are out there,  or in here, in the warmth with me. . . . on the DVD. 


Coffee, tea, cocoa –  occurs simultaneousl to  other  activities. I am currently out of coffee. This situation may require venturing out into the cold. Undecided at the moment as I’m nursing a cup of chai tea. The verdict is still out. 

And the Number one  thing to do on Snow Day: 



Got my fuzzy warm socks – check.

Got my  loose comfy fleece lounge pants on.  – check

Over sized fleece hoody  – check. 

Super soft throw just in case –  check. 


It’s one of those days. Well,  I hit my word count goal in point number 2 with the word ‘simultaneously’, so I’m done here and am resigning myself to the sofa with a fresh  cup of chai, my notebook handy –  just in case,  and the remote in the other hand. Ian Nottingham  has been waiting long enough. 

Write on my friends,  write on.