The Mission, Get Organized

Organize my writing. It seems an overwhelming task.  I have files on the computer, notebooks filled with handwritten scenes, chapters,  and nearly completed abandoned stories.  I have a stack of several notebooks, 2 journals, a planner and a  bundle of loose paper that needs to all be incorporated into one manageable system.

I think I’ve cracked the code.

A friend of mine —  I can’t decide whether she’s a good friend or actually my enemy at this point; I reserve judgment until I see if this actually works for me.–turned me onto bullet journaling. I’ve searched Pinterest.  I’ve searched youtube.  I’ve searched various websites.  There are some really crazy talented people out there!  The guy that came up with this system is genius. If it works.

So far, everything sounds fantastic. I miss my dayrunner.  I know, it’s not cool to have a dayrunner anymore and try to find them!

My first  bullet journal is a cheap ( YES, I’m talking super cheap – I got it at Walgreens for 33cents!) mini composition book that is 4 x 6 inches.  I wasn’t about to invest in some twenty five dollar notebook for a ssytem that I don’t even know if it is something that will work for me.

I only started this at the beginning of the year and so far –  I love it!  Mine isn’t nearly as fancy as those creative ladies on youtube or Pinterest,  but  it’s organized and my stack of sticky notes has diminished. The twelve loose sheets of paper are gone from my planner.  I haven’t discarded my planner yet because I like the layout of the calendar pages, and then the spaces for the daily.

For the month of February, I am going to add a page with the month on a calendar and I’m going to add the year calendar at a glance to the very back. The really cool thinkg about this is,  I can mark in the index – Notes on Valkyrie’s Curse, or whatever I happen to be working on with the days date, and the page number that it was on and not have to sort through twenty pieces of scrap paper.

Once upon a time I was organized. I don’t know what happened to that, but I’m getting it back again. My vote is still out on this but I am leaning towards two thumbs up. I’m already thinking about the next notebook or journal that I can use because this little one is a bit too small. For 33 cents I can’t complain!

Sometimes you have to do something for a while and work the kinks out before  it becomes comfortable.

Here’s the original.

I like this man’s analytical thinking, the clean lines, the organized thoughts. I also like the fancy schmancy doodles and stuff that some of the other people have done.

I like their handwriting better than my own, but I suppose that is something that I can work on as I journal.

For now I am giving it a tentative two thumbs up.  One big thing for me will be whether or not I can sustain this.  I’ll let you know at the end of February.

Write on my friends, write on!